Free Time Machine gets Kourtney Kardashian with Nokia Lumia 900

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I’ll admit it, I’m not really aware who the Karshashians are. I have heard of Kim and her sisters but I’ve never seen their supposed show or understand quite why they’re famous. But they apparently are. (Sadly, I’m more familiar with Cardassians :S) Between them they have about 30,000,000 twitter followers.

Yesterday you might have heard about that Free Time Machine thing starring the Lumia 900. 200,000 instant prizes, free smartphones, certificates and the likes. Apparently someone won a day with Kourtney Kardhashian and $5000 gift certificate.

See Engadget:

I got Nicki Minaj – as pointed out by a reader, NY Times crowned her as the most influential female rapper of all time. She has about a billion combined views on YouTube, with hit after hit on the chart. She’s worked with Madonna at the superbowl, dueted with Eminem, Rihanna, Trey Songz, David Guetta etc.  A little kid that sung her song went on Ellen’s show and became a viral hit. Basically what Nicki endorses becomes popular or her popularity rubs off on it. We don’t need to know whether everyone likes her music or her appearance or actions, just that she is flavour of the month and has been for quite a few months.

This Kardashian thing, I don’t get so much but I keep hearing references on TV shows, and from some friends (though they also watch shows like ‘Geordie Shore‘ :S hmm…Well as aforementioned, 30M combined twitter followers for the Kardashian girls is quite something.

Here’s a quick Yahoo Answers on why the Kardashians are ‘famous’

Next up we need some Justin Bieber promotion >_>. But on a serious note, if we did, we would suddenly have millions of preteen girls with Lumias. Apparently UK’s answer to Justin Bieber is One Direction. Nokia UK were smart enough to know these tikes would be super famous, recruiting them for the Nokia C2/C3 promotions. A shame they’re possibly to ‘busy’ now to get promoting Lumias.

Anyway, we might not get it, but the Kardashians are certainly a  group of people that have a following in America, with their faces often seen on Magazines.

Here’s another follow up on this story at WP Central. Kourtney is on Fox and she brings up her ‘new Windows Phone’ – it is more of a MS promo. Listen to how she praises the phone. It’s back to Joe Average stuff. Nothing too technical but just things your daily average buyer who’s not that familiar with tech might be interested in.

  • Takes good pictures (Kourtney kinda loved it a little too much – it takes ‘the best’ pictures, but i guess that’s just a phrase – nothing literal)
  • It’s so easy
  • It has twitter and facebook in the phone. She says it’s so easy to twitpic (well she’s not actually using twitpic if it’s inbuilt twitter, but easy nonetheless).


On the positive side, it is certainly getting their phones noticed by mainstream media. No love for the equivalent Titan II. It seems to be working as Amazon USA’s best seller list shows the Lumia on position 1 and 2, whilst Titan II is not even on the radar. We want people to know it exists, so they can at least allow it to even be on their considerations list.
You know what, I remember all those years ago when we kept seeing iPhones in the hands of celebrities, we wished that Nokia would get their handsets noticed in that way too. Kardashians may not have been the most ideal candidates for Nokia fans (because we’re all much cooler and hip than that eh……. eh?) – we can hope it works to get people to be aware of WP. You might have seen me mention that regarding celebrities on twitter, you will only ever see them tweet from iPhone or BlackBerry. It’s neat to see WP. I wish it said Lumia instead. As long as the Lumia exposure on the whole is seen as a positive, I’m ok with that.
Anyone else you want to see promoting Nokia phones?

BTW Kourtney is tweeting from other places too, web and also hootsuite (not a WP app) >_>. I prefer tweeting from mobileweb than any twitter app on any phone. It’s just faster (lighter on data).

BTW, should Nokia have brought out some Pink 900s?  Would a white 900 be better or is that not as distinct as this loud Cyan one (instantly recognizable not from shape, but from colour)


Sources: engadget, wpcentral

Thanks Muerte and meh for the tip!


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