NokConv: All About Carl Zeiss, “How Carl Zeiss lens changed the world”

| February 24, 2012 | 9 Replies

I’m just about to go to my next lecture, but before I do, I want to share this post from Nokia Conversations (yes again). This time it’s All About Carl Zeiss lens. Rather timely given what we’re expected to hear on Monday.


The article is quite in depth, looking at Carl Zeiss beyond what Nokia fans may appreciate it for, “microscopes, anastigmatic photolenses, binocular microscopes with image-reversing prisms, and the world’s first stereomicroscope”, cameras, motion pictures, microchip production, molecular imaging and of course Nokia top line phones.

Nok Conv Concludes:

So, even if you’re not at the frontier of technology, you can still use the Carl Zeiss lens in your Nokia to take the best photos a phone can produce. That’s what the long history of Carl Zeiss has always been about – accuracy, precision and top image quality, every single time.

So: Pure detail, Pure Depth, Pure Definition, Pure View?

Cheers Kaizer Allen for the tip!


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  • Edmund

    awesome article.. yup as much as nokia has been harping more on sensor size in the n8, lenses are really still so important. I rmb reading abt barrel distortion in other cameraphones like the Pixon 12 which was so glaring.. Carl Zeiss FTW.. =D

  • DesR85

    The author seem to forget more older phones that use CZ lens such as the 6700 Slide and the older N-series phones. :p

    Interesting article nonetheless, but based on my experience with the Lumia 800’s camera so far, it seems like the image processing is a mixed bag. Sometimes the shots are good, and sometimes not so good. Good tech let down by the software if you ask me. Hopefully the camera update will be released soon and address these issues.

    • stound

      Damian dining seems to be working on a fix around this

      • DesR85

        Thanks for the info, but I knew about it from a previous article here. Hopefully it will be released soon. 🙂

  • carl zeiss created the nokia empire, which is now using edof on even 6- and 7- phones. weird

    • S2Korpio

      EDoF isn’t really as bad as what internet makes it out to be. Minus that Macro shoot, Nokia’s EDoF based CZ cameras takes better pics compared to the competition.

  • stylinred

    well i think its safe to say we’ll see Carl Zeiss make an appearance on Monday 🙂

  • chris skylock

    good to hear them. But i dont want to look back at my n900 now im looking forward with the next n8. I got my n8 and my n9 to do some carl zeiss photo magic

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