Accessories: Awesome leather case that turns into a stand for the Nokia Lumia 900

| July 11, 2012 | 8 Replies

Here’s a really cool accessory I came across at Nokia Lounge and haven’t been able to find until yesterday on Amazon.

This is possibly one of the best leather cases I’ve come across for a phone. Not only is it a full leather case that surrounds your Nokia Lumia 900, flip the cover around and it’s a stand!

The part where the Nokia Lumia 900 inserts appears to be a silicon case. Much better than the usual hard inserts/clips that are 100% prone to breaking. Unless the silicon bit rips off the leather part, this seems to be a case that will be there for the long run.

Amazon link: Nokia Carrying Stand Case for Lumia 900 – Black

When closed I think it looks very stylish.

This is the tilt mechanism. You can see it in action better in the video.


I haven’t got a clearer photo but there’s a cutout at the back for the camera/LED

The case opens up sideways like a book. I didn’t have time to use the case properly (only noticed it on the way out of Nokia Lounge) so I don’t know what it would be like to try and take a phone call. I’m guessing I’d have to flip the flap back but that curvy lip at the edge may be problematic. Has anyone got this case to try that out?

I think this would be fantastic to leave on your desk or the bed side table like this.

  •  Looks nicer than any other leather cases
  • Sturdy, flexible phone insert – won’t be breaking any time soon.
  • Protects the screen from dust/scratching/bumps when in pocket.
  • Works as a stand 😀

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  • Aliqudsi

    Loled at the title, I dunno why but I did :)
    Also you got a 900 of your own? what happened to the stormtrooper?

    • Jay Montano

      Ha, I didn’t know what the actual case was called (couldn’t find model number at Nokia’s site).

      This is from a while ago. Still have the storm trooper for a little bit longer. I’m thinking I prefer the black/cyan more.

  • stylinred

    that is a pretty cool case even i want one and i hate cases!

  • Ibrahim

    i wish this case available for N9

  • Max

    meh… another SmartCover ripoff

    • stylinred

      you realize the “smart cover” is a rip off right?

      • Jay Montano

        Just what I was going to say.

  • Oliver

    I don’t know. To me, the silicone case of my N9 ruins the swipe experience. Maybe it’s better on WP. The prop-up-action is nice though, I really liked that about my E7. I wonder how much dust protection this offers.