Lumia Stats graphs + WP at 6.25% in Finland (Via StatCounter).

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This tracker was shared in our tips section, it’s called Lumia stats though I think it might actually be the whole of WP.

You can see from Statcounter, it pools it just as WP.

Oh, an interesting stat. WP is now 6.25% ‘marketshare’ in Finland, at least according to Statcounter. But this is just Finland.

Update: Here’s a useful comment that explains how these stats are calculated. As expected, it is an extrapolation from browser data/usage, hence why with a more capable browser in iOS, the drastic decline may be more prominent in Symbian’s poorer browser. It might also possibly explain the sharp rise in Maemo 5’s MicroB initially, due to the mind blowing browser it had at the time. Statcounter is still a good indicator for marketshare as its data reflects marketshare information collated by, say, the likes of AAS.

Note: What happened to Symbian handsets in Finland that they just began to freefall from about August 2009? Is that S60 5th? It seems iOS was sucking up as Symbian descended and then Android decided to feast too. Finns were actively picking an OS that wasn’t Symbian, the home nurtured OS; furthermore, those third party OSes was not even on a Nokia. In Mid 2009.

Of course, it is hard to maintain such a high marketshare when new competition comes in. If the competition is very strong, it will be a tough battle to hold your ground. Nokia’s offerings, sadly, could no longer deliver the new expectations of the ‘smartphones’ in a timely manner.

Symbian’s still 3rd, above WP which is 4th, but if this trend continues, there should be a cross over by the end of during end of Q3/ start Q4. It’s looking hopeful at least that Nokia have some devices that Finns are, again, choosing. Not simply because it’s Nokia. If that was enough reason, then perhaps the decline of Symbian handsets should not have been so fast and steady.

The Lumia stats is useful because you can at least see that the Lumia is on a slow, very, very, very slow, upward trajectory. Right now, this is nothing to look at and is quite laughable. Deservedly so.

We can only hope to see a similar trend to Android, which when we saw here, took quite a long while before it left the flatline bed.

What is this hope based on? Global release of the 900 and 610 and more of the other Lumias to Nokia’s traditional markets. (Middle East, Africa) This needs to last long enough so we can see Nokia’s WP8 handsets launch on steady footing.

With Windows 8 tablets highly anticipated, a successful W8 launch could bolster the Metro based Windows Phone – which to now polarises in part due to a very strange paradigm of user experience. It is extremely difficult to coax people to try WP, how can you make sales if people don’t even want to try it? On the whole it seems that once they do, users like it. It does quite a lot of core smartphone things extremely well. It lacks the bells and whistles but the likes of the 900 are adequately priced. With so much attractive offerings from the competition, the huge task is to get them to consider and try your alternative product. Good marketing and exposure seems to have done a good job so far for the 900 in USA. A compelling new PC experience in W8 as well as continued marketing may greatly help adoption of the Metro interface. If it doesn’t work, then both Nokia and MS are up a creek without a paddle.

Thanks Pökö for the tip!


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