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| June 5, 2012 | 90 Replies

Hey guys, I’ve rounded up your questions from the post:

There may be some additional ones that still need to be added but here’s what’s going on so far.

Note – I’m already expecting, and quite understandably, a lot of the answers being ‘we can’t comment on future products’ or words to that effect. But whilst we’re here we might as well ask.


‘Basic Smartphones’

  • Future of S40/Asha/Meltemi/Qt
  • Confirmation of Meltemi
  • ETA
  • Expectations


  • PR1.3 – anymore beyond that
  • Was swipe really created in just 8 months
  • Nokia’s future with Linux
  • Alien Dalvik – Android apps for N9


  • Can current Lumia be upgraded to WP8
  • PureView ETA
  • Nokia Drive Integration
  • Improved Maps - Say the south entrance of a building, mall or park. need to be able to set to drive anywhere, save locations and routes and sync online. preasure MS to allow customised default map app and search
  • Operator Billing at marketplace
  • Lumia PureView
  • Nokia’s input to WP8


  • Why Nokia 600 cancelled?
  • Why the naming change of firmware again? FP1/Carla
  • Future Symbian device after 808


  • Do they plan to release a FCam-like API for the 808 PV so that us developers can tap into the awesomeness of its processing?
  • PureView expansion with lightfield?
  • Optical Zoom
  • Future updates for Symbian past FP1
  • Australia?
  • Rich recording for older devices

Design/Future stuff:

  • New designs, not just N9 style?
  • QWERTY monoblock?
  • Waterproof phones
  • Stretchable phones time frame
  • What’s Mr Skillman workin on?
  • Tablet – what will they run on?
  • ETA tablets?
  • How will it be not just any other tablet?
  • Dual OS phones
  • Pico Projector (or built in)
  • Nokia Charging Mat
  • Feedback on current headphones
  • New campaigns for Nokia Monster Purity
  • Sales
  • Is the partnership with Monster a long-term? Will Nokia partner with other audio companies such as Sennheiser?


  • Nokia staff reaction to what’s going on at Nokia
  • Naming convention –  inconsistent
  • Actually launching products close to launch – cut down delay

Feel free to add others BELOW and I’ll try my best to cover them later in the day or find someone to ask tomorrow.


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