Rumours: Nokia Lumia 910, 920 WP8 phones coming September 5th?

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Treat this with bags of salt. Rumour has it that new WP8 Nokia Lumia devices are coming September 5th. Translation didn’t specify how this information came about.

The date would tie up nicely to Nokia World which got moved early to September 5-6th (btw, we still have not heard any more details about that, right?) as well as something supposedly amazing coming on September 7th to the Nokia Store in Helinki.

My contract is due for renewal. The new Lumias better be amazing.

Source: WPDang via WMPU

Cheers meh for the tip!

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  1. says:

    if its true that would be great news to have wp8 devices out so early

    • Maybe says:

      Maybe just some introduction then have them on sale only next year…
      Typical Nokia 3-4 months after announcement…

  2. lordstar says:

    killer hardware please.

  3. Janne says:

    When has Nokia surprised us positively like this?

    Unless Elop truly is Satan like some say – and had the hell frozen for this.

    While so many pieces fit to support this rumor, until I hear more I am considering it not a public launch (perhaps internal presentation to partners under NDA). It is in Nokia’s nature to over-promise or over-hint and then under-deliver. I see September 5-6th going without news and 7th seeing a brand new Lumia/Asha store open in Helsinki, showing new interactive displays for the venerable Lumia 900.

    Let’s see if they can shed that nature.

    • Rebbe says:

      “While so many pieces fit to support this rumor, until I hear more I am considering it not a public launch (perhaps internal presentation to partners under NDA). It is in Nokia’s nature to over-promise or over-hint and then under-deliver. I see September 5-6th going without news and 7th seeing a brand new Lumia/Asha store open in Helsinki, showing new interactive displays for the venerable Lumia 900″

      I talso think this is how it will be…

    • David says:

      Don’t expect too much…
      All they can do for Sept. 5th is perhaps to add a new color to the Lumia range…

    • Julius says:

      I reckon the phones will be available in stores by end of october. If they miss the september-october window then they have to launch in no man’s land like last year…

  4. vladest says:

    WP8 gonna be released in october. elop invented time machine?

    • Janne says:

      That is one of the main reasons I have trouble trusting these rumors.

      We are really hearing a lot to support the September 5th launch of WP8 Lumia. A lot. (Shipping by October.) Yet we are hearing nothing to support the notion of September 5th launch of Windows Phone 8.

      Hence I’m still putting this into the “private launch to partners under NDA” category because Nokia World is only for those. On the other hand, I’m not sure how much sense such a private launch would make. Partners already know of the WP8 Nokias.

      The only thing that really would make the September 5th launch for WP8 Lumia (with shipping in October) make sense, is that Microsoft indeed will launch Windows Phone 8 – perhaps on the same stage with Nokia – in early September instead of October. (Granted, October 26th hasn’t been confirmed as launch for WP8, just Windows 8 – rest is a little speculative.)

      • Paul says:

        I also don’ believe on WP8 so early.

        Maybe September 7th is the launch for WP7.8?

        • jiipee says:

          Didnt they reveal L900 a lot earlier than it was for sale. And it was locked so that no-one could try it out.

          Evenif WP8 is still buggy at that stage, they can launch the phones showing the new retangle widgets home screen.

          They cannot delay the availability further than October without losing their face again. If they can keep it, this is very good news/rumour.

          • viipottaja says:

            Exactly, they could easily announce now but not let people play with them. The other scenario, equally or more plausible, is what Janne said with private showing to carriers.

      • swain says:

        “We are really hearing a lot to support the September 5th launch of WP8 Lumia. A lot. (Shipping by October.)”

        Launch in september and shipping in october…!!!
        Are you sure ???
        It will be a miracle unless it’s Sept-2012 and Oct-2013..:)

      • vladest says:

        another option: it will be “upgradable” Lumia with 7.5
        but this will create a huge mess with Lumias (which are upgradable and which are not) and frustration

      • Sefriol says:

        NDA my ass. Nokia has never kept anything secer even if they tried.

  5. Rebbe says:

    Great if it is true… They try to steal some attention from the Iphone 5 lunch? I hope they start shipping the phones soon after the announcement.

    Over at allthingsD Nokia responded that the 7 Sept is only about the remodelling of the Nokia Store…

    Have someone got more information about Nokia world? Will there be more events held than the one September 5-6th?

    • pdexter says:

      Sep is closed Nokia partners event and there’s no info yet about actual press events.

      Nokia Store banner said “get ready for new shopping experience” and so on, it was always just about the shop, but these blogs once again twist it like it’s major news.

      Nokia would not hype global launch like that.

    • Janne says:

      Have someone got more information about Nokia world? Will there be more events held than the one September 5-6th?

      I’m with Jay saying that we haven’t hear anything more of that.

      My speculation is that Nokia World 2012 was toned down for two reasons:

      The bad: Cost-cutting.

