Mega Q&A session: Lumia/WP Production/Design, Maps, Entertainment & More

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Dean Pattrick Head of Nokia Entertainment showing off some of the Mix Radio features (And yes that is a Badass Guns&Roses T-shirt)

Now that MWC is over (unfortunately) I had a chance to organize all the Q&A sessions we had with all the awesome Nokia guys; we had four in total, one with Damien Dinning about the 808 and it’s camera which I posted seperately, here we have 3 more Q&As about the Luima design, Nokia Maps/Transport and Nokia Entertainment.

Once again I’ve listed the points in Bulletins for quick reading and because I can’t remember all the questions

Just want to mention that all the Nokia people were AMAZINGLY nice and really comfortable to be around; Dean Pattrick spent the first 15 minutes telling us ‘war stories’ that sounded alot like something else 😉 and Jason Gregory the man responsible for the N9 and the Lumia 800/900 spent about an hour in a bean bag chair having a causal chat with me.

Anyways off to it, hope you find this useful (Unfortunately I lost the notebook I had written these notes in so I’m going off of memory here)

“Since Nokia Are now the largest provider of Windows phone (largest share of the pie) our greatest focus will be on Increasing the size of the pie” (~~ focus on helping WP grow rather than competing for the current WP market share)


Mix Radio is a free, internet streaming music proposition with no subscription or accounts needed. Just out of the box and listen to great music.



  • The 800 was not being planned or designed before Feb 11th  (meaning that there was no previous indication of a Nokia WP)
  • As far as is known to us there was never an Android Nokia even for testing/Experimental purposes
  • The Design of the 800/900 admittedly inspired by the N9 have been greeted with huge success, and as such expect to see upcoming phones continue to have this same design (they call it the Fabuli design apparently that’s how the designer described it at first)
  • Having a technology such as pureview is an amazing thing and it would be ridiculously insane not to capitalize on it with our main ecosystem (WP)– (Probably once they’ve found a way to utilize the pureview tech with a smaller sensor)
  • Possible memory expansion in upcoming devices
  • The Lumia 610 is running on 256MB of Ram making it the first ‘fragmented’ Windows phone
  • Q: Since fragmentation has begun on Windows phone what’s to stop other manufacturers from making low-end phones that ruin the windows phone experience that so far has prided itself on being smooth on all devices
    A:  Windows has set forth a strict set of guidelines for the minimum amount of specs required for a device to be approved to run any version of WP – as of now this benchmark has been set by the 610, and for the time being don’t expect any device to launch with less specs.
  • Q: When are we going to see the fruit of the Nokia Exclusive customization of WP (I basically asked if we could have WP with swipe)
    A: As of now we have no plans to do any serious visible customizations as that would give Nokia an unfair advantage over other OEMs that produce Windows phones which could lead to alienating them and making them switch back to android (Back to focusing on increasing the Size of the Pie itself and not Nokias share of the pie right now)
  • The main selling point of the Lumia 610 is it’s design and not it’s price, as we didn’t not compromise the integrity/design of the device to fit a price range.
  • Nokia has no plans of releasing a Tablet as of now as first of all we are still focusing on Re-entering  the US Mobile market and do not want to get distracted, as well as that as of now there is no way for Nokia to stand out and offer a proper tablet experience amongst the slew of other tablets available (In other words when we do a table we plan on doing it right)
  • Internet tethering will Be available on the Lumia 900 upon launch however for previously launched Lumias (710&800) this feature will be pushed out with the next WINDOWS/Microsoft update (Will not be a separate update)
  • The date of the tethering update is not for us to announce, as it is Microsoft responsibility to push out this update
  • The Lumia 900 does not have a curved screen because it would lead to at least an increase in .5-1 mm of width as well as making the phone more likely to fracture (it’s difficult to make a screen that large curve without weakening the glass or having to add extra layers to reinforce it
  • The white Lumia 800s are available for purchase in stores as of this week



 Nokia Music:

