Rumours: Nokia Phi with 4.7″ screen – start selling in October? (+a Lumia for Verizon says Bloomberg)

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About two weeks ago, Stipan emailed us this image of his calculations on the screen of the Nokia Phi – estimated around 4.65″


It has been a long time since we touched any comments by the much loved ElMu but this isn’t anything scathing about Nokia being bought by someone all over again.

It’s just some hints about the upcoming Nokia Lumia WP8 devices, article below:

There is nothing actually new about the information presented here, as they’re either currently rumours already or public knowledge.

  • Nokia Phi
  • Lumia 800/900 design
  • Thinner, larger
  • 4.7″ screen
  • NFC
  • LTE
  • Bigger Battery
  • 1 day use
  • $935/$780/$600
Nothing else specific is mentioned.
ElMu often has low expectations and comments about Nokia devices, despite bloggers elsewhere praising things to high heaven he might refer to as ‘mediocre’ or ‘average’ so for him to say that this screen is very nice and up to bar with the best models is saying something. Either something is lost in translation there, or the screen is direct straight from Samsung and hence why it’s getting some praise :P.
Not sure what is said in the last few paragraphs. Something about SGSIII spring release managing to sell a significant amount before iPhone 5.
Cheers kirill for the tip
Oh whilst we’re here, BloomBerg says Lumia WP8 is coming to Verizon this year. This has been much expected since Verizon has made bold comments about supporting WP and making it popular like they did with Android. However, with the Verizon Moto event plopped on the same day as Nokia event, there were doubts again. Perhaps it will appear at a later event? Anyway, BloomBerg says that the US’ number 1 carrier, Verizon, WILL be getting a Nokia Lumia WP8 this year.

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  1. Heron says:

    So long as Nokia hits a home run. It desperately needs one.

  2. Edgar Mkrtchyan says:

    1 day of use is the norm for all smartphones today, I would be surprised if they release a device with a battery which runs 2 DAYS :)

  3. Sonny says:

    damn so if its thinner then the 900/800 then that means no pureview :(

    • Weirdfisher says:

      It can be pureview technology but not that 41mp sensor

    • jiipee says:

      Id expect them to use tje Pureview brand, but for sure it wont be 41mpix ;)

      The specs sound good and the device should sell well. SIII is boring, IPhone 5 can be a disappointment and RIM/Jolla will ship in 2013 ;)

      • NOKIAAAA says:

        jolla ship this year

        • John says:

          *rolls eyes*

          Of course it wont, they’ve only said they’ll reveal what they plan to do this yr, they’ve NEVER said it’ll be on selves this yr.

          • Vedhas Patkar says:

            They said, they’ll do whats possible this year, won’t over-promise, won’t under-deliver

            • Shane says:

              No, they’ve been very clear, only announcements this yr, announcement could be:

              “Here is our device, it’ll be shipping in 1-9mth”


              “So this is what we’re planning to do, what do you think!?”
              (if they do that it’s likely to be very soon)

              Scenario (1) is most likely….

  4. Arsalan says:

    Only thing to get me to buy this would be a pureview camera

  5. says:

    pureview would be the icing on the cake,
    41mp is the cherry on top,

    • Janne says:

      My guess is we might see the icing this fall (probably not this device though) but not yet the cherry – on a Lumia that is. :)

  6. nats says:

    I think, there some truth on the release of the Nokia phones within the verizon network. I heard that the care line is scrambling to facilitate their WP8 support.

    • Janne says:

      That big bottom bezel sure looks like it could fit the giant Verizon logo… Maybe AT&T gets the PureView lite?

      • dss says:

        Ok.. picture quality mostly comes from the sensor size, and the optics.. + software of course. Now, if they put a tiny sensor in there, lets say the standard 1.4 micron pixels @ 8-12Mpix count, there is no PureView,.. are we going to take 1Mpix photos and oversample from 12 megapixels ? No way.

        They need a bigger (not off the shelf) sensor.. the one from the N8 is minimum if they want to stand out with picture quality, otherwise they will be on par (if not worse) than the iPhone 4s, the upcoming 5, and all the Korean phones..

        And all that will only damage the status they managed to achieve with PureView PRO .. as a leading tech in imaging….

        I am just waiting for the 5th, and I have a sneaky feeling that as soon as they show whatever it is they are showing, I will probably go “f this bs” stop watching, and go for a run to cool off.

        • Svenkka says:

          And so ElMu has achieved his goal, by setting expectations too high, and then letting everyone know how Nokia “once again underdeliver”…

  7. Janne says:

    My own calculations on the phone in the photo came to 4-4.3″ based on Nokia logo size. I still think the rumoured 4.65″ device could be a different device.

    The Nokia logo looks to big on that 4.65″ image scale in my view. Of course it isn’t impossible because there is blurriness, but my own measurements came to a different conclusion. So, possible sure, but with a pinch of salt.

