Rumours: Meltemi with swipe, Nokia Donna swipe too? But not Carla (though UI improvement on Belle).

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Meant to post this the other day (just so much going on atm and forgetting about the stuff I put in reminders :S).

Unlike possibly vague predictions or current public knowledge presented as their personal prediction *cough*ELMU*cough* dsmobile has been quite specific on certain things and has shown to be accurate (we’ll have to see how his info on N8 successor pans out). He’s a fan of Symbian and MeeGo – WP stuff, not so much. I don’t know how much of the WP activity he’s aware of though.


Here he gives hints on what he might have seen about Carla and Donna. Carla apparently does not have swipe (at least of what he has seen). The UI improves on Belle, better effects.

Donna however, might be a different story (I think his words before mentioned Donna being from a different family – some have interpreted this to meaning it might have a different processor line to the current Symbian phones). By different story, and ‘might’ it suggests swipe but not 100% confident.

However, dsmobile then ads that swipe UI (well swype, probably a typo) is going to be in Meltemi. This is something Marko hinted at a long while ago which Elop has also been mentioning time and time again.

He then suspects that the innovation of Swipe will be taken further by Apple. That’s possibly just an opinion but one we’re he’s entitled to since taking other people’s innovations further is what Apple does best. They already have something similar anyway akin to app swapping for iOS 5 right?  Ah, Nokia, the home of ideas for Apple.


Carla does not have swipe UI. It’s improved Belle what comes to UI. better effects etc.

Donna well that might be different story but I think Symbian will remain with android style UI until to last unit Nokia is going to make.

if you want swype UI it is only going to be in meltemi and never a high end phone as long as Nokia is under Microsoft.

N9 might be only swipeUI high end phone Nokia is ever going to make.

Apple will take Swipe UI to next level before Nokia. :(


 Update: dsmobile has just said he was just speculating this time.



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