Nokia 808 PureView sample pics!

| February 29, 2012 | 30 Replies

All about Symbian (which seems to have undergone a more tile interface to match AAWP) has found some sample pics by James Burland from Nokia Creative. His images are available on Flickr.

There are 38MP samples provided as well as crops to show the detail. I’m really interested though in seeing the 5/8MP photos which have the PureView oversampling processing applied.

Whilst James Burland does blog at Nokia Creative, he is very open to other platforms, and I believe, is quite happy in the iEcosystem (iPhone, iPad, Mac) so he’s quite fair on his opinion on Nokia.

Source: jamesburland via All about Symbian 

Cheers Heron for the tip.



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  • Spitfire

    These are old pics… they have appeared somewhere back in last year already

    • Jay Montano

      Old pics? Last year? I think the familiarity is due to the fact pics were taken in a similar location? These are new pics taken during MWC.

      • Spitfire

        I’m sure… these were leaked a few months ago… only now they got officially released

        • Spitfire

          ok.. maybe you were right.. but i have at least seen this building on a photo before last year and i remember it also had to to something with nokia.. possibly just taken by some other nokia phone or a secret 808 prototype some time before the MWC

          • stylinred

            u might be thinking of the Nokia N8 comparison shots that were uploaded ages ago similar buildings/statues were involved

        • Viipottaja

          Well, at least the press room pic must be new! :)

          • Rick

            I agree. The third one is well detayled but I have doubts if it’s really the 808.

            • Viipottaja


              • Rick

                Oops. Sorry!

                Guess I committed a mistake.

  • ramirogz

    Insane … specially the picture from the press room, it shows some noise, but it still IS0 240 according to the photo EXIF, oncee it gets downsized to 5mpx it will be just perfect, looking forward to see those samples too.

    Truly amazing!

  • ramirogz

    Insane … specially the picture from the press room, it shows some noise, but it still IS0 240 according to the photo EXIF, once it gets downsized to 5mpx it will be just perfect, looking forward to see those samples too.

    Truly amazing!

  • t t

    So beautiful pics. I hope Nokia get this technolgy to Lumias asap.

  • Franklog

    It seems that the lenses tend to have distortion.

    • Dave

      Almost all lenses have some distortion (especially the zooms on compacts), but there’s nothing obviously distorted in the shots from the 808.

      • Franklog

        From my observation, it seems that the distortion from 808 is worse than the N8.

        Perhaps that on 808 it is more difficult to have the perfect lenses with a larger sensor and keeps the same distance from the last element of the lenses to the sensor as that on N8.

        • Franklog

          Sorry, I take it back. As I checked the N8 pics again, they are similar in terms of distortion.

  • ricky

    nokia 808 crashes gsmarena’s server!

  • Vikas Patidar

    here is very good video featuring 808:

    • stylinred

      app isnt available for belle according to ovi store… -_-

  • j
    • stylinred

      that is a good interview thanks a lot of reiterating from previous interviews but some interesting points

      one thing ive noted from other sites is people want to know Who made the Sensor

      Damians said that this is Nokia designed and co-developed with a partner but they never said who

      in this interview they were specifically asked but Damian says mums the word on that for the time being… interesting

      • Viipottaja

        IIRC, Jo Harlow mentioned Toshiba as one of the companies they cooperated with to make the 808 possible. Not sure if they make sensors though. :)

        • Viipottaja

          during the press event, I forgot to add.

          • stylinred

            ah i see yeah toshiba makes sensors but they make other things too :/

            damian mentioned approaching tosh/sony and they didnt have what they wanted so nok designed one

            guess they may have gone with tosh to develop the sensor

  • stylinred

    I didnt know Burland was an iLover!

    Here i thought he was an N8 user (given he started the N8 user group on flickr)

    arghh ;)

  • ritesh

    Tom’s Hardware says Nokia 808′s lens are not special and the phone being on Symbian Belle is a disappointment !!

    I say Tom’s Hardware is a disappointment. Tommy, have a look at the Carla versions, or even Belle Feature Pack 1 and think again.. If you still think Belle is crap, then Bad(a) is the only platform for you !!

  • Jobzky

    Can you post images of actual 41MP resolution? It seems all sample images were resized.

  • Heh…

    I blame that extra piece of glass that’s suppose to protect the lens for whatever imperfection the 808′s photos may have.. I mean its already so thick. I wouldn’t mind a few milimeters more for a good physical cover like the N82.

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