Screenshots: Nokia Belle FP2?

| June 7, 2012 | 91 Replies

Apparently this might be Belle FP2 keyboard. I’m not exactly sure if it’s real or where it came from but they got emailed to us. Is this real/custom firmware/photoshop?

You can see that there are suggested words appearing on the top as opposed to appearing at the cursor.

Below – additional button on the homescreen? I’ve seen this on some custom firmwares.

Supposedly here is what’s appearing:

Symbian Belle FP2 will have some good updates :)
- new keyboard
- new gallery (with share button)
- new music player
- new search button in home screen toolbar
- new unlock screen (by swiping)

Anyway, here’s the gallery.

Cheers Aymen for the tip

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  1. James says:

    Not bad, not bad.

  2. SLAYER says:

    this is from nokia RDA. there is a nokia 701 with firmware 113. which is fp2/donna.

    • Arun says:

      i just logged into my Nokia developer account and checked at RDA, there isn’t any 113 device. they removed it i guess?

      either way, i’m sick and tired of people saying that fp2 is the last update. please nokia, either confirm it, or deny it properly. You’re launching the 808 Pure view. Should i buy it or not.

      • lordstar says:

        Well until we see an fp3 leak. I would somehow think that fp2 is the last symbian update.

      • SLAYER says:

        one of the devices is labeled 112, but it has 113. check the reservations tab.

      • DJ7 says:

        Hey Arun,

        Not sure if 808 is Nokia’s last Symbian device but the idea is Nokia will support (even it’s their last Symbian device) for specified number months or years with software updates.
        You can happily buy one!

        • James says:

          He knows that, what’s not clear though is if it’s the last “major update”.
          N9 & 808PV owners can expect updates and support for years to come…
          But after their last major updates subsequent updates will only be a steady stream of minor bug/sec/perf/stab/usability fixes.
          Those minor updates won’t add much in the way of new features over that time.

    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s says:

      I didn’t find the 701 with 113 firmware.. When was that available?

  3. miki69 says:

    finally! Now we have decent keypad at least in landscape mode. Any information about portrait improvements as well?


  4. David says:

    It could be a nice end of life for my N8-00 is Belle FP{1|2} can be installed on my device.

  5. vidar says:

    If FP” is Donna then I’m dissapointed.. wasn’t Donna suppose to need dual-core processors? this looks like a very small update

    • SLAYER says:

      you will still get all software improvements planned for donna. I think dual core symbians have been scrapped.

    • krustylicious says:

      Basically symbian dev is termiated with fp2.

      Donna as we knew with with dual core phones are gone.

      Its just Asha and lumina now ..

      The Asha stratergy is trying to push into low end symbian area and the lumina pushing down in mid end symbian areas ..

      Looks as if nokia will be a bit player from now on…

      Shame shame shame.

      • Keps says:

        And it’s Asha, Meltemi and WP.

        If it was up to me. Nokia should drip Asha totally and just go for WP8 and Windows 8 tablets. Eith remaining one Meltemi device every year on the mid end.

        • krustylicious says:

          Honestly i can’t really be bothered to spell Lumia correctly ..

        • fi2 says:

          Asha actually looks promising. Full-size CBD(?) touch screen, dual sim (both active at the same time?), 1GHz and only 180 euros or so before tax. I know it was developed for India, but with one personal sim card and another given to me by my employer I could actually make use of the dual sim capability.

          The only thing wrong with Asha is that, thanks to its icons, it looks just like a symbian phone and thus probably won’t sell as well as it should. Personally I’m waiting to hear about WP8 and iOS6 before deciding on a successor to my E7, but a 10″ tablet plus a S40 phone might not be a bad combo either. There is some hope for Nokia still.

          • adrian says:

            It’s more expensive than nokia 700 in many stores. Asha is no worth this money. I want more symbians. There are GPU, which isn’t available in s40. The price is the same but functionality is different.

      • Keps says:

        And it’s Asha, Meltemi and WP.

        If it was up to me. Nokia should stop Asha totally and just go for WP8 and Windows 8 tablets. Eith remaining one Meltemi device every year on the mid end.

        • adrian says:

          How they want to sell tablets, when they aren’t able to sell lumias? The whole game is about WP. Elop is trying to keep alive WP, death of nokia is worth that for him. Elop is one of the biggest individual shareholder of Microsoft. His knows where is his money. WP isn’t competitive to symbian, meego.

          • twinklestar1792 says:

            There is no further update for WP7 mobiles after WP7.7. And WP8 needs more cpu,chipset n RAM. So windows is a crap and Elop is trying to acquire Nokia, then Elop will keep alive WP.

    • Keps says:

      Duuno what you are gonna do with dual core support when there’s no devices with dual core in Symbian and almost certainly wont ever be.

      • lordstar says:

        Haha yep, dual core devices are scrapped as per dsmobile. I think fp2 is donna without the dual core support

  6. civichief says:

    now, this is, what I miss in Belle. Or said better: This is, why I haven’t bought yet a Nokia Full Touch phone based on S^3

    Let this be true, please.

  7. Milos Lazic says:

    they should change the menu layout and make it 4×5 like the new Asha touch screen phones

  8. vishal400 says:

    simple yet very useful

  9. lordstar says:

    I’m not sure if all of the stencils are used in the belle fp1 ui.

    Haven’t really seen the tumblers in effect as well as the lists, and checkboxes.!ui-toolkit.html

  10. Grendell says:

    I kinda like how Maemo-Harmattan design cues of the N9 are popping up in more and more of Nokia’s software efforts.

  11. AQ says:

    when it release?? how about belle FP1? i dont get it any info about the FP1 but now nokia had release a new firmware FP2.. i wnt to ask, is it nokia N8 can upgrade to the belle FP1 & FP2? its supported??

  12. twinklestar1792 says:

    Ya N8 need lite version of both FP1/2, we hope it will support. Nokia has to change its OS installation type, Symbian OS should b alone in C:\ drive and other pre-loaded apps should be in Mass Memory. Then N8 will be support FP2(Full version) and works faster, smoother.

  13. Voltron says:

    these supposedly new gallery pictures are for belle fp1. I have all of them on my phone.

  14. Rahul says:

    hey can i update my nokia 603 with belle fp2??

  15. imti yami says:

    hope it fix…………. Alllll te bugs…………….. i realy realy hate te installing system………………………..n te web browser sucks………

  16. MonkeyPiu says:

    When will the update 113.010.1508 for Nokia 700 or maybe even a
    better the 113.010.1506 has many failures between her that in
    the media i cannot mark the images the camera has no back
    button and the video editor does not serve thank you for the
    future crude

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