www.nokia.com/webcast, September 5th, 10am EDT/3PM GMT – Are you Ready?

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Set this as your homepage so you won’t miss it.

September 5th, 10am EDT or 3PM GMT  go to


Nokia Connects are apparently going to be sending something a little exciting in the post. I wonder what that is. Perhaps some props to feel like we’re at the event :D. I want a little Nokia flag to wave :D

Email titled: “Exciting News”

Hey Jay,

We have some really exciting news and we want you to be the first to hear it!

Just go to www.nokia.com/webcast on the 5th September at 10:00am (EDT).

We’d also love to send you a little something in the post. Just let us know what your shipping address is and you can expect to receive something exciting soon.

Hope you can make it on the 5th!

Many thanks,

Katie and the Nokia Connects team

I am going to be firmly planted on my seat all day on the 5th. No conflicts with Uni as it starts on the 6th. :)I’ll just be very antisocial and locked away on my keyboard that day, hehe.

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  1. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    Maybe a proto phone ;)

    • Jay Montano says:

      Ha, maybe. Reminds me of the N82 protos given in the post whilst there was a web launch.

      • Sunnyvale says:

        Hi Jay.

        So it is 1:00 here, just browsing MNB from my N9 as sometimes I do. But seeing this post, i really wanted to congrats you on making this one hell of a blog. Also I would like to thanks the rest of the guys Ali, Michael, Phrashant, and others for their contributions as well.

        And yes a big thanks to some MNB readers: Janne, Harangue, jiipee, vippotajja(?), among others. You are awesome.

        I hope there is something nice for you that day Jay.. BTW don’t be so socially ackward by staying indoors all the day, get outside sometimes and have a good breath of fresh air.



  2. Mrleo says:

    Nice one jay… Getting something special on the 5th. Deserve it.. Your posts always excite me.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Nokia world is a very exciting Nokia Christmas time! Months and months of anticipation and rumours coming to an end (beginning again the day after for the next batch at CES/MWC :P)

      • Janne says:

        Jay, I hope you get something great in the mail. :) And something to keep those evil iPhone ideas from your head. Anyhoo, well deserved.

        I agree with all the rumors and anticipation coming to an end is welcome. So much has lead us to this point, past several years in fact. If all goes well, this fall will be the time when there will be no more transition but truly a new beginning on the way.

        Now, Nokia, don’t mess it up. Oh and send me one of those presents as well. ;)

      • anonymous says:

        +1 to Jay for running the entire blog. Congrats man! Nice to hear they’re acknowledging your efforts this way! :)

      • raincoat cutie says:

        lol this is also how I feel during Haute Couture season! But I’m more excited with Nokia, of course.

  3. spbond says:

    not maybe
    for sure jay will be doing one from the first reviews

    • Jay Montano says:

      I think first review units goes to the big blogs and news sites first. Then eventually after a month, we get one. That’s how it’s been recently.

      • spbond says:

        when it comes to nokia
        what they never understood is
        that the heart and soul of nokia
        are the little ones

        dailymobile forum

        and the Nokia DISconnect team
        should better start
        treating them with the respect they deserve

  4. TheN9Beast says:

    Lets see! if only there was some kind of live chat for MyNokiaBlog where we could all log into and listen to this TOGETHER!

  5. Janne says:

    Jay, don’t say haha. You sound like the one who shall not be named.

    Please. :)

  6. Aliqudsi says:

    Yay! Fingers crossed for lumia phi pureview!

  7. hmmm, could be dodgy, just to be safe you’d better give them my address instead. ;-)

  8. Bloob says:

    Looks like I need to skip a couple of lectures, no biggie.

  9. Neil says:

    I’m jelly ace.

  10. Mimi says:

    Good news, Jay. I hope you’ll find something nice & pure in your parcel.

    Am so curious about the 5th.

  11. Paul Grenfell says:

    Have fun Jay.. I know your exited.. I think i will be mowing my lawn or something..

  12. Patata says:

    “Please Install Silverlight to view this content”

    Nokia, a Microsoft devision.
    (who else would use silverlight?)

    • Donie says:

      There are enough websites using silverlight, especially for live streaming. Even from companies which are not related to Microsoft ;)

  13. Bloob says:

    I wonder if anyone ever feels this kind of an excitment over Samsung (or HTC) products. “Ooh, a bigger screen! Wonder if it will be 5.4 or 5.5?!”

  14. Mrleo says:

    So we are to step in a new era of SMARTPHONES… Hope the nokia era will be as good as i am exciting now…tigidig my heart

  15. Joris Bos says:

    I’d really like to have some kind of meeting room guys. Just to share the enthousiasm. My wife just ain’t enough into gadgets :)

  16. raincoat cutie says:

    I love the comments here! Everything feels light and airy just like how everything seems on Christmas. :)

  17. Donie says:

    I got a mail from Katie and the Nokia Connects team, too :D
    But they dont offer me to send me something, so I asked them I they would like to ;) I would hehe

  18. Reptile says:

    Maybe it’s a bill :P

  19. i am sure it WP8 will fight android in low segment with microsd card support..Just wait and watch

  20. ms.nokia says:

    nothing to get excited about jay, “a little something” could be just new earbuds :)
    i hope they send you the top of the range phone so you can review it for us

  21. davela72 says:

    So it seems that WP7 doesn’t support Silverlight so we won’t be able to watch the webcast on our Lumia’s? I’ll be at work and can’t watch on the work computer but would at least like to catch some of the webcast if possible.

  22. Rebbe says:

    It could be a ticket to Nokia World?

  23. Got my mail this morning and managed to get an early finish to catch the stream live, can’t wait, and really don’t care what the gift is, it’s the fact I’ve been included gives me the biggest buzz ;-)

  24. viperkid says:

    whoooaaaaaaAAW @jay :) i can feel it, its a lumia pureview! (and a phablet?!)

  25. kennytechs says:

    Katie sent me an E-mail last night saying it’s already shipped and I should receive shipping notice shortly. Really wondering what it is.

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