Apple uses Lumia as an example to Samsung that not every phone has to look like iPhone

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Are you following the spat between Apple and Samsung? No not me either really. Well not too closely, only when I get sent something interesting.

On TheVerge Live Blog, Apple has apparently whipped out a Lumia

“Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone.” Showing the Lumia…

There are many Nokia phone designs that are very unique in their own design. The tapering of the N8/X7 which Moto and Acer decided to copy. The N9/Lumia design is also proving popular with HTC and their polycarbonate curved screen OneX (as well as those several blatant N9 clones we saw at MWC/CES)

Looking at it as an outsider, it was clear that the SGS was an iPhone clone. Samsung had really nice designs of their own but they caught onto the fact that they must copy what is popular, not only down to what the phone looks like physically but how the rest of the UI appears almost as far as they can push it without putting an Apple logo. It’s even weirder when 4S arrived and is met with another similar SGSII and Ace. Perhaps they were both just coincidentally going through the same design evolution.

Like it or not, that was the popular design of the time. Samsung caught on to it and rode on the coat tails of Apple’s success, raising the profile of their own brand further where they needed to copy less. It was the iPhone for those who could not afford an iPhone. Well those are the words of several of my friends who have ended up with one…they wanted an iPhone but didn’t have the money so got something that looked like it and acted like it.

Does every phone have to be a rectangle with rounded corners? Well if every phone has a rectangular screen and you want to minimise the bezel it will be rectangular shaped.  Some might say that the N8 and 900 have an iPhone esque shape about them with a coloured bezel on the outside. I’d say Nokia’s had plenty of rectangular phones with rounded corners prior to iPhone (though with alphanumeric keypad).

However, if you look at all of Samsung’s phones of the past prior to iPhone,  you can see they have their own sleek-ish triangular/narrow-trapezoid style, less rectangular.

But no, not every phone has to look like an “iPhone”. Unless you’re Samsung.


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