      The good: Moving it to September 5th from late-September might mean Nokia is able to launch their new models earlier than expected. The speculation is that the launch would involve U.S. operators, perhaps Verizon.

      • Janne says:

        Just to clarify, Nokia has already announced that Sprint and Verizon are on-board for WP8 Lumia, but I meant that the speculation of September 5th involves a operator-reason to move it to an earlier date. Perhaps to give some U.S. operator an exclusive or something, just speculating/repeating speculation.

  6. Shaun says:

    They might show the phone on September 5th but I think it’s highly unlikely it’ll be released then. I presume some select developers under NDA have seen WP8 but so far the general public have not seen a beta and not seen an SDK.

    WP7 SDK and betas were out 5 months before launch. WP8 is a massive change over WP7 so it’s a whole new SDK to get used to.

    With WP8 not running on existing hardware, I do also wonder how developers are supposed to test apps before the WP8 launch also.

    • vladest says:

      agree. no SDK before launch means no apps means disaster
      so, probably, no wp8 at sept.5

    • Viipottaja says:

      True. All WP7 apps will run on WP8 though and likely large majority apps coming even after WP8 launch will be coded to run on both WP7 and WP8. Of course, WP does need some WP8 apps at launch too, especially a few good looking games using native code.

  7. Harangue says:

    That Nokia store thing is just a redesign for the retail side, nothing more. Although that seems to be what AllthingsD got as a reply from Nokia.

    • Janne says:

      Thanks for the link.

      “Nokia spokesman Keith Nowak: ‘This has been made into a lot more than it is.’”

      Ain’t that the truth. But that’s the good old Nokia for you. Making announcements that they know are bound to cause a lot of hype… and then not delivering anything to back it up.

      Having said that, there is of course the little possibility that not even these PR guys know what is going on – or that the September thing is or has been still in flux. A standard store remodel might still turn out to showcase something interesting if something interesting is made to appear by higher-ups.

      Well, the site posted on the wall of the renovated store always said this:

      “Prepare to be amazed at all the things in your new Nokia store.

      Play, learn, share and have fun.

      Visit this website next week to discover more.

      It’s a whole new way to shop.”

      • Jay Montano says:

        Yes. That’s what Nokia says. But Nokia people in the store mentioned not only would the store be renovated…it would come with new products too. The only new products are Asha and the only new amazing products would be some new lumias. But that might be a stretch and given my guard for anything exciting happening, it most likely is just the store. Maybe…just maybe, they’re got a new check out till! Yes, I bet that’s it.

        • Janne says:

          There have been teases (like below) about new Lumias and even news in the Asha front around the end of summer / start of fall. So I guess it is not completely impossible we’ll see the store launch with new products too.

          If one can wish, of course I’d want for Nokia to start September with a string of strong product-launches. But they still need to get through August without being acquired.

        • Harangue says:

          So far everything points against an early september launch for WP8. WP8 has been pretty unstable back in the end of June and it seemed to need a boatload of work still. If WP were to launch early september (as in can be bought) that would mean it have to got RTM in the next 2 weeks or so.

          I’m all for hoping that it will be exciting early september, byt realisticly I don’t see it happening. There have been almost no signs of device leaks by either Nokia or any other, it might still come next month. But real life testing would have to be done now in order to meet a September launch. Although Nokia could perhaps get a lot of testing done with that dev device of theirs.

  8. Prasenjit says:

    nokia lumia with windows 8 are indeed comimg in september , nokia will be first to launch as premium partner and have exclusivity.

    • Janne says:

      You’re such a tease, man.

      Didn’t you tease us with some new significant Asha love before or around that time as well?

  9. aman says:

    as per the indian nokia promoters in priority shops r saying abt lumia 510 which would be launched 2 fight with samsung galaxy y and belle 805 with polycarbonate n9 body.

    • Janne says:

      Lumia 510 has made sense to me for a long time, I just always assumed it would come after the WP8 release. I wonder if a cheaper Lumia 610 might actually still come before WP8? Nokia did release Symbian Anna 500 last year just before the Belle launches.

      A Belle 805 in a polycarbonate body? To me it would seem dangerous to mix the polycarbonate goodness with the Symbian reputation… But who knows, there have been rumors of hardware refreshes to the Belle family, maybe the will still try some for a few markets this fall.

      My personal guess would be that any remaining Symbian’s got the axe in June, unless a slight chance that some are slated for Q3 release and availability. I doubt we’ll see any new Symbians in Q4 or after that from Nokia.

      • Janne says:

        Clarification: polycarbonate goodness => polycarbonate N9-like goodness

      • salvasprock92 says:

        i’d really like to see a symbian with n9-like design. I don’t like that design applyied on the lumia phones

      • lordstar says:

        And I thought that the 808 was the last Symbian device? Would like to hear dsmobile’s thoughts on the rumored belle 805. Though it would make sense for belle fp2 to debut on that. Plus they all reclaimed the symbian developer champions. Who knows?

