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| May 24, 2012 | 104 Replies

Another day, another appearance at Reddit for a Nokia. Yes it’s the old 3310 but yes too in that there’s a Nokia Lumia 900.

I sadly browse reddit too often when I take a study break so I can say that I rarely ever see any other phone making it to the front page as say, a Nokia. That’s because the Nokia 3310 (or old Nokias) have got a reputation and a meme of being indestructable. Of course they’re not but it’s just a running joke that a lot of people like to play along with. Most recently however, a recent Nokia appeared for other reasons. Siri was, first, calling the Nokia Lumia 900 the best smartphone. This was followed with more uproar as Siri was reported to have been patched, censoring the initial response back to some self praising. Either way, people were taking notice of the Nokia Lumia 900 more than they ever would.

Colour me surprised again when I see it appear again, but it has now come full circle thanks to that video that showed off how strong it was. The Nokia Lumia 900 carries on the Nokia tradition of being a well built, well designed, sturdy phone. So it was inevitable for someone to make that connection that this is the 3310’s kid.

Does the science and technicality behind this matter one bit? Does it matter if another phone may be able to replicate this feat? No. Not at all. This is just about enjoying that amusing legend of super strong Nokia phones being made relevant again with a current product.

I’m really enjoying the discussion and curiosity everyday folks are posing on Reddit. If you remember, the first time we were reporting Reddit related Nokia stories, we highlighted a lot of ignorance that Nokia for a long time has not been just about the disposable brick. It’s taking a while to get noticed but it’s better late than never.

We can only hope Nokia can continue delivering sturdy phones which are sturdy because that is the Nokia quality (as opposed to being a rugged phone) and that we will finally see some slick designed super high end Nokia that can easily capture imaginations by the end of the year.

Good Nokia reputation here, some slight Halo effect on perception of your other devices. This is why we need consistency. Less  of the mediocre crap. Not everything has to be super high end, but what you make has to be best in category. There has to be at least one super phone. The flagbearer for Nokia. I’ve craved, wished, dreamed for such a thing but even now, nothing has materialised. There is only so much waiting.


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