  • Mix Radio is a free, internet streaming music proposition with no subscription or accounts needed. Just out of the box and listen to great music.
  • Nokia will not be making any more dedicated mobile games (no more nGage) instead Nokia will focus on leveraging the already large Xbox platform ecosystem (which will also be multiplatform)
  • Zune is currently only available in 5 markets while Nokia Music is available in 38; “Expect to see some branding changes” – Basically that Nokia music will replace Zune music as the default music store/player on WP. (my understanding)
  • Mix Radio on the Lumia range is NOT an automated service; it is actually chosen by dedicated localized teams
  • Nokia is currently working on expanding it’s Music/Entertainment services
  • Nokia has teamed up with ‘Echonest” enhance the “create” and “personalised”. –
  • Nokia Music/Mix Radio is not available on Germany due to no licensing agreements in place
  • Indonesia, India and China will continue to have “Nokia Music Unlimited” supplying them with free unlimited DRM-Free music downloads
  • The specially localized content will be available to all countries that Mix radio will be introduced into (even developing countries)
  • Nokia Music & Zune Music are already integrated to each other on Lumia devices (playback can switch automatically between them)
  • Mix radio was limited to 6 skips per hour as the app itself is highly accurate so 6 skips seemed to be more than enough to find something you like
  • Up to four complete Mix radio channels can be downloaded for use in offline mode


Nokia Reading:

  • Nokia reading WAS NOT intended to try to take on the kindle; instead  it’s focused on “snacking on books on the go”- when it’s not sensible to use a kindle
  • Expect to possibly see Nokia Reading on Symbian soon (Not said directly but highly hinted)
  • The Books on Nokia Reading come from a dedicated Nokia Book store and are not from the Marketplace store (takes advantage of the carrier/phone billing options available with Nokia accounts)
  • Microsoft will not be included in the profit of books sold through Nokia reading (The distributor who provides the books though will get a share of course)
  • Nokia Reading also supports audiobooks
  • Nokia Reading also has “Nokia Stream” which is a RSS feed reader that can be used on the go
  • Nokia Reading has an optional night mode where colors are inverted (text is displayed in white on a black screen)- which should help conserve battery and ease night-time reading
  • Expect Nokia reading to be available for previously released and upcoming Lumia devices once the Lumia 900 is released.


  • Transportation and offline maps services will be available to the current and upcoming range of Lumia devices in a separate app update whiten the upcoming weeks (no need to wait for a Microsoft Software update)
  • transportation with estimated times of arrival and recommended departure times will be provided to all locations that have supplied Nokia with their timetable schedules/infrastructure
  • Nokia maps will replace Bing maps as the default map service on Windows phone, as well as several other OSes (RIM?)
  • Voice guidance and turn by turn navigation have been added to the browser-based maps service on Android & iOS (Coded in HTML 5)
  • Maps on Android/iOS are cached in the browser to save on data charges (voice guidance can be downloaded as a separate package)
  • The Weather widget which was removed from Symbian will be released later (recently launched in the Beta labs)
  • Nokia Pulse (location-based private Social network) will get dedicated clients on Android and iOS rather than web-based accounts
  • Sharing your updates on FB/Twitter from Pulse was purposely left out to keep things more private
  • Offline nav on the Lumia range was not introduced upon release due to the limited time they had before first shipments
  • “Car Mode” will soon be introduced to the Lumia range as well






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  • viipottaja

    so what were the answers to more Symbian device announcements and Meltemi? I assume you did ask/discuss them.

  • Stephens_Eloped

    I’m still pissed off that Elop spoke about “Nokia’s last 12 months” and didn’t mention ONE WORD about the N9. He is a twat.

    • Aliqudsi

      Honestly I don’t blame him (I like the N9 just bought one should reach next week)but Nokias Marketshare dipped after the keynote even though everything was amazing only because the 41MPX camera was a Symbian device and not a WP which lead people to question Nokias commitment to WP (Even though the reasons for choosing Symbian are known), discussing the N9 would have caused more damage then good (although I wish he had mentioned hte PR1.2 release as it was practically pushed out during the keynote)

      • Stephens_Eloped

        Honestly, I’m not saying he should have spent any length of time talking about the N9, because we all know where Nokia’s focus is right now. But to list a whole bunch of successes one after the other, and not *even mention* the N9, he is just pouring petrol on the Elop haters’ bonfire. We all know he wears Microsoft underpants, we get it, but to not mention the N9 in a “here’s what we were up to in the last 12 months” speech, spits in the face of all those guys and gals who worked their tits off to get the N9 out in 2011 and running so sweetly. I’ll say it again: he is a twat.