        Symbian and n9 design, i would love that.

  10. zlutor says:

    Whatever they announce on 5th of September, flood the world with it.

    Nokia, make it available from 6th of September, worldwide. iPhone will come in October and you have to utilize that one month…

    • zlutor says:

      Announce something being unquestionable merciless killer phone. No compromise, no questions but the king-of-the-hill: L808. The name can be changed… :-)

      There should be other phones for the mass market as well…

  11. shallow ocean shoal says:


  12. zymo says:

    September 5th presentation of the new lumias, but no hands-on time. October 5th special event for media with hands-on time and some cool new features showcased which wasn’t mentioned at the previous September event. November the 5th = global availability of the lumias.

  13. kalle says:

    Yeah it’s nice here in Helinki xD

  14. APH says:

    It’s Helsinki, not Helinki ;)

  15. Fro says:

    I had already upgraded to a Lumia 900 and LOVED it but 22 hours later they announced WP8 so I returned it because I could without penalty within 15 days. The ONE thing that bothered me about it was the camera, I was coming from an N8. If one of these new phones has at least the same camera I will be all over it for sure!

  16. masood.alkhter says:

    This is nokia s last chance,if they dont bring out a decent fon (i have always kept a nokia fon 7 in total) .am buyin a samsung 3.

  17. junain says:

    correct me if im wrong,but last i checked,when the whole anna,belle, carla & donna scenario started,it was said that carla would only be for hi spec devices with dual core cpu’s and last i checked the 808 had a single im sure there has to be 1 or 2 symbian phonez lined up.whats more FP1 is still buggy as hell and there have been no updates which leaves an empty void.i must say though after subsequently using the n9 and lumia 900 this week,using my n8 has brings tearz to my eyes.damn nokia has everything right in those 2 beautiful monsters.its a shame that the l900 will never get wp8 and that the n9 is the last meego wonder from nokia.if they could create 1 last symbian device with the specs of the 808,but a better cpu and the design similar to a lumia 900,i would buy it no doubt but i see no point in buying a 41mp deadweight right now.if nokia cant come up with something on par with the s3 for the least then im jumping off the nokia wagon even though i dont want to.Then its all eyes on JOLLA

  18. Prasenjit says:

    @janne i still stand by wat i said, series 40 touch is only half wat we have seen stay tuned for this september u have to really start looking for new definition…

    And iphone challenge may be after seeing lumia the question sud be is this iphone a worthy competitor of lumia… I bet else u guys have my mail id tosend curses lol;) just stay tuned but expect anythin big on camera except for some existing tech being reused and spec changes pv2 is i guess 2013 affair…. Bt to agree wid another guy here yes i too heard from a nokia india guy that symbian devices will come and software updates are on way courtesy accenture … But polycarbonate or wat no idea it wud be great but thats industrial design wat abt real hardware refresh like dual core i guess symbian kernel is eka2 isn’t it means can handle dualcore with certain changes in architecture but is that on nokia map and guys i have one more hearsay to share i heard that the whole symbian road map as we see is as planned during opk’s regime and were in the roadmap of nokia and tney are simply being executed can’t comment more on that…..
    But yeah stay tuned … Lots to come…msft customer feature releases and nokia surprises…. Byee

    • Viipottaja says:

      Thanks for the info!

      [I only wish you would learn how to spell and punctuate! Man its a pain in the butt to read your posts.]

      • lordstar says:

        Same here

      • Prasenjit says:

        sorry i will try to improve :)

        • lordstar says:

          You sure there’s gonna be a belle 805? Haha got me excited. Haha

          • Prasenjit says:

            @lord star i don’t know its 805 or lower end i assume it wud be mid end as wat else is there for a new symbian device to offer given 808 is the ultimate symbian delight there so u can understand the bar that has been set. Any ways back to topic wat the guy said was there is new updates coming to symbian and new devices to come at low price points.
            Also not many devices expect 2/3 max.
            also browser improvements ui improvements are on the cards but i did not hear any hardware specific stuffs so can’t comment on that

  19. DKM says:

    Since we are on RUMOR/Speculation i have one for you guys, i wanted to keep it for later but i shall share it here. I was informed that NOKIA is working on a QUALCOMM QUAD core WP8 mobile and Surface tablet with fantastic specs hitting shelves during the holiday Christmas season (NOV-DEC).
    They expect this to be the state of the best design and specifications which makes them the hot gadgets of the year during the season.

  20. yesir says:

    I think it doesn’t matter how amazing the phone is or not. Nokia has hit the bottom this year and will be stabilized in the next year with a steady rising sales across all price ranges.

    But, the overall market share of Nokia (smartphone) would be minuscule (3% if lucky).

  21. deep space bar says:

    can’t wait for apple to sue Nokia for that design…looks like a friggin ipphone with windows

  22. Viipottaja says:

    lol. it has a plastic cover on to hide the actual design.

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