BBC asks: Do camera phones need 41mp? To shoot photos as good as the Nokia 808, YES, YES, YES! (#rant)

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The tech newbie knows not what mega pixels are

The slightly aware thinks more megapixels the better

The more tech familiar might be aware that more MP doesn’t mean better pictures. It’s a common comment of the self proclaimed photography enthusiast – the MP myth. They might even suggest it might be bad.

Those who assume more MP might not mean anything in the 808, surely don’t understand PureView.

Damian Dinning and Nokia know that more MP does not mean better pictures, but knew that to get the best picture quality and camera versatility, there are various solutions to which one required 41mp. Just like with the N8 or the N86, Nokia only ever stepped up the pixels when they knew they could do it damn well properly. Proof? The best camera phone until PureView was the N8. There are no ifs, or buts. The N8 ruled the camera phone segment longer than any other and 808 and PureViews are only set to extend Nokia’s imaging reign for a long time to come.

I think I had my last rant about that here:

Certain iSites are trying to detract away from the Nokia 808 because of what they understand of the megapixel myth. They simply don’t get it. It’s not about 41mp at all. It’s not about taking 38mp photos at all. It’s certainly the first interesting talking point but there is so much more; the 41mp is just the tip of the iceberg. This glittery gold is merely a case for the diamond inside.

It is most funny that whilst they try and accuse Nokia of not getting it, it’s they that fail to understand what Nokia is attempting with the imagery in PureView, debuted on the 808.

The BBC wrote yet another article on Nokia’s 41mp camera, provocatively titled,

“Does a cameraphone really need 41 megapixels?”

You might be right to worry that the BBC might also follow those trying to devalue Nokia’s PureView. Well, not completely. There is more of a fairer voice than some, though the conclusion is iffy.

“Photography enthusiasts have been warningabout the “megapixel myth” for some time. In the myth, more megapixels means a better camera and a better photograph.

But that’s not necessarily the case.”

Another photography buff, similarly named Damien D (Damien Demolder) calls 41mp ridiculous. 25MP is enough to produce billboards.

Again, they seem to have missed out on the numerous occasions Nokia sets out to say themselves it’s not about the megapixels! They said themselves when printing A4 5MP is more than adequate. Nokia said this. They do understand folks.

Quantum Leap is how the pixels are used!!

A spokeswoman at Nokia said it clearly,

people are missing the point.  It is the way the pixels are used that is the real “quantum leap”

More data is used than needed to provide, as dpreview said, perfect pixels. Oversample 7 or so pixels for that one super pixel.

As well as improving image quality, PureView allows lossless zooming without mechanical jutting zooms. Demolder dares to mention that camera phone sensors are tiny. Nokia in 2010 already destroyed all camera phone sensors and even those in compacts. Yesterday their sensor ate the N8’s and all those point and shoots. 3X as much as point and shoots or 5x as much as camera phones.


  • 41mp sensor? “Ooh more MP is not good. Actually it’s bad.”
  • It’s not about the mp – tick
  • It’s about having better pixels – tick
  • It’s about having better sensors – tick
  • It’s about having better processing – tick
  • It’s about being more versatile with lossless, silent zoom – tick
  • It’s about having better low light performance – tick

Downer of the party, Demolder says the 808’s unique selling point will not be in proportion to the technological leap or cost. He comes out with this pile of tosh,

“”Most people would find the zoom useful, though few will know they have it, fewer will discover how to work it and fewer again will remember to use it.””

How much of an idiot do you have to be not to know your camera has zoom? Well perhaps Nokia can train them with better ads. Ones that show slide zoom. Dammit Nokia, do the zoom in and enhance joke. Zoom once, zoom in again, and again. Folks with point and shoots know zoom. This shouldn’t be that much more difficult. My non techy friends always try to use zoom on my DSLR when using prime lenses. They sort of expect zoom. Deliver the knowledge that you are the one to do zoom the best and right on a phone.

As for ‘need’ – that question can always be answered – what is need? As long as the camera is there, it’s a camera phone. But what differentiates Nokians is that they’re looking for perfection in imaging. If you want high quality photos with versatility in zoom, then of course you need Nokia’s PureView tech. If you want to take photos like the 808 can, then yes.

Cheers @Jaisun_acy for the tip!

Again if you have time, check out how PureView works on the 808. If in any doubt, take a look.

Here’s a sample of 38mp.

Remember, that is not what Nokia’s trying to achieve. Out of everyone, they are the ones trying to end the MP race and go back to reasonable high quality photos where it was never about fooling people with MP counts, it’s about making sure every damn pixel counts! 41mp isn’t just there for the sake of it. Folks, those that doubt should read more into what’s going on with PureView and what this technology means.

We can’t blame folks for having misconceptions. The presentation of the 808 could have been done infinitely better, so folks knew what on earth a lot of the jargon and magic was really all about – so they could connect and understand the features and see how these Nokia innovations can be beneficial in their hands. It’s not hard, but Nokia seems to like assuming people will know their products. Nokia, you must put the effort in to connect people to your product. Nokia Connecting People. Come on in and connect them. As well as helping nokia users communicate with each other, communicate better with your consumers.

Then you and consumers can echo: The world is round. The world is round.

Megapixel myths my ass. Yes, some try and exploit that, but Nokia is different. They don’t win all those imaging awards year on year for no reason. If anyone knows it’s not about mp, it’s Nokia. If anyone knows how to optimise pixels it’s Nokia. 808 PureView, 41mp is nothing compared to the real magic going on.

(Congrats though on getting into mainstream talk Nokia 😀 I’ve had random folks ask me in real life is 41mp on a phone real haha.)



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