@Scobleizer liked Nokia’s Windows Phones the best at CES #Lumia

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Robert Scoble isn’t the biggest Windows Phone fan. In fact, he doesn’t look upon it too favourably (well anything that he doesn’t consider to have apps. And last I read he said it was missing 450,000 of them. Doing a search finds this article from BusinessInsider that responds to Scoble.).

Anyway, he tweeted a few minutes ago (well at the time of writing) that out of all the Windows Phone devices that he saw at CES, the Nokia ones is the ones he liked best. not HTC’s, not Samsungs, not anyone else’s. Nokia.

It wasn’t completely a random praise for Nokia.

He said just a couple of tweets before that:

I’m seriously considering using a @Nokia phone exclusively for a month just to see what it’s like without an iPhone. Can I survive?

To which someone retorted that it was like Robert Scoble was suggesting Nokia was the only manufacturer, “Implying Nokia is the only other phone manufacturer available. Scoble replied:

out of all the Windows Phone devices I saw at CES I like @nokia‘s the best.!/Scobleizer/status/159384262955642880

Scoble is quite a well known personality in the tech blogosphere. I think it says something about Nokia’s advances in the US that out of all the Windows Phones available he’d look to Nokia’s as the one he liked the best. Sure he knows all the specs. On paper some would go for HTC’s Titan II, but there seems to be something about Nokia’s Lumia 900 offering that’s making people really like it.

Now with my tin-foil hat on, it might just be an opportunity for Scoble to give Windows Phone a full and proper bash once using it for a month and not finding the iOS apps he’s preaching about. He could potentially like the ground work of the phone itself, he might genuinely not. Who knows. It seems he’s hinting for someone at Nokia to hurry up with those Nokia Lumia 900s and gift one over to Scoble. It would be nice at least for Scobleizer (in addition to the faults) to point out some redeeming qualities that made him like the device and what was it about WP that made him consider using one in the first place.

I think he’s to glued to his iPhone to even last a week without it. :p. Well, its apps anyway. Like how on earth is he going to manage without Instagram? Hurry up Molome 😀

On that point, it would be great to hear what critical apps the WP platform is missing. A lot of reviews have been kinder to WP now it has gained more mainstream/popular apps and have various alternatives.

Maybe there are alternatives or developers at Nokia/WP can work on something similar or maybe MS is already in discussion to get such apps on board (or could).

If you have time, also go check out this article we stumbled upon when writing this:

It’s a good start for Nokia it seems based on media reactions, but as said many times now, so much more work still needs to be done.

Update: This post hasn’t hadn’t even been published yet and I’m already having to add updates:

Nokia US have responded. A lot of people did actually. Seems it’s all set. Bets are in place here and there of how long he’ll last. Possibly longer than any other Nokia platform frankly given the Lumia is the one with the most app versatility which seems to carry a lot of favours.


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