Nokia Wireless Charging Pad for New Lumia Devices Leaked

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We just heard Rumor of Wireless charging coming to the Lumia 920, and now our good friend @evleaks already has an image up for us. From the image above it would seem that both the 820 and the 920 support induction charging on that colorful platform, which honestly reminds me of the wireless mouse sensors for early Mice. Hopefully Nokia will also sell a larger size of the pad for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

(assuming that the second image is the Arrow/820 I have to say it looks gorgeous in this render)



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  • kunwar

    anyone notice that on both devices the speakers are on the bottom… i hope nokia has said goodbye to speakers on the back of the device

    • deep space bar

      yea cause of the N9’s design which they took the aesthetics of the iphone

      • kunwar

        seriously, u r saying nokia could’ve not thought of speakers on bottom unless it wasnt on the iphone… come on man look at n73 … i agree it was not at the bottom but at the top of the phone but still y did u bring iphone in all this…. nokia has had many different approaches for the speaker placement on thier devices like top,bottom,sides(5800,x6)…

  • dontom

    Why isn’t anyone noticing that the yellow phone on the picture above is not the previously shown 920 and 820!? This one has a rounded back, maybe it is a 600 or 700-series phone? OR could it be that it is the 3rd phone – the one with the PureView? It seems that there would be more room for a bigger camera there?

    • poiman

      The 920 shown previously also have a curved back.

  • manchester man

    I dont no about you guys but i normally use my phone while its charging, Making the charge pad a bit 2 flash for its own good,

    I would of preferred the charge pad to have come with speakers and nfc. also shape like a night stand would of got me intrigued more.

    • Muerte

      Well, it is based on the Qi-system so this will not be the one and only charger. There are night stands and what not already available.

    • Talking over the phone while its charging is not safe… There are many incidents of explosion of phones when people were talking while charging. Be careful, better use a bluetooth device or a wired headset at least.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if they did a wireless charger that operates like a wifi router, where u just press “charge” on the “router” and ur phone charges while u play with it?!…that would be classic.

    • SmartPhonePowerUser

      And electrocuting people on its path lol

  • JGrove303

    Aside from tje charger, whixh i think is badass, look at the “920”

    Is everyone telling me that it is not wider down the middle than the “820”? The yellow one has to be packing better than a simple AF 8MP sensor. That looks enough to conceal at least the 12MP sensor in teh N8

  • StefanP

    I think it could be a good OPTION.

    – Size of the charger (pad + AC adapter) is bigger
    – How precise must the phone be positioned? If it slips away, you end up with an uncharged phone when you want to go?
    – How efficient is the transmission of power? Maybe not really “green”.
    – What about the EU policy to have ONE charger fitting all phones (micro USB)? That was a good idea!

    This pad should not make the phone unnecessary expensive. Should be an optional accessory.

    • Janne

      Everything points it to being an optional accessory. Apparently for the 820 you even need to buy a compatible back cover first (920 has it standard), if leaks are to be believed.

      There is the micro-USB charging/syncing port in plain view. 🙂 This is purely an option. I expect both phones to ship with regular wired chargers only and this is sold separately.

      • rob

        Yup – the charging pad is an alternative charging method – much like the N8 with it’s ability to use 2mm pin and microUSB to charge.

        Also good to see convergence of microUSB positioning on upcoming WP8 devices – should bring a plethora of multi-use extras.

        Can someone please let me know why oh why Apple is allowed to continue it’s “f#!k you” to common charging connectivities?

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  • blue_crim

    if this is true, then wouldn’t the phone charge as long as the “magnetic field” reaches the phone? So it doesn’t have to touch the pad itself, though it would be more efficient if the phone is in very close proximity to the pad. Correct me, if I am wrong (think)

    • Grendell

      That would be very cool indeed. Possibly something shaped like a Tesla coil? That would also be historically awesome since Tesla did give us Alternating Current, Aspects of Cellular technology and the electro magnetic field associated with his coil.

      Although I think the charging pad looks cool, I don’t see it as something that will be adopted by everyone. It’s innovative but hasn’t approached the convenience that the technology can possibly and ultimately provide.

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