(Video and Gallery) Nokia Lumia 710 Unboxing

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As you may have seen me mention in earlier blog post, I picked up a Nokia Lumia 710 on Vodafone for sister. I thought it was time to go full on touch screen and this was a very decent price for a very good smartphone.


This was £150, with an offer lasting until yesterday. I’m writing this in advance and posting after the offer date so I haven’t been able to check if that’s still available. It is markedly cheaper than the other networks.

I’ve played with one of these before at Nokia World 2011, but not another since (wonder where I actually am on the trial list for that :S). Well, unless you count the 710 at the shops.

Anyway, the handset arrived 2 days after ordering. There’s no usual Nokia Box, instead it appears to be in a red Vodafone box. It seems to have already been tampered with as there are scratches on the top half of the screen (fortunately the screen protector is there) and the phone started up without the usual WP start up sequence to help you get started.

The back button felt awfully squeaky on day 1 but some how that became quieter (though not as silent as menu and search button) Quite odd. I don’t remember the buttons being so squeaky. The phone feels great! Super snappy and as previously blogged about, the rotation speed is so much faster on the Lumia 710.


The Lumia 800 rotation speed wasn’t slow, but after experiencing the 710 it now feels like treacle. It just feels very fluid. The LCD CBD is quite alright. The screen fares better than most non CBD LCD, though the colours don’t pop as much as the AMOLED CBD on the Lumia. Furthermore, the 800 has wider viewing angles and better outdoor visibility. Note, there is a screen protector on the 710 which slightly affects how the screen looks. I’ve told my sister to keep the screen protector on.

The Lumia 710 feels quite nice in the hand. Despite the plastic removable back cover, it feels sturdy and solid . There is a tiny flex around where the camera is though, but you have to push this quite hard. The button placement is different to the Lumia 800 with the lock/power at the top. I’d say it’s a little bit more of a reach than being placed at the side. On the right hand side you have your volume and camera buttons. These are part of the back cover and are flush, requiring minimal pressing. The camera button in fact requires minimal pressure when using the autofocus. The same pressure I might use to get a focus on the 800/N8 would be enough to fully take a picture. I quite like how light it is on the 710, as I just need to pretty much just place my finger on the button. Fortunately this doesn’t lead to accidental camera snaps when in your pocket because you still need to press all the way (to unlock and activate the camera which does take a little bit more of a push.

The screen feels nice and responsive, like the 800. Note, the 710 does have another layer (Screen protector film) that I’m keeping there.

As I said, the bottoms at the bottom were rather squeaky when I first started using them but now it’s pretty much gone. Although accidental pressing of capacitive keys did happen on occasion with the 800, I much prefer them to actual physical buttons. Having said that, they do have a nice smushy feel to them that kept making me want to press it :S.

GPS seems to lock just as quickly on the 710, though the Nokia Drive app opens a fraction of a fraction of a second faster than the 800. Possibly different app versions. All other apps open simultaneously.

That’s all I have time to do for now. If you do have any questions, let me know. I’ll demo that screen rotation thing again on the Lumia 710 when I get back some time this coming week.

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  • Nokia N9 is the best!

    Somebody already has mentioned this is more a player with calling function, and I agree with this.

    • Andre C

      Wrong article. The iphone blog is right over there.

      • Where is Nokia?

        Yea, and this is not Nokia but already windows blog, you are right. Have a nice windws, opss day.

        • Andre C

          What do you suggest then? That they stop writing articles about WP nokias and only write about symbian and N9?!

          Nokia chose WP and it’s here to stay. Live with it.

          For the record, I’ve owned only nokia phones, and my current phone is a C7, and my next phone will be a WP nokia.

          • Jay Montano

            Don’t worry. This person is the same spammer that likes to spread irrelevant spam across our blog.

            • Joana

              Whoever is not windows fan is spammer? Or any criticism is forbidden? Jay, be serious, you are at the bright side of The Force ;) Hiding negative opinions would be against full and true picture I am afraid?

              • arts

                so your justification for all the bullshiting is that because other people bullshit i should bullshit too? ok.

                • Joana

                  This is exactly the point: when all must love the one and the best option/direction/approach/system it does not mean that I must also – you have just underlined the essence and quintessence.

                  • Mark

                    Oh shut up.

                    If you had any honesty you would post under one name instead of spamming the same crap pretending to be multiple people.

                    Don’t question the integrity of others when you have so little of it yourself.

