Nokia N8 Successor Rumours galore: Sounds awesome, will make N8 users upgrade :D (it might still be Symbian)

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I take info about upcoming phones very lightly, often we have had to ignore tips on upcoming phones as we don’t know where the news is from.

However, dsmobile should be no stranger to you. He told us back in JANUARY 2011, that the newly designed Nokia N9 was the,

“ sexiest mobile ever done. It’s bye bye for HW qwerty and welcome candybar back in my life

Holy cow, how right was he? The N9 isn’t just the sexiest phones to us Nokia fans, it has swayed even Nokia’s worst critics and has been voted to the top of best design list. e.g. TB’s sexiest gadgets of 2011 (yeah it was 800 but the design we saw in N9 first!) Gizmodo, Engadget, TheVerge, SlashGear, MobileBurn, MobileTechReview, PhoneArena, FoneArena, all the WP sites, and all the other tech sites I’m failing to mention adored the N9 design, with many putting it above the iPhone 4S. Quite a feat given how hardened many are to Cupertinos lines.

Anyway, that’s not the only example  that dsmobile had been right. He talks about more specifics in that link such as the simplicity in setting up accounts, no home key, as well as many other examples in other posts (also quite worryingly he mentions how MeeGo was moving so slowly. This is January. We heard about the slowness of MeeGo’s pace in articles post Feb 11, about how Kai warned Elop on the pace of MeeGo or lack of it. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about).

Now knowing this source is very trustworthy, listen to dsmobile’s information on the Nokia N8 successor.

Next version of N8 will make everyone who has N8 to upgrade. Well everyone who has no problems with money and you will need new HDMI cable.

N8 will feel low weight but Hy*****n looks great and fits in hand. And camera updates damn. Too bad I cant give more info.

Lets hope that one will come out in first half of 2012.

  • “Next version of N8 will make everyone who has N8 to upgrade.”It will be awesome, N8 folks. I think the fact you need to be N8 user right now means it’s on Symbian. A lot of Symbian N8 owners don’t care what it’s on, but the staunchest supporters love it for being Symbian and wouldn’t want to touch WP. I cannot look at Anna right now, but Belle is fine enough to use with a bit of tweaking. It would be awesome if they could bundle Carla or Donna with Swipe, no? Also note that about 6 months ago,über Symbian fan, Ninja had apparently spoken to friends higher up at a UK mobile network who also gave us some info on the N8 successor claiming it was also on Symbian, despite the expected WP. Whilst Ninja can be very evangelical on the gospel of Symbian and so might just be hoping, remember how he said the Nokia 700 would appear in September? That was before 700 was launched to even know availability dates.
  • “everyone who has no problems with money” It will be priced as a high end device. It won’t come cheap. Possibly nearer the £500 mark?
  • you will need new HDMI cable.” MicroHDMI out?
  • N8 will feel low weight but Hy*****n” N9/800 are relatively heavy phones but do not feel it at all because of their design.
  • looks great and fits in hand..” Haha, not too revealing about what it looks like.
  • And camera updates damn. Wow, looks to have a damn good camera.
  • Too bad I cant give more info. Understandable. But we’ve got a lot here of credible info.
  • Lets hope that one will come out in first half of 2012. Hope? It must come out first half 2012. I hope you know more that it’s due around that time. Nokia are supposed to be coming big in MWC, and earlier rumours pointed to N8 successor being unveiled around that time.

Let’s remember also some previous N8 successor rumours.

This is the one with quite specific on the feature list. Nothing to go on here.

Another spec list, still suggesting nHD. Nothing to go on here.

Supposedly for june 2012

This could be the housing for it.

Here’s a Nokia staff member confirming the N8 successor. Whilst you may say it’s obvious, it’s good to hear as we did not have any this year.  Expect better than the N8 is said.

This post suggested the N8 successor would be in Symbian but also in WP.

Anything else I’ve missed?

Come on Nokia, before someone steals the imaging crown from N8 as you’ve left the N9/800 to represent you now for imaging and they’re kinda ‘meh’.




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