Nokia Social for S^3 Updated: New Widgets and UI

| January 14, 2012 | 30 Replies

Nokias Social app fro S^3 has finally been updated to V 1.4 bringing us the updates we spotted on Nokias official website almost two months ago, after which Social was temporarily pulled out of the Nokia store. The new update brings with it two new widgets one for Facebook and the second for Twitter, making it easier to access your messages and replies directly from your home-screen; the new app also comes with the Belle UI as well as a new splash start screen, Most importantly the Social app finally supports notifications!!!! – which means it might actually stand a chance against the newly updates Fmobi.


Grab version 1.4 here:

Thanks to SLAYER for the tip and screenshots.


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  • MDF

    have they improved the scrolling?
    is it still wrt or have they upgraded to qt?

  • Kit

    The hired the marketing team from Zune?

  • Beelzebub

    “Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia N8-00.
    Browse more great content in the “Related” section below.”

  • mk

    no update here.c7 india.

  • Gerii

    Wow, can’t even use it without a SIM card..

    • the_newtype

      Has been this way for some time. Makes absolutely no sense on the part of Nokia.

  • Gabriele

    Doesn’t work with E6 (leaked Belle)!

  • Candyman

    This is for Belle only. Not for Anna.

  • @maafunkis

    Works fine here with an N8 with belle leaked… but the scrolling is very lagging

    Sorry for bad english

  • mk

    working sluggish on anna.when touching the widget its not opening the app.have to manually open it.and the first icons in the both summary widgets are not widget also not working.

  • it works on anna itself in n8, but widget not working the ui changed little like fmobi or facinate i dnt remember

  • Bhavanishankar

    Better scrolling… But still long way to go… Supports notifications. But notification link does not take u to post. Waiting for Fmobi 2.5..

    • Rex

      go with “facinate”, it has a chat support

  • Mapantz

    I have to say, it works like a charm on my N8 (Belle)
    It’s smooth, everything works well, the widget is nice. Still a bit slow in actually loading data when you refresh, but it’s a vast improvement. I’m already using fMobi 2.5, so i will be sticking with that.

  • FireDragon

    After trying several Facebook clients I decided to stay with its mobile version and the Gravity. Nimbuzz also does the job for chat.

  • amoshydra

    Well.. the update still doesn’t look like a huge improvement BUT! there is one something new I really like!

    It automatically link my contacts with their facebook account! =D

    • amoshydra

      Well.. The contact linking mechanism is fast as well.

      Just that it doesn’t seem to show live update on contact book already.

  • Heh…

    Photos still take FOREVER to load… =.=

    • Heh…

      If anything that’s improved its the photo uploading directly from gallery. There’s not more “Connecting…”. It just shows “upload started” directly after selecting upload.

  • Paul Grenfell

    Working well on E7 Belle.. Quite a big improvement..



    • MoritzJT

      Either they still have teams competing inside their body or this has another reason behind it.

      That might be the push to 3rd party apps by removing features or keeping the preinstalled ones very basic, OR some license stuff that prevents them from using the QML based clients from the N9 on Symbian^3.

      Either way this is unacceptable, if one guy can do fMobi on his own. Nokia’s solution would have to be TOP NOTCH!

      You can make up your mind on this one…

      QML Anything coming from Nokia from now on, be it commercially deployed or from betalabs HAS TO BE QML for the interface!

  • Sanjay

    Installation error….in 701…..:(

  • MKnowles

    why in the world would they not do this in QT?

  • louie6380

    widget not working for N8 Anna version…

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