Nokia Lumia 800 Tops Finland Sales, #1 at DNA, Sonera and Elisa!! (Ahead of iPhone 4S)

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Joni emailed us this morning to share that in Finland, the Nokia Lumia 800 is at the top of the charts, ahead of iPhone et al.

The Lumia 710 is also in the top 10 list. This comprises of 5 Nokia phones, 2 Lumias, 3 basic Nokia phones.

Here’s the numbers from DNA Finland. DNA Store is Finland’s largest selling mobile phones of stores, comprising 77 stores.


1. Nokia LUMIA 800 (translated by google as Nokia Snow Blades – it oddly has no problem with the Lumia 710 Translation)
2. Apple iPhone 4S
3. Nokia C2-01 *
4. Samsung Galaxy Mini
5. Nokia C1-01 *
6. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
7. Samsung Galaxy S II
8. Samsung Galaxy S Plus
9. Nokia LUMIA 710
10. Nokia C2-05

The Nokia Lumia 800 is also the top phone for Elisa’s personal and corporate customers (SAUNALAHTI).


Sonera’s list completes the board with Nokia Lumia 800 also on top. Note the Nokia Lumia 710 is number 3.  7 of Sonera’s top 10 are Nokia phones.

1.      ( – )       Nokia Lumia 800

2.        (1.)        Apple iPhone 4S

3.       ( – )       Nokia Lumia 710

4.        (2.)     Nokia C5-00

5.       (5.)     Nokia 500

6.        (5.)     Nokia C2-01

7.       (7.)     Samsung Galaxy Xcover

8.      (3.)     Nokia E7

9.        ( – )     Nokia 300

10.     (6.)     Samsung Galaxy Gio

This news has not gone unnoticed as viilea emails in that kauppalehti is reporting on this Nokia success.

Yes, this is Nokia’s home turf, but you can’t take anything for granted. The Finns seem to like the Nokia Lumia and Snow is just warming up.

Thanks Joni and viile for the tips!


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  • Jake

    I hope Nokia doesn’t only release Windows Phone smartphones in the future.

    I’d like to see a Nokia N9 successor with PureView.

    • Edmund

      you are not alone… =D

    • zlutor

      me too but it is not so probable… 🙁

    • Windows Phone Tiles UI sucks

      Elop should release a N9 successor because no way I’m buying a Windows Phone!

    • They should commercially release the N950 and put a 12 MP camera in it. MeeGo got rave reviews and yet, they don’t take that opportunity to grow. They can’t rely on Microsoft forever. What if they decide to stop developing Windows Phone, just like what they did to Windows Mobile in the past? They’re screwed, and they will need to work double-time to catch up and bring Symbian or MeeGo on par with the competition (assuming they already stopped its development because “there is no Plan B”).

      • Janne

        Of course there is a long-tern Plan B, no matter the PR bravado, it is the third pillar of the strategy: Future Disruptions. Nokia has Maemo in the labs… And they are developing Qt and Meltemi for the Next Billion strategy as well.

        Just because they are focusing in Windows Phone now, and want to keep the public message that way, doesn’t mean all internal efforts have been halted. They have not. Indeed, in the Engadget or Verge MWC interview Elop said there would be overlap in the maybe $150-200 range between Windows Phone and the Next Billion devices. I believe that will be Meltemi.

        Having said that, all going well for the strategy, I doubt Nokia releasing high-end devices with Maemo/MeeGo in the next several years. Nor do I think they will continue with Symbian beyond the next few years…

        But if WP fails or when its course will run out, Nokia will still have its internal efforts (Maemo/Meltemi/Qt) to leverage. How Smarterphone OS fits into all this is interesting too, of course.

        • nn

          Yes, and disruptions are another empty nonsensical PR speak. You can’t plan disruption or create one on command. Often you even don’t see it at the time you make the disruption, it’s just ex-post observation that you stumbled upon on something that changed world.

          So at best “disruption” is Elop’s speak for R&D, which is very important for long term, but calling it plan or pillar of strategy is absurd, with that logic plan D could be accounting.

          • Janne

            Of course the name is PR speak, but look beyond the name…

            Obviously you can not force disruption, but you can plan attempts at disruption. Having a separate – let’s call it for your benefit – R&D pillar for long-term development, where they have said they will keep using the Linux-based efforts.