        • Viipottaja

          Yeah, when talking about the implementation of their new strategy he should of course have talked about things that are not a part of their strategy! Makes sense! 😉

      • Shay

        Stephen Elop is confused and going in the wrong direction! Symbian is a dead and sinking platform so why on earth would you release a 41MP device with Symbian. Why not let Symbian rot and resurrect MeeGo which will be a great replacement for Symbian. Having 41MP on a Windows Phone is a wrong move as the software side shocking in terms of the camera application.

        If Nokia N9 and Nokia Lumia 800 was launched worldwide at same time, I can gurantee most users will opt for the Nokia N9. Windows Phone is restricted and far too plain.

        The entertainment side from Nokia is pure rubbish! They should update the music quality for all Lumia’s which have poor audio quality and give users an equaliser which is lacking in a Nokia Windows Phone (talk about Microsoft giving Nokia higher authority to customise).

        • Viipottaja

          The most important reason for 808 on Symbian was of course that that the OS it was developed on was ready first.

          Apollo will allow OEMs to fully customize the camera app – VERY likely another Nokia demand/contribution. Jo Harlow has also said Pure View won’t take long to come to WP.

          Lumia 800 next fw update is said to improve sound quality (notably bass).

          Did the N9 have an equalizer? At least my N900 doesn’t. Talk about.. oh whatever..

          • Shay

            If I was the director of Nokia, I would have released a 41MP camera device on a MeeGo OS instead of Symbian which is just pure utter crap in this current market. So in a way it’s more or less outdated before it’s even released.

            That’s what Microsoft said, that Nokia would be allowed higher authority to customise WP but what do they have since release of Lumia’s? > Just Nokia Drive/Maps nothing new or customised. So I would not even waste my time on the Apollo update hoping it being able to fully customize.

            Good luck with update for Lumia 800. Nokia just useless at providing updates like usual they are always slow! This is what puts potential buyers and users off from having a Nokia device!

        • Nokia and WP are not responsible for poor audio quality of Lumias, Snapdragon processor is.
          Maybe ST-Ericsson processors will have a good audio quality.

          • Shay

            They are repsonsible for audio quality, it just shows the lack of testing they done before releasing a device to the mass market or either the team must have super human ears at picking up very low bass, volume output.

    • MeeGo/Swipe Lover

      Elop sucks if he doesn’t release a N9 successor!

      • S2Korpio

        When Nokia released an update for the N9, does that mean Elop still sucks? You zealots need to calm down.

        • Stephens_Eloped

          It’s hard to not think he sucks when something as so AMAZING as the N9 gets the short shrift. I know there was an update, that’s because the team were still employed, and he doesn’t mind paying them to help the N9 become improved, but if he had it his way, none of that R&D would have ever existed and neither would the N9. That would make his job if dissing Symbian and replacing it with WP7 all the more easy. The MeeGo thing is a fly in his ointment. The annoying thing for us zealots (and anyone with a brain because the N9 is so cool) is that Elop continues on without acknowledging it. We all get the strategy. We get it, don’t worry. But we can’t understand how a manager can mange so badly, with a product that is SO good. It’s just insane. I mean, sure, go on stage, big-up WP7 all you like, show us all the nice Lumias, but if you’re gonna mention Symbian Belle and Asha, you should also mention the N9. I mean, come on.

          • Viipottaja

            Why would he talk about it? There won’t be any new Maeomo/Meego products. In massive contrast, there will be significant new Symbian updates, the 808 was being announced and there may well be other new Symbian devices still to come as well, and plenty more Asha devices will come for sure (not sure he mentioned Belle though, not at least in the first few minutes he was on stage IIRC).

            At least he did let N9 into the market (with significant marketing in some of them). Enjoy it and stop complaining. 😉 He could probably have killed it as well.

