Video: Nokia Lumia 800 Wireless Charging mod

| April 30, 2012 | 16 Replies

Check this out – someone has taken apart a Nokia Lumia 800 and modified it so that it could charge wirelessly. Well, you have to place it on the Palm Touchstone for conduction charging.

They opened up the Lumia 800, stuck what looks like a copper coil inside. Metal was taken out so that this could fit.

It’s a neat mod, though not one for the faint hearted.

I saw this post earlier and it reminded me to get a Touchstone for my firesale Touchpad. They’re actually normally priced and in stock now as opposed to costing more than the tablet during the firesale. I believe the touchstone can also transfer data? At the end, they note how combined with Zune’s wireless sync, you won’t have to open up the charging port again (well not for a long while anyay.


Source: WPCentral

Cheers Heron for the tip!

Oh this reminds me of this accessory:

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  1. mattleech says:

    I will not be doing this to my beloved Lulu.

    Might the coil have any negative effect on the operation of the phone’s antennas?

  2. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    I’m actually really tempted to do this

  3. flava says:

    Playing with the software is interesting, but playing with the hardware like definitely a totally different thing :|

    It’s a very nice modification tho!

  4. SaDudE says:

    I am waiting for Nokia or any other phone manufacturer beside Palm/HP to start including this level of hardware functionality for all phones.

    I mean seriously, why do we have to plug phones in anymore…it just all be conductive charging

    • DesR85 says:

      “I mean seriously, why do we have to plug phones in anymore…it just all be conductive charging”

      You can say the same for pretty much any electronic device out there like laptops. Heck, even a wireless mouse and keyboard still need a charging dock.

      I’ll welcome this ‘wireless’ charging if it is possible, but I won’t kick up a fuss if it isn’t.

  5. Faab says:

    This will be available to the samsung galaxy S3 thats going to be released!

  6. DesR85 says:

    Cool, but I’m not trying that on my phone.

  7. Lee says:

    Touchstone chargers rocket in price, then plummet again after folks realise they aren’t actually brave enough to attempt the mod so start listing them back on ebay :-)

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