            I’d say the PureView is a disruption in the making. For things like that, where Nokia needs the freedom to technically experiment and go anywhere, keeping the Linux-based efforts going sounds like a good idea. If the next big thing they are planning is something completely different from the devices today.

            It also means, they in fact have a plan B in the labs, even if they won’t label it like that.

  • t t

    And Lumia 710 sale in Finland started in 22nd february.

    • dr_zorg

      From the article, if you cared to read, it says

      “viikon myynnissä olleen Lumia 710:n vahva nousu listalle selittyy osin Tukun ennakkotilauksilla”

      which means that its high position in the list is due to pre-orders.

      • t t

        Ok. I did not read that.

        En siis lukenut artikkelia. Katsoin vain nuo listat.

      • Kops

        If you did read the actual Sonera press release it also says that Sonera is expecting 710 raise a lot on the list.

        Even with pre-orders that should not be surprising thinking they lost 22 days of the phone being truly available.

  • Mahoney

    Jay, when I heard this news at 8am at work, I was so going to e-mail it to you, well I´m a bit lazy so thanks to Joni and Ville for delivering!

    Great site u guys have, thanks a lot of it! 🙂 So exited bout 2012, I really think that this is the year when Nokia bring the really big guns!

    And ye, even tho we finns are kind of hometeam for Nokia, just a year or two ago, it was getting to be “fashionable” to trash talk Nokia.. Well nowdays things have really turned upside down, and I think that our whole nation is getting back on the right boat. Atleast, many of my iPhone 4s friends have told me that theyre so going to upgrade to WPNokia. Like I am also 🙂

    Thanks once again, especially on MWC reports! HOLLA!

    • Janne

      I’ve made the exact same observation. It is now so “yesterday” to trashtalk Nokia. Nor is Apple fanaticism favoured as much anymore. Lumia is being seen as a genuine alternative to iPhone, the latter being a bit… meh. Old news.

      Could this be the beginning of a new beautiful dawn? Here’s hoping!

      As always, thanks to Jay and the gang for making this site what great it is. And for all us commenters too, of course. 🙂

    • joker

      A few months ago, read article about Elop on an Canadian magzine. It says Elop is doing something to be remembered. People may not take it seriously. I do and I beleive. Lets watch. WP8 will bring Lumia right to the front, spec wise. A quad-core lumia with 41MP camera. It takes Samsung a few years to catch. As for design and build quality, no one has a chance.

  • twig

    Those android users should be able to file suit against google to get their money back and more as the eu says googles new no privacy policy is illegal. they can then get a much more private lumia. Shame on Google and their lack of respecting their customers.

    • pekkapuupää

      For you record, Microsoft, Apple and Google collects data from your phone. Don’t you all see that every little detail about us is in some American server. Btw NSA or was it CIA co-founded Google back in the 90’s it’s created to collect information.. Sounds a bit like conspiracy theory but it’s all true and we are screwed, can’t escape from Google. Germany’s Home Office said that their workers aren’t allowed to use Apple or Android phones anymore ‘coz they collect data from you to american servers (not sure was it only Android) 😀 don’t worry too much though just deal with it.

    • Yes. I’d much rather give my personal data to Microsoft…

      • JH

        Yeah, I actually trust Microsoft much more than Google handling my personal data.

        • kiff

          too much sacarsm overload to handle.

          • Mark

            It’s not actually sarcasm. And better either of them than Apple.

        • Do they collect information from Symbian users too?

          • xNokian

            Lol. If they did it would be on a European server. Germans are cool with dat. My trusty old n8 and 700 say hello.

        • ZiPA

          So do I. MS is in the business of selling software and devices. Google is in the business of selling personal information about their users.

          • Jay Montano

            True. When you aren’t paying for the product, YOU ARE the product on sale. Well…

  • me

    This is really non-news. Nokia is of course hugely popular in Finland, and they haven’t released almost any top-end devices in a year.

    Nokia phones get ridiculous amounts of press and advertising, and not just by Nokia: the operators themselves advertise Nokia phones orders of magnitude more than anyone else’s, because their success is guaranteed if you just let people know of them.

    Do not, for one second, kid yourself into believing these statistics could be extrapolated to anywhere else. Lumias had an abysmal holiday seasons also on markets where Nokia has traditionally been strong, like Germany and the UK.

