Nokia Lumia 800 contacts transfer app updated

| January 14, 2012 | 13 Replies


The Nokia Contacts Transfer app has been updated on my Nokia Lumia 800.  This app allows you to get contacts from any bluetooth enabled phone with ease. They don’t have to be Nokia ones. I wish I had something like this the first time I used a WP. It really does make the initial start up a breeze. After that of course, they get associated with your Windows Live account and any time you add a contact, it will be saved should you want to use a different WP. Note, this is a Nokia only app.

What does this update do? Well, it doesn’t say. But always worth an update. Just go to the marketplace and update whatever apps you have there (I had others to update too but updated them first before this one as I didn’t want them in the picture :D). I don’t know if this update is on the 710 too.



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  • What’s that blue thing below the phone?

    • deepesh

      phone stand 🙂 (i guess)

    • Ali

      They are fingers that hold the device

    • Stound

      very cool phone stand

  • fanel

    The Nokia Music was supposed to get an update as well with new features. My concern is… when is Nokia Drive getting an update for full offline navigation, it was supposed to be updated last year.

  • Pr@$h@nt

    Jay , is that a stand below the phone?

    It luks coool

  • Tris

    That really is a very funky stand, wher did ya snag that??

  • MyNokiaLife

    Help me out here, Bluestacks App Player demoed at CES lets the 400 k Android apps play on Windows 8 including mobile? Bluestack won an award at CES for best innovation.

    game changer come october or 8s release to phone and tablet.

    I like that stand too and the ones nokia used.

  • Noot

    Looks like Nokia colors in that stand. We need follow up.

  • mprince

    lol the stand was the first thing i noticed…where can i get one?!

  • Rezza

    Still does not work with my n9, so Lumie stays in drawer… As I can’t sync it with our Zimbra behind vpn or wpa2 ent. wifi (seems like no support at all in wp7!)

  • Barside_stu

    Can someone help me?? I got my lumia last week and like it a lot except one major problem i’m having. I updated all my contacts from facebook and windows live no problem.
    Not everyone has social network sites however so to transfer the rest of my contacts. My old pay as you go does not have bluetooth. so painstakingly transferred all my contacts to the lumia manually.
    However it seems that when the phone re-syncs with facebook and windows live live i lose all my manually inserted contacts.
    All the facebook ones stay the same even when they have been edited.
    Any Ideas please??

  • fazz

    hi, i’m looking for a way to copy contacts from my phone to blackberry or android. since my phone can’t sync to live account. i have no other backup contacts other than the one on my phone.

    the only contact information i have is in the phone only, so i repeat (since people always suggest me to backup contacts from live account) i want to copy contacts from my PHONE. is there a way?