                    The point is no-one really cares about the N9 any more. It’s a lovely piece of history but that’s now what it is.

                    Move on.

                    • shallow ocean shoal

                      My N9 has a new bug where when I switch to either speaker phone or headset the sound starts distorting to the point of it being unrecognizable at times. Regular phone speaker is fine.

                      If anyone has any insight into this/how to fix I’m all ears because my N9 is quickly becoming unusable…

                    • Shilow

                      “If anyone has any insight into this/how to fix I’m all ears because my N9 is quickly becoming unusable”

                      This thread (let alone the spot in the thread that you raise it) is a rather odd place to be raising this issue.

                      I’ve seen a few such issues (slightly diff IIRC) raised at TMO before.
                      I’d suggest a thorough search there, FMC, & the bug-tracker instead of randomly posting here.

                    • shallow ocean shoal

                      Shilow, it got your response, didn’t it? Seems to me it just worked.

                      T-Mobile of which country?

                    • Shilow

                      In order of usefulness:

                      TMO = talk.maemo.org
                      FMC = forum.meego.com

                      Far better resources than posting in threads about the Lumia710.
                      I vaguely recall reading about some issues that very similar.
                      It may already be in tracker & resolved or being worked on.

                    • shallow ocean shoal

                      Thanks Shilow. My bad on TMO.

                      The bugtracker items seem to be only for streaming audio…my bug is with phone calls themselves. Too bad the bug popped up after the bug tracker closed.

                      Haven’t checked the dev forums yet, and never saw anything similar on talk.maemo

                    • Shilow

                      Yeah that’s definitely not common.
                      I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point it has been raised or experienced though.
                      Make sure you genuinely do search all those sources carefully.
                      You may actually hit a fix or workaround.
                      I have come across the odd bug (not personally) that’s actually the result of a dodgy install/fw-image.
                      And it seems to go away forever once a re-flash is done.
                      There’s always the possibility of a hw fault too.

                    • Shilow

                      Oh & you can still lodge “bug reports only” in the Nokia dev forum I linked to.
                      It’s not clear whether this really is a sw bug though.

                    • shallow ocean shoal

                      At first I thought it was a hw problem…

                      But then I realized it was BOTH headset and speakerphone which means it’s got to be something in the audio routing sw.

                      Kind of crazy

                    • Shilow

                      “which means it’s got to be something in the audio routing sw.”

                      Maybe, don’t know enough to be sure.

                  • arts

                    What a great justification for spamming.

                    just another tomwhat.

                    and you seem have to a misconception that your post are “criticisms”. They are not.

                    they are complete bullshit.

              • Jay Montano

                No. We have plenty of people like incognito, yasu, dr_zorg etc who don’t like the direction of WP but are all capable of putting forward their point of view in a non spamming, non inflammatory way. Also, they courteously keep their user name static, not pretending to be another user or different characters which you have plenty of times, Annethe, Joana and the millions of other user names you use (and at the same time, posing as ‘different’ people)

                You keep posting inflammatory comments which I have asked you not to.

                I have NEVER removed a negative comment on this blog. The only times I have removed a comment is when a user copy and pastes the same comment over and over across blog posts – and that was actually a positive comment about something (if i remember correctly) I remove based on it being out topic and spam.

                Pretty much everything you write is an aim to be inflammatory and to provoke a reaction.

                • arts

                  Can’t you do something about this? New commenting system or what not. He i not givings obviously a [PROFANITY REMOVED] about what you say anyway.

                  • Shilow

                    I’m not a huge fan of the WP-only strat. at the expense of totally killing Maemo/MeeGo.
                    But I definitely agree we need a way better commenting system.
                    It was needed ages ago, wordpress utterly blows IMO.
                    The efforts of the people behind the blog are to be commended however.

                    • Deaconclgi

                      Thank you for complimenting our efforts.

                • shallow ocean shoal

                  Sorry jay, love ‘ya, but I have to disagree on dr_zorg, all that guy ever does is tag along to other spammers like Muttley the dog in the motorcycle caboose

              • Hypnopottamus

                That’s the thing. No one is telling you to love WP. If you don’t like it, fine. DON’T READ THE ARTICLE. The differnce is that those that HATE WP come to WP articles and try to tellsl others to hate it….pretty much what you are doing and the OP did.