    I can’t stress this enough: this is non-news, and these sales will in no way ease the horrible state Windows Phone continues to be in, soon two years in (less than one per cent in smart phones these days!)

    • Observer

      Have you been living in a bubble for the last couple of years? Every media in Finland has been bashing Nokia, making negative topics about Nokia whenever possible. Do you even live in Finland?

      When Nokia announced the partnership with Microsoft, the biggest headlines in Finnish major newspapers were covered with a black cross, indicating that Nokia was dead!

      Operators hasn’t marketed or advertised Nokia phones AT ALL (until now)! Androids and Apple received all the love for a long time. Same thing with retailers, if you asked for a phone, Android was the only choice they offered, unless you insisted a Nokia.

      Until Lumia launches, Nokia has been treated like a criminal in Finland, by Finnish media (many of them sponsored by Samsung or Apple). We even have technology-oriented TV-shows, which are sponsored by Apple. Fair reviews, eh? About time to get things in order!

      I disagree with you, completely. This is news, and Nokia is back!

      • dr_zorg

        I agree with you for the most part. Still you can’t discount the fact that we buy everything Nokia makes in large quantities just for patriotic reasons, if nothing else.

        This is only one month data. If this trend continues through the whole spring and summer, I’ll be quite surprised.

        Also there aren’t any really new releases by competitors just now. The iP4S is old, so is the SGSII.

        • Dave

          Ehm I work in your average typical Finnish IT company in Helsinki, and I am one of a few guys using Nokia (Symbian), there are a few iPhones, and the rest, almost everyone, is Android. Nobody (including me) was at all interested in WP7 or developing for it, we’re still not doing it and in fact stopped doing Symbian as well after the announcement last year.

          Now I don’t know if this news extrapolates to outside of Finland, but Nokia is very far from being anyone’s darling, patriotism or not. Of course we’d like it to kick ass, and pureview and the N9 are great steps, but Nokia certainly does not get a free pass here.

          • Jay Montano

            Exactly. Look at the lists for so many months – how long has an iPhone been there? Even Androids. Finns aren’t just choosing Nokia for the sake of it.

          • dr_zorg

            That’s not true. Perhaps among IT specialists the trend is different, but

            • dr_zorg

              there are still many people (especially middle-aged, parents, non-tech savvy) that buy Nokias just for the sake of it being a Nokia. I know quite a few of those.

              Not to mention companies, that have a tradition of ordering Nokias for their employees (though this doesn’t bear much on the Lumia, but the E-series, but still).

              The patriotism is still very much present. Perhaps not among people aged 15-30 so much, but among older ones for sure.

              • Janne

                I agree that there are very likely more Nokia-favouring people in Finland than in many other countries.

                But the negative tone over the past years had been penetrating these ranks too.

                The young were almost hating Nokia…

                • dr_zorg

                  True that, I was quite surprised to see a lot of negativity on message boards, and those are mostly frequented by the younger generation.

    • Jay Montano

      As I have said, we can’t take this news of Nokia topping in Finland for granted. Count every little victory, however small and build on it.

      Whilst you can’t say we can’t extrapolate, the Lumia already has been in best sellers list and top of best sellers list outside of Finland.

      So no, this is NOT non-news.

      It’s not Nokia out of danger at all, but at least there is some indication, however small that folks like Nokia’s Lumia products.

  • visitor

    This is good. Good for Nokias wallet. Then they can spend some money for making great devices like 701 and the announced 808 – not only WPs.
    They will get my money, too – when the 808 is available.

    • poiman

      At the moment, it’s more likely that they will invest the money they make with Symbians on porting it’s feautures (like PureView) and creating new ones for LUMIA.

      • visitor

        That is ok with me. WPs are not this bad. But for me personally, Symbian/Belle matches my needs more than WP. Maybe some things will change with Apollo-Devices with less restrictions like no USB Mass-Storage, no USB on the go, no microSD and some others. There are a lot of goods of Symbian which deserve to be ported to WPx if Stephen Elop wants this OS to grow. I really think he is a capable man and maybe he allready considers some things – but at this time he is catched within the restrictions of WP7. I could imagine an 808-Clone running WP8 very well. In a year or so.

      • Viipottaja

        AFAI, they made a loss on Symbian (thank cellphone gods they have the mobile phone division making profits) – not sure 808 makes a massive difference to that.

