I’ve got PR1.3 for Nokia N9 :) Impressions on PR1.3?

| July 11, 2012 | 77 Replies

Some of us have had just slightly over a week on PR1.3 – mine has just popped up and is installing.

How many have you have got the update? Anyone out there still waiting?

What’s your impressions so far from the update of “1000” improvements.

From what I’ve seen in the comments, there’s plenty of subtle performance changes. Note, after the update it is best to restart the N9.

Andrew said:

Quick impressions after toying 30 min´s:
– no major changes traced anywhere so far.
– initially everything was a lot slower, then after a couple of restarts notably quicker than ever before: native browser, firefox, all apps – everything almost blazingly fast. Wow!
– a LOT louder, videos & music at least. Didn´t make any calls yet to see if there is more of that necessary loudness as well.
– (only) after restarts all apps work perfectly. Don´t have inception though.
– maps obviously improved – streets found which weren´t there before.

In short, N9 os up-to-date against most of the competition. Subjective opinions, of course. The survey continues with a happy grin

Borob said:

for me afrer the update my modifications to the standby screen have disappeared.


M said:

The update for mine took about 30 minutes and was the first update that didn’t wipe out all my apps so thats progress right there. Not really sure whats exactly different in this version. They probably just cleaned up a lot of the code and bugs in this so its basically a 1.3.1 I guess.

RobGee seems to be having problems

I start updating my N9 2 hours ago and it doesn’t want to finish..since 1 hour the “nokia” screen (the screen when u turn on the handset) is on the screen. it restarts 100s of times and nothing else..


Ld Sidious mentions inception not working. This post is over a week old and since then inception was updated for PR1.3

I rebooted my phone after being stuck at 90% for enough time. Phone started OK and shows version as 1.3. Inception does not work, but that was to be expected. I’m sure it will be sorted in the near future.

Phone feels very sluggish. Don’t know, if that is the result from being stuck at 90%, so hopefully everything got updated. I might do a complete re-flash, when the firmware image file becomes available in Navifirm.

Luckily FasterN9 still works (0.97). I just uninstalled and then reinstalled it and now the phone is smooth once again.

Incognito and JoeyV said it did not fix their Bluetooth problems

Can confirm that… It still skips from time to time while A2DP streaming… Didn’t fix the PBAP profile for my car infotainment system either…

DKM fins 1.3 faster and smoother

Update finished and i see is no difference in looks or any added features. The whole OS is much smoother now, Inception wont work after update but all other apps from store and settings remain. Few apps not working so need to reinstall.

Any major changes to the UI or anything, it feels as if the update is for behind the scene fixes.

Over all the OS seems faster and smoother.


Now that some of you guys have had a week with it, any other differences?




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