Mainstream media (Daily Mail UK) on the Nokia 808 PureView

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You probably don’t read the Daily Mail unless you’re in the UK and watch Jeremy Kyle.

Clearly however this is a mainstream newspaper for the general non techy public. It’s here in NEWS not just a special section for gadgets and tech. For a phone to be noticed on this level is somewhat amazing for Nokia and something they have to continue (as well as updating every other thing on their phone, screen res, processor etc, if at least just to please the number munchers).

You can tell it’s the Daily Mail from their headline, lol, they just had to get that “iPhone” line in the title. BTW Nokia camera phones besting iPhone isn’t new but it’s possibly only now that the public might be aware of it.

Nokia releases phone with a 41-megapixel camera…SEVEN times as powerful as iPhone 4S–sale-Europe-now.html

Being mainstream media, they have no quarrels over Symbian. Folks really don’t have that much of an issue as they’re not too aware what it is. They just want things that work.

“In addition to the ground-breaking photo technology, the phone will use Dolby Digital stereo sound and will be based on a Symbian platform, which the company has used a great deal in the past.”–sale-Europe-now.html

They have simplified PureView technology (hopefully more because they know their target audience as opposed to the actual lack of know how on what it does)

“The true selling point of the phone is the camera, which effectively takes in an unusually high amount of information about each picture and compresses it into a small enough size that it is easily sent by text or email.”–sale-Europe-now.html

Then you have the idiots in the comment section who think they know things about cameras. They are just above the general non techy public but not quite a geek, so they recite that megapixel myth thinking they’re oh so clever knowing it’s not just megapixels. There are many factors that affect image quality, so the most important thing we can go on for definite are results, and as we have seen they are impressive. For what ever numbers or science that gets tossed out the window, pictures will paint you thousands of words in favour of the Nokia 808 PureView producing high quality images you don’t expect in phones.

“And anyone even remotely educated about cameras will know megapixel rating means almost nothing. Too bad most manufacturers and consumers are too stupid to know this. It is easier to market a big megapixel number than a quality lens and thus part of the reason Nokia is just about out of business.”

Worried about the person who upvoted this too.

Sod the quality, feel the megapixels

– T. Servo, Satellite O’ Love, High Earth

You get megapixels AND quality. -_-

What about the quality of the lens though. Surely you’re not going to achieve much with all those megapixels if it’s still only got a tiny lens

Sabin Lorkin, Montbray, France, 28/2/2012


So what is the quality of the lens used by this ‘toy’ camera??? 38mb x 3 ( as there are 3 colour channels per pixel) = 114MB uncompressed file size. If the compression used is JPEG, which is a ‘lossy’ compression, then how much compression (and, thus, loss of information) will be required to get a file size small enough to text or send by email?

– Adrian , Reading, UK., 28/2/2012 09:02

Possibly Daily Mail’s fault in over simplification

This is possibly ignorance rather than purposeful misinformation. In a way, it’s good that the printed newspaper (if this did get to print) won’t have a comment section for idiots (but then again, you have to be careful about the actual article not being up to scratch on what they say, eh). Well, not all the comments are dumb.

If this phone is no way connected to the N8 i would love this camera. the N8 has the best camera on a phone just Nokia’s software is the problem. 41mp should be good tho hope the software is a massive improvement. shame my s2 contract don’t run out now for over a year :

Passionate F1 fan who has been screwed,

Well done Manchester :p

Camera’s. It’s all about the lens. There’s a Carl Zeis on this so it may even take a respectable picture (for a phone).

– Pete, manchester, 28/2/2012 09:23

Yes, Yes it does take more than respectable pics. I hope to God Nokia shows off sample pictures of this vs point and shoots. They can’t rely on bloggers and tech media to do so (with some, you know darn well are going to put grease and out of focus shots vs their iThings like they did with the N8)

Whilst the screenshot comment is right in that 41mp sensor is good to market BUUUUUUT it’s not even just about that. The purpose was never about taking tons of pixels. The PureView is ALL ABOUT IMAGE PERFORMANCE, QUALITY AND VERSATILITY. 41MP perhaps to get it noticed, but also 41MP and PureView to actually produce some pictures to knock your socks off. There’s no deception going on there, if anything there’s quite a bit of underselling.

Quite a big part of the misunderstanding is Nokia’s own poor launch and explanation on the CRITICAL aspects of the Nokia 808 – how it’s actually not about MP at all, how it IS about their precious sensor and how it’s damn forkin bigger than the point and shoots of today. I have a rant I started up to talk about this possibly on Monday so I’ll save you from it this weekend.



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