Interview with Jolla Mobile CEO, Jussi Hurmola (audio and full transcript)

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Hey folks. IntoMobile had an interview with the CEO of Jolla Mobile and shared the transcript as well as the audio.

Audio >> CLICKY

  • 50 employees, hiring 5 a week, aim of 100 by end of the year
  • Confirmation again of a new phone by this year
  • New phone will have developer mode. Ready for mass consumers but friendly for developers two. Jussi says this is where TechCrunch got their ‘2 devices’ from.
  • Will not commit to products for 2013 yet until they see how this one does (in 2012).
  • Currently in negotiation phase with chipset vendors , ODM support
  • Close to being able to communicate about the partners they’re using.
  • Not using SWIPE as that belongs to Nokia. As mentioned before, they will have a new UI.
  • Been going to China every month for about a year

Why not just put custom UI on Droid? –

  • We want to lead in technology and lead in UI, that’s our business. We don’t want to copy them.’
  • Contrary to reports, Nokia has not ‘gifted’ them with IPR. Perhaps they licensed it/purchased it?
  • MeeGo is NOT dead

Apps, how will they deal with having no apps? 

  • “ I believe that we have an answer for this, and I understand that you can not seriously sell a smartphone if you don’t have a sufficient application offering, but I can’t tell you what our plan is until we announce our product.” Hmm.
Stefan makes an interesting comparison:
  • Are you familiar with the Apple story around Steve Jobs, how he got kicked out, started his own company called NeXT, and then Apple bought NeXT and used their software to bring Apple back to life? If the Windows Phone plan goes to complete shit, and Nokia don’t sell any, would you be open to getting acquired by your former employer?

Stefan quotes an interesting comment by Jolla from WSJ
  • With all respect to Apple’s operating system and Android, the market is ready for something new. As I see it, there are user segments that have been left unserved
Jussi says these user elements will become clear when they launch their products.
Here’s another Jolla article to check out whilst you’re at this post. It’s the TechCrunch article that Stefan references a lot:
Thanks ssdh for the tip!

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