WP Marketplace search – why does it suck so bad, Microsoft?

| July 16, 2012 | 33 Replies

It’s been nearly 17 months now using Windows Phone and the Marketplace. Whilst I’ve been more than satisfied with the quality and quantity of apps coming to the platform, what annoys me sometimes is the ridiculously awful app search in marketplace.

This post is not so much about the equally important topic of ‘App Discovery’ but about the fact that their search function is TERRIBLE! It has improved ever so slightly from the utter rigid block it once was (where if you missed one character it would show no results) but it still sucks.

If I misspell an app name, there are no suggestions given to you. You will just have no results. Or you will be given the wrong results. No wonder no one uses BING except those who are forced to (e.g. obscenely obvious TV/Movie placements or universities). I have a google tile on my home page because I absolutely despise integrated BING (mobile BING is oddly better).

Why make things more difficult for yourself with bad search?


Here’s Android. iTunes, and Nokia Store also get more relevant results.


Don’t even try finding an app by key words.

(Oh, on a plus side, I do like the suggest as you type for app search. But searching past that is sometimes more of a hassle than it should be)



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