  • poiman

    I love that this is happening! But there is something that I’ve been concerned about. The WP strategy will likely be successful in Europe, but what if it isn’t in the US? What will M$ do? I believe that M$ is mainly concerned about the US market. If WP doesn’t grow there as expected, will they give up even if things are going well in Europe? I mean, without M$ money, Nokia will never able to make its comeback. At this point all Nokia needs is MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY for heavy and agressive marketing and give some incentives to shop sellers and make them convince people to get a LUMIA.

    • Jay Montano

      What about the US? The Nokia Lumia 710 was also on the best sellers list at T-Mobile USA. A Nokia. On a best sellers list in the US. A Nokia. in the US.

      • Observer

        Elop also stated @ Barcelona, that 710 is exceeding their expectations. Thinking of Nokia’s recent history in the USA, this must be at least a decent start, I’d say… And 900 is starting to sell in a couple of week.

  • Janne

    Anyone claiming Nokia wasn’t loosing favor in Finland after the market changed with iPhone and Android is delusional. Although it is true that while the Finns were probably slower in seeing the decline in Nokia’s competetiveness, the large number of Nokias in use also made us more susceptible to the cold harsh realities of things like the N97 or N8 PR 1.0.

    A lot, I tell you a lot, of very regular people I know – not to mention the technology people – had turned into a very unfavourable view of Nokia due to the sorry state and lackluster progress of Symbian products in 2007-2010. People kept giving Nokia second chances until they gave no more and went to iPhone or Android… Since Feb11 there was shock, but also newfound expectation and building up demand.

    Now, Lumia is changing the image of Nokia. People are getting excited and feeling positive again. Not everybody of course, and there are the stalwarts hurt by the treatment of Symbian and MeeGo (a lot of people worked on those in Finland so it is understandable, and somebody has some buddy somewhere mistreated or something), but there is general buzz. I think these operator rankings are very believable. Of course the N9 was well received here too, it is a great product.

    So yes, the Finns are probaly likelier to try Nokia again due to the hometurf thing, but we as a nation are also very self-critical. Nokia’s image was turning into a turd, not just in the tech-sector but overall. It was because of Symbian loosing competetiveness after 2007.


    While there is scepticism, warranted specticism in the world about how well the Lumia plan can work in numbers, I think there is a very positive undercurrent also – in the average Jussi or Joe on the streets – and in the blogosphere world around. People are starting to see Nokia in a new light. A better light. So at least the mindshare is changing to the better. The big test is: will the marketshare follow.

    • xNokian

      Well said. Though I was among those Symbian developers, shafted by Nokia awhile back, I don’t feel mistreated in any way. On the contrary I have a great respect for the company and will always be a fan.

      I had tons of Symbian devices – 7650 was my first and none of them were as stable or a snap to use with one hand as my Lumia 800.

      • dr_zorg

        So you are happy you lost your job? I find that hard to believe.

        Astroturfing has reached a new level.

        • Janne

          Well, I guess a mature person can separate personal good and the overall good. Nobody probably wants to lose a job, but OTOH shutting down Symbian may still be the best thing for Nokia…

          Wonder how the world would look if gained benefits would always dictate over sane progress. Look no further than Greece.

          • yasu

            “Nobody probably wants to lose a job, but OTOH shutting down Symbian may still be the best thing for Nokia…”

            I guess no Nokia 808 PureView in the cards for you, if you put your money where your mouth is.

            • Keizka

              I don’t see why he couldn’t have two devices.

              • yasu

                “I don’t see why he couldn’t have two devices.”

                I don’t recall saying anything about him not being able of having two devices.

                • arts

                  erm he dint say anything about symbian been not good for him.

                  • yasu

                    “erm he dint say anything about symbian been not good for him.”

                    Oh, but I’ve locked horns with Janne enough to have a feel about what he thinks of Symbian.

                    If I understood him wrong, he’ll no doubt come here and extoll Symbian’s virtues.

                    I’ll be here waiting while enjoying the view of Symbian’s funeral pyre.

            • Janne

              Oh noes… 🙂

              ““Nobody probably wants to lose a job, but OTOH shutting down Symbian may still be the best thing for Nokia…”

              I guess no Nokia 808 PureView in the cards for you, if you put your money where your mouth is.”

              yasu’s comment is understandable from past discussions, but there is a misunderstanding I think. For background, see the discussion in my blog entry:



              If you have really read me, though, you’d know I’m definitely buying an 808. I’ve mentioned it several times here over the past weeks. I was going to buy it when I thought it’d be just an incremental 16-23 MPix incremental update to my N8… but now with the 41 MPix PureView magic… hello! I might buy three – one of each color. 😉 (Not really. But I will buy one. Red, I think. Or white. Not black, boring.)