    • Pdexter says:

      Same. I still can’t see how that screen can be anything above 4.5″.

      I still think this is mid end device with 4-4.3″ screen.

    • Raven says:

      The phi photo is a fake. Look at the logo. It is the old windows phone logo. The new logo is angular.

  8. imran says:

    Fkin nokia. Can’t come up with a new design. Still stuck with the same 2 years old n9 design. Using cheap polycarbonate. U cabt they use premium materials and a refreshing form factors. Where are 6510/8910/6310i/9300i designers gone

    • Janne says:

      N9 came on sale 10 months ago.

      • imran says:

        The design was conceptualised and got leaked two years back while the phone was under production.

        • Janne says:

          It was? I never saw it prior to the launch last summer. I think it was quite well hidden. Sure, some Nokia concept art was similar, but not really the pillow unibody at all. And still, a lot of things are much older if you count them from the beginning of their time. PureView is ancient 5 year old technology… ;)

          I think it is fair to count N9 design from its public unveiling June last year, but still I don’t see how it can be called a two year old design. We hardly count the age of any product design from its internal design work, but from the public unveiling. So, a year, year and a half old design at maximum. I think using the same design is fine.

          But I do agree with the hope that Nokia will out some other designs as well. I’m guessing they will. Diversity is good.

        • Pdexter says:

          That makes no sense. Since when are we calculating designs since they where created?
          Design is the last thing you can blame Nokia on. Just look at the crap from Samsung, LG and HTC. iPhone is nice but they have used the same design since 2007.

          Have you held polycarbonate phone? N9/800/900 feel like solid block, 808 with that polycarbonate shell feels like a aluminium.

          In the Finnish Lumia 800 release event Nokia designer said that they will alter the polycarbonate surface and play with nano tech on it.
          Comparing 808 and N9/800 is probably just a glimpse of that.

          If you can get the solid feel of metal that all of the Nokia poly phones have. Why would you want other material? Especially as the poly is so much more durable to any marks than any metal now used in under 1000 euros phones.

          You guys sometimes….

    • Sanprime says:

      Dude, polycarbonate plastic is a premium material. . . Its light and it results in good reception. . . Can you tell me what is a premium material according to you? And talking about form factor, you cant expect them to manufacture a phone in any other shape than a rectangle. . . And last but not the least. . . Whats wrong with the n9 design. . Yes, its a little old now but it is still gold for me.

    • Sanprime says:

      Dude, polycarbonate plastic is a premium material. . . Its light and it results in good reception. . . Can you tell me what is a premium material according to you? And talking about form factor, this what people want. . . . And last but not the least. . . Whats wrong with the n9 design. . Yes, its a little old now but it is still gold for me.

    • Peter says:

      All the design awards and other acclaims won by N9/Lumia 800 beg to differ.

    • shyne says:

      U are right , why the same design for a much anticipated Os version ? it has to be a new design because Nokia ddnt want make the older Lumia memories with this time … its a negative impact !!!

      anyway lets hope for the best …. and it may come with pureview lite bcz Damian Dinning said future pure-view models hv no BUMPS !!!!

    • deep space bar says:

      i said the same thing the N9 design is getting old now cause it has been in too many phones already too fast….they fucked up

  9. javier says:

    Hi Jay, sorry to be picky but the second B in Bloomberg shouldn’t be capitalized. The company Bloomberg LP was in fact founded by the current NYC major Michael Bloomberg.

  10. ustudio says:

    the phi sounds like its gonna be myphi, that sounds like the one im gonna get but however theres still the juggernaut theres really not many spec leaks on that one, I wish Nokia would make one using vapor mag, as it would be strong and thin, I hope they have a hdmi out

  11. Josh says:

    935(???) they really think somebody gonna pay this much?

    • dss says:

      C’mon.. Verizon is paying for most of it, you are signing a 2 year deal on the other end.

      • Vedhas Patkar says:

        In some places eg: India, phones are only available on contract, lets hope the prices are reduced. But then, in India the prices aren’t as high off-contract like the other countries.

  12. M says:

    I posted this comment on wmpoweruser but it goes without saying:

    Could be reverse psychology this time by him… Build up hype so high that Nokia can’t meet expectations (he is/was a paid Samsung stooge) but if could also be quite a bit of stating the obvious with the L900 being a bit thick though not comfortable to hold (only way to go is thinner) and Nokia’s take note to Samsung comments and trying to make him seem in the loop again.

  13. Allawi says:

    I don’t like big phone. lumia 900 has the perfect screen. we don’t need bigger screen. n900 has a nice screen.

    • Janne says:

      While I might give a bigger phone a chance, I agree that I hope Nokia provides smaller options to those who want them as well.

    • dss says:

      900 is too big for me. The N9 is the perfect size..maybe slightly less frame and a 4.1 inch screen in 16:9

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