Nokia Lumia 900 – hardware best ever, says TheVerge’s Chris Ziegler. Neck and neck with iPhone.

| January 16, 2012 | 9 Replies

Just noticed on my timeline that TheVerge’s Chris Ziegler had commented on the Nokia Lumia 900 again.

After the CES vibe has settled down, he says that he still things on the hardware (build) the Lumia 900 is the best he’d ever used.

still think the n9/lumia 800/900 hardware is the best I’ve ever used. neck and neck with iphone 4/4S, the nokias get the nod for durability.!/zpower/status/158954081094873090

Neck and Neck with iPhone huh? Same praises bestowed by many other bloggers on the 800 and N9 (especially on the design) some saying that the first two outpaced the iPhone on that regard.

When asked to clarify about what was making the 900 sexy, Ziegler notes:

@tron nokia really nailed the case material. “high-end plastic” is usually an oxymoron, but the look and feel is just right with these

In case you think he’s just tooting Nokia’s horn, no. Overall, the best phone he thinks is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (which, well, does have some awesome specs behind it.

mind you, galaxy nexus still the best *phone* overall, but hardware is another story altogether.

Mike asked what pushed him to the Galaxy Nexus, whether it was Android:

@MikeMacias by and large, yeah. and the gnex hardware isn’t *bad*, just feels samsung-y (a term we coined on the verge mobile podcast)

Samsungy huh? lol, what’s that?

Continuing with the conversation with Mike (who said WP felt better at every phone task), Ziegler agrees:

I don’t disagree… android is more of a “power user” platform, requires massaging to be at its best. WP is good out of the box.

Nokia’s Lumia 900 is essentially a great product out of the box. There are things like design and build that’s so easily overlooked when you’re investigating specifications on paper.

It’s far from what the representative Flagship Nokia is in my eyes, but it’s a good start to be getting positive attention specifically from American/North American blogs/bloggers. It’s just good to note that Nokia IS continuing the trend of positive reactions to their devices. If you’ve been watching Nokia for a long time you know you can’t take this for granted, that’s why it’s worth noting here. How much more love could Nokia get if it could be class leading on specs as well as the build and design, huh?


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