Video: Microsoft Surface Tablet Keynote – some lessons for Nokia.

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So, we’ve had a couple of posts now regarding the new Microsoft Surface Tablet. For those looking for more information about this, you can watch the keynote.

I haven’t paid much attention to the other Windows 8 tablets, ultrabooks and other devices. This however is quite significant as it’s a PC straight from Microsoft. In a way it competes with Nokia who are expected to produce a tablet, but also acts as a guide on how the Windows 8 software and hardware experience should be.

This video is about 50 minutes long, and the focus of this post is more on the delivery of the keynote.

I like that this non-Apple keynote is becoming much more Apple like in terms of the clarity of delivery of a message. It’s not yet quite there, we can see fluffing of lines etc but it was a very good presentation. I like the guy at the end who seemed so passionate about the attention to detail, about making the very littlest things matter, about getting users to emotionally connect with your products.

This is a significant learning point for Nokia who, pretty much all of the time, fail their products by having really poor keynotes, resulting in much confusion about the products themselves.

Here’s a post I wrote a couple of years back on what Nokia can pick up in their keynotes:

What Nokia needs to learn from apple keynotes – pointers from steve jobs and iPhone 4 announcement

  • Good start on history of achievements, showing evidence on success, validating that they have history, that they know what they’re doing and thus you can expect the same from whatever is announced.
  • Good elaboration on the features…detailing the pen/touch input or the type cover pressure sensitivity.
  • Constructive words/phrases reinforcing some perception on the device…perfect is used a lot. ‘best experience possible…
Some bits I found funny. Like making it a point that there is no add on regarding the stand and how its build in and having no extra weight…but then straight afterwards showing an add on that gives extra weight and thickness in the cover :/. But they presented it well enough so that the mismatch of ideals isn’t jarring. They controlled the message well and how they want aspects of their products to be perceived.

As for this tablet, some key things are possibly:

  • Design
  • VaporMg
  • Dual WiFi antenna
  • Availability dates
  • Price
When speaking about the hardware partners for Windows PCs, Ballmer rattled off many names of traditional manufacturers. Nokia wasn’t mentioned, though it is much expected that they too will produce their own tablet. Actually, it is expected that Nokia step up to the plate and produce the BEST Windows 8 tablet. Can they? I’m not to sure.
I have no experience with either RT or W8 Pro. I’m a little concerned about the need for vents. I am concerned about the Pro being the only one that can handle the legacy Windows Apps. Microsoft aren’t really making this distinction clear. What happens when folks try to put Windows apps not for W8 on Intel? Will there be enough W8 apps for users?
I do like the name ‘Surface’. It’s not another ___Pad. It’s not a ___Tab. It’s not even a ___Slate. It’s something they already previously on and is related to touch screens. MS Surface. It seems to naturally come into the conversation about ‘touching the surface’ as opposed to ‘touching the screen’…there’s plays on words such as the ‘Windows Software rising to the surface’. Nokia’s own brand for their tablet is really important. As for now, the only tablet that gets called by its name is the iPad. All the other pads and tabs are either called tablets or mistaken for iPad in conversation. Maybe Nokia can also build a ‘surface’ tablet? Or does it need to be Lumia related?

Source: TheVerge

Given this is called ‘Surface’ will there be any ‘MS Surface’ style apps. You know, like that big giant table where virtual objects seem to naturally move about?



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