              Look, this may be difficult for you to understand, but I don’t hate Symbian. I have used it since the 9210 Communicator and 7650, the first Nokia devices to run it. I’ve had one or more from each generation I’d wager. I currently have an N8 and E7, in addition to an N900, N9, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. I have waited for Belle to get the camera-king, hence waiting for 808. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S II and some others. At work I have more, like X6, E72 and some older Symbians. I like to keep myself with the times, so to speak. Of course some software development reasons there too.

              What I do feel, is that getting more out of Symbian has gotten increasingly hard for Nokia – and the progress has become too slow, and still without the complete fluidity expected from a competitive product these days. Hence, moving on from Symbian is probably in my view the best thing they could have done. (I do think they might have done well with MeeGo too, though. And that maybe the transition could have been handled better.) I don’t think there is anything stopping me having this opinion and yet still enjoying whatever Symbian has to offer, if it suits my needs and desires.

              I know Symbian. I can handle it’s quirks. I can take advance of its great features. But I also get it that for the average Joe Symbian has become increasingly cumbersome and uncompetetive. Competing products are just that much faster, easier, smoother. And for development, it has become harder to keep Symbian up-to-date, as Nokia has said and as I have argued. Too costly and too slow. Hence for the benefit of Nokia the company I’d say moving on seems like a good idea. Until then, I’ll keep interest in Symbian and look forward to possible Carla and Donna dual-core devices too.

              I wish Symbian has a wonderful last hurrahs during this transition. What better than to remember the iconic operating system from things like the 808 PureView.

              And not from things like the N97.

              • yasu


                I don’t think I misunderstood your position.

                You support the transition (for whatever reasons) and you’ll be putting your money on the thing transitioned from (for whatever reasons).

                Am I wrong?

                • Janne

                  No, you are not wrong in that. But I think the above conclusions you made were, well, curious. I see no such strict yes or no kind of situation.

                  The thing is, PureView has redeeming qualities. It has value. That does not mean Symbian overall is not plagued by issues much discussed. The transition is necessary in my opinion. But while it is still on-going, the old-kingdom products may still have value. 808 PureView certainly does. I will gladly support that product team with a purchase – and the future of the camera technology of course. Can’t wait!

                  P.S. Many people are dismissing the 808 because it has Symbian. Sad, but IMHO understandable.

          • Linukia

            Nokia had outsourced Symbian development to Accenture, it should reduce Nokia’s cost greatly. Nokia should give Symbian chance, depends on how good Accenture develop it.

            IMO WP + Symbian or WP + MeeGo is still much better than WP only. Nokia can’t avoid losing some fans if shutting down Symbian.

            It is preference matter, I still prefer Symbian even WP is 1000x smoother. You know, there are still some options outside Nokia & outside WP.

        • xNokian

          Dude, I never said I was happy to loose my job. Job security is a luxury these days. You are responsible for your own fate. If you are professional who constantly upgrades his skills your services will always be required. Companies rise and go under. Professionals move. You can accept this reality and move on or be resentful.

  • viipottaja
  • Paul Grenfell

    Meanwhile ,
    GSM Arena Current Ranking’s by Daily Interest

    #1 Nokia 808 PureView

    • Viipottaja

      No wonder! 🙂 Not sure that the 808 will top the 3 Finnish carriers list though..

    • Meade

      How is actual sales more boring than some hits in the internet? I have my eye on 808 as well, but I certainly don’t see this relevant to the post.

    • Mark

      Great. How many has it sold?

      You know, since this topic is actually about sales?

  • Funny that they never mention the time span… Well, I’m sure this chart list is for only one day!

    • Janne

      Lumia 800 had been top for a MONTH.

    • dr_zorg

      It’s for the whole of February, says so in source link. Not sure how good Google is at translating it though.

    • Linukia

      haha, funny name, but nice

  • Mahoney

    Yeah, its for the whole feb for 800. For 710 its from the middle of feb.

    Elisa states also, that it isnt just a one week peak, its been steady for the whole month.