                The article was an unboxing for a Nokia WP. There are some here who like WP and enjoy these type of articles. What point does it serve to always bring up how “inferior” it is to other OS’s? Answer is IT DOESN’T. The haters just want to troll. Don’t you think people who come to this blog and still like/want a Nokia WP device are already fully aware of it’s limitations? Move on already!

            • Shilow

              Can we just ban the few users that are typing childish shit?
              It’s giving “all” Maemo6x & Symbian users a bad name.
              And giving justification for WP only users to say: “See, I told you so.”

              • dr_zorg

                To be fair, he’s only doing the same as a few WP fanboys on here. Simply evening it out, I suppose.

                That said, it’s the wrong article to post such stuff.

                If both sides got equal treatment of the banhammer this place would be a lot cleaner. But then it would mean that quite a few WP supporters would have to go. What a pity :)

  • yemko

    It upper design,buttom,side dimesion just same as Nokia 603!!!!!! Even all same accessories except charge adaptor. Only physical difference is LED flash and hardware key design

    • Janne

      And the VERY slight fact that 701 is physically much larger than 603, being a 3.7″ device.

      • Janne

        Correction: 701 -> 710.

    • Jay Montano

      Yes it is. The first iteration was seen around Feb 11. The very first concept WP was of this design.

      Do you think it’s a problem that Nokia reuses their designs? If so perhaps you might elaborate why, it would be interesting to find out.

      • Janne

        Actually I doubt 710 shares any exterior pieces with 603, since 710 is a completely different size physically.

      • KF

        well it shares some design clues from the concepts but they aren’t near the beauty of them. how hard is to make these 4 concepts pics (2 official and 2 leaked) to real life?? I dont think it’s that hard, they all look HOT!

  • Where is Nokia?

    Nobody has asked about the Nokia N9 and nobody has hated Nokia N9 users yet? hmm this must be 1 of April.

    • Mark

      Because this topic is about Windows Phone. The clue is in the title.

    • Hypnopottamus

      Yeah but the exact opposite is true. There will always be the N9 fanatic that comes and shits on WP. Without fail. Guarenteed. Just look @ the 1st post.

  • Aliqudsi

    Loving the Cyan cover on it, looks darn attractive- but why no audio in the unboxing??

    • DKM

      Its the silent video, actions speak louder than words. Charlie Chaplin style, i like it.

    • Jay Montano

      There was a problem with the audio recording. Well the recording in general. I actually had to pretend to rip the package open again because it cut off as soon as I broke the package open. Then something went funny with the sound, so rather than harsh audio, I took the sound off.

  • dxrk

    “the rotation speed is so much faster on the Lumia 710″
    what does this statement mean. is it just a typo? or vodafone has custom firmware for their phones

    • Muneeb

      The Screen rotates much faster on NL 710 than other windows phones and it is for every 710 piece.

    • Silthice

      Lumia 710 has similar CPU and GPU with 800 but performs better. If you’re not really into looks better go for 710

    • dxrk

      oh it’s just my confusion. I interpreted that statement as “his sister’s 710 is even faster than other 710s” and thought the “710″ there should have been “800″

  • szasznik

    What is your opinion about sound quality(headphones) in NL 710? I have heard, that there were some problems with it.

  • szasznik

    What is your opinion about sound quality(headphones) in NL 710? I have heard, that there were some problems with it.

    • szasznik

      sorry for double comment. I have shitty SE C902 and someting messed up.

  • David T

    Got this for my mum last week but the one I ordered from vodafone came packaged in the official nokia packaging and not he vodafone box. I suspect that you might have received a returned one as it has a scratch.

  • Deaconclgi

    Nice post Jay. Are you able to watermark my photos on my Xpress-On cover post for MNB for me/show me how you do it?

  • Deaconclgi

    Side note, I would have called the carrier and returned that 710 for a new one if you were supposed to get a new 710 originally.

  • the Wind – VietNamese

    My name is Wind and I Live in VietNamese. In my country, Lumia 710 is a beautiful dream.

    • Shilow

      That’s nice.

  • the Wind – VietNamese

    It’s my dream.I hope that in the near future I have it, but that will never happen :-(

    • hari

      i want to make gud ringtons in this phone but i can find the option for that ?

      • Jeff

        There’s been countless articles here outlining all the features WP7′s missing compared to Android/iOS/S^3 & Maemo6x (MeeGo).
        That is one of them….
        Why necro-post, very rude, why not post in the “Ask a Nokian” thread?

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