            • Stephens_Eloped

              Just *mention* it! Just say, “blah blah Symbian Anna, blah blah, Symbian Belle, blah blah the N9, blah blah I’m overweight and need to cut out the carbs, blah blah…” JUST ACKNOWLEDGE IT YOU TURD! Sorry it is better than what your mates at Microsoft can manage, sorry that’s what “old” Nokia can still cook up when allowed to, sorry it’s not Canadian. But I’m not sorry I have one. It burns it’s so hot. Unlike Symbian Anna Belle which is a dick tease to mobile phones. Just a mention Stephen, not a fanfare or a fireworks display, just an EFFING MENTION.

              • PlushDogHater

                By the way PR1.2 is really fast and nice. Still, or even more now no1 phone in stores right now. Get one before Elop stops making them, which might be any day. In some markets it’s not being sold anymore as they focus on Lumia only.

  • Hot girl that likes Ali

    Hey Ali,

    Any N9 successor?

    • Aliqudsi

      First off these names are getting ridiculous..Lolz

      Secondly no I don’t think so, I talked about the N9 with them and apparently the only reason that the N9 itself was released was because so much money was spent on it’s production it’s seemed unreasonable not to spend a bit more and push it out even after it was killed.

      • Hot girl that likes Ali

        So if there’s no N9 successor…

        What about Swipe and button-less-front-technology (like the N9) in high end devices that is not Windows Phone (I don’t like Windows Phone)?

        Will swipe and button-less-front be available in Symbian updates like Carla in the future?

        Also, any dual core Symbian in the future?

        • Aliqudsi

          Once again we didn’t get a chance to talk to a Symbian involved person, but I doubt there is going to be a button-less symbian device as FP1/Carla?? still has a menu button and I can’t imagine them going through the process of rewriting the whole OS to support one or two more phones

          • Jules

            after reading many blogs. They say nokia 808 pureview is the last Symbian mobile.

            Last in Nokia is all about windows phone.

            but again blogs & comments suggest. Nokia working on a new OS may be Swipe

            • Jules

              *Now in Nokia is all about windows phone.

          • lol

            بين لي أنت شيعي أو سني ؟؟

  • Twig

    First of all Ali, this is in the top 5 best posts or articles on Nokia I have ever read. Very informative, well organized and you managed to hit most of all the questions we have had or could have about what is going on. This all helps us make an informed decision on which to buy or which combo( of course we’re all going to get the 808 and save thousands over the cost of equal camera). …and all without your notes. Job well done and thank you.
    Sounds like Nokia is going to make big money off me on Nokia Reading and Music in the U.S.

  • Shaun

    So Nokia will develop a Pulse client for iOS and Android but are dropping development on the N9 version? Slap in the face!

  • arts

    hmmm, the way you put it is like when pureview arrives to wp, is going to be a dumb down, less powerful version of it.

    goody, now i have justification to buy 808 =D


    great post, answered allot of questions and give me more confidence about some of nokia’s decisions

  • sks

    Couple of thoughts and questions

    If Symbian can interact with the DSP on the 41mp sensor, so can WP especially with all the info we are hearing with windows 8 being more open and all.
    How far can MS go in this alliance, can they allow Nokia to introduce changes in the OS? BTW this has to be done soon before time runs out.
    Now about the other changes with respect to a more open system, access to memory cards, mass storage support etc… I don’t really know what is the deal with Zune? Is it a limitation in the current OS or it is done on purpose? If Nokia and MS want to succeed they have to be more open about this kind of stuff.

    People are with Symbian/meego only because they don’t get the freedom in WP they are so used to it in symbian and Android.
    Here in India all manufacturers sell unlocked. People don’t believe in the cloud here they want the freedom. In spite of knowing all this Nokia release only Lumia and not the N9.
    Last I heard they dropped the price of lumia 800 from 30K to 24K INR. compared to that the Nokia N8 started off from 24K and even today(after 18months) its price is 20K.

  • For me, the № 1 nicest thing is that Nokia organic innovation produced the 808/Pureview – but pairing it with an adequately powered Symbian Belle device – 1.5GHz CPU & (is it?) 500 MB RAM is an extra cherry at the top. Innovation is beautiful like that. What a company like Nokia represents is probably the broadest threat against pure .mp3, camera (Kodak) & reader (Kindle – Amazon) manufacturers because of their global reach. Kindle will always do well in the United States, European Union & Japan.

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