Nokia World 2012 taking place earlier! September 5-6 + change in format.

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Nokia World 2012, originally scheduled to take place in Finland, September 25-26 is taking place ahead of schedule!

The Helsinki Nokia World is taking place September 5th-6th instead! Also there’s a change in format. It won’t be the big single Nokia World event that it usually is, but various small ones.

Hopefully this means that products from Nokia are coming ahead of schedule, as opposed to some being delayed and hence requiring Nokia World to be broken up not to delay products that are ready.

This first event is INVITATION ONLY and will be for operator and retail partners. So, not for bloggers then.

We have made some changes to the format and date of Nokia World 2012. Instead of a single, large-scale event as we have had in years past, we will run a number of smaller, more intimate events with specific audiences in mind. Think less CES, moreSXSW.

The first of these will take place in Helsinki on September 5-6. (A while ago we announced that it would be held on September 25-26, but the date has now been advanced by a couple of weeks.) This invitation-only event will cater primarily to our operator and retail partners.

With these more intimate events we want to provide the most enjoyable and rewarding experience tailored for each audience.

Other activities will be announced in the weeks and months ahead. Stay Tuned.

More details, as just mentioned, will appear later (weeks and months).

“Other Nokia activities for the media and bloggers will be announced in the coming weeks and months. “

This might be good and bad. At Nokia World, everything is always announced on Day 1. Nothing of interest happens day 2. There’s also that anticlimax of nothing coming after hoping for a surprise.

What this means is that time and time again, some particular device will overshadow something else. This should mean more focused buzz on what they’re announcing. It could work really well to concentrate your efforts on a particular audience. Media and bloggers one side who can mingle with each other, retail partners and carriers on the other. They both mix with Nokia but with each other, they’re kinda like oil and water.

In contrast, it could be bad in that there are less attendees – less excitement, less of a show. But Nokia World should not be about the show, but about the products. Hopefully this Nokia World is focused on delivering the best products. At the very worst, it’s bad because Nokia are keeping purse strings tight.

BTW regarding devices, I would prefer to have big splashy devices instead of multiple mediocre ones please. This is what began our troubles in the first place. I hope we are seeing great devices in these mini intimate Nokia Worlds. It would be cool to have multiple Nokia Worlds at various regions all at the same time, so then really, the whole world can enjoy Nokia World locally as opposed to jetting off to one location and many people missing out. Yes it might mean that there’s less of the meet ups and networking – but more people get to see the Nokia products, which is really what we should care about.


We’re changing the set-up because we want to provide targeted events for different stakeholders. The previous Nokia Worlds have been pretty gigantic, catering for operators, retailers, analysts, investors, media, bloggers, etc. This year we are going to tailor each event for a different target audience to make sure the attendees can really get the most out of it. In a nutshell: don’t read too much into it :-)


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