Videos: Proof the Lumia 920 is “Pretty Amazing” – Nokia Lumia 920 Optical Image stabilisation, super sensitive screen demo and more

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Following Anandtech’s sample that prooves that PureView in the 920 gets significantly more low light in very low light situations, Laptopmag has some excellent hands on videos with the Nokia Lumia 920. They seem to be rather impressed with the phone.

In the video, you can see how the super sensitive display works. Feather light capacitive touch yet it can respond to gloves and finger nails!

That’s something that might not sound impressive but will definitely impact positively in day to day use of the touch screen.

Next up you can see the optical image stabilisation in action. Notice how half press (like on my Canon 60D) activates image stabilisation and instantly the picture is smooth. This makes such a difference in getting a clear shot or not.

The Lumia 920 also shines when it comes to steadying your photos and videos. Built-in object image stabilization will prevent blur, and we saw proof when a Nokia rep started shaking the phone. As soon as he pressed the shutter half-way down, the image stopped shaking. Pretty amazing.

Check out the low light test at the end. In low light mode, the competing smartphone captures NO picture. In auto, the 920 gets a clear photo.

Next up, take a look at Cinemagraph in action. We discussed this earlier in this post but this video shows it off better.

How Cinemagraph works

Purely focusing on image stabilisation. Look what happens the moment he hits record. The shake is virtually totally eliminated. And he’s shaking on purpose. I love hearing the Finnish accent explaining the camera.

Cheers Botham for the tip!


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  1. qromodynmc says:

    Today we are getting a lot of “500 internal error”..

  2. Savior says:

    Nokia should patent this!!! I don’t want Android/iOS stealing this! This is innovation!

    Swiping with your key and no scratches? Nokia went Boss mode!!!! This is my new phone!!

  3. dontom says:

    I think the possibility to use the touch with your nales is huge. My wife have said no to touchscreen (capasitive) because they haven’t worked with her long nales or atleast it is very difficult for her to write and do things (no, her nales are not extremly long or anything). Now when I told about the L920′s ability, she said ‘I want one’, right away…

  4. Michael says:

    PureMotion. PureHD+. PureStablization. Call it whatever you want but plz

    Don’t abuse the PureView!

    L920/820 cam might be “Pretty Amazing” against Potato Cams but its really anywhere near the scared PureView. Not at all. Eat this:

    • Michael says:

      **L920/820 cam might be “Pretty Amazing” against Potato Cams but its really not even anywhere near the sacred PureView. Not at all.

    • toermel says:

      And how do you know that? Have you seen pictures? I think PureView fits perfectly for the L920

      • Michael says:

        Ok Toermel, take a big step back and literally scrape off the wrapper that’s gonna blind you for next 24hours until you get back to senses and have some logic to re-analyze anew. The read this.

        What’s being announced about 920/820 camera?

        Two enhancements/improvements/innovations:

        1. Stabilization – OIS (spring-loaded motion-sensor)
        2. Compensation – for excuse of Xenon, with BSI & Power/pulse LED

        Now tell me, where is the PureView in that???

        Take away these two things and what are you left with?

        A standard Nokia 8MP shooter (smoewhat next iteration). And that’s all.

        Was really hard to understand?

        Like I said, had they given us a 16MP-full(8MP default) or even just a 12MP-full(5MP default), as Jay was wishing it so bad,
        with just 1xZoom/Pixel-Binning/Over-Sampling any dumb idiot would’ve understood & justified the use of PureView title.

        Hope this helps.

        • Zipa says:

          “Take away these two things and what are you left with?”


          Take away the 41MP sensor from the 808, and what are you left with?

    • Jay Montano says:

      Hi. We’d love to post your findings. Please email us your sample videos/photos comparing the Nokia 808 PureView against the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView. The 808 will be hard to beat so it will be interesting to see how close the 920 gets with its form of PureView.

      Either way, it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this is indeed pretty Amazing. And 4S is not a bad camera phone at all. it’s just no where near what Nokia can do. But much better than the rest which is enough that Nokia should boast about it.

      • Michael says:

        Are you 100% satisfied with the PureView (one we all know about, photography elites rave about and Awarding bodies acknowledge all over the world) entitlement to these tweaks/techniques/innovation?

        Be honest. That was my simple request. Don’t call something what its not and isn’t worthy of.

        Even if a 16MP cam with just 1xZoom/Oversampling, had they delivered us that it would’ve made much more sense to brand it PureView.

        Else you can keep on fooling yourself my friend. None can stop you at that. At least don’t advocate this unsuccessful mass-hypnotism.

        • viktor von d. says:

          how the hell do you know what is worthy of the pureview brand or not. you act like you own the damn thing and some one stole it from you. nokia was clear from the start that we would see different types of pureview after the 808 launch. pureview acts as a brand for everything that is camera innovation in nokia. we may see even more devices with that branding in the future,not just the one with big 41mpx sensor.
          if they wanted to make pureview something ultra exclusive they would have named the 1st phone nokia pureview 808, just like they do with lumia 610,710,800..and asha 205,asha 311. but instead they named it 808 pureview. and this one is lumia 920 pureview

          • Michael says:

            :) Thus I called it a failed mass-hypnotism.

            This PureView is NOT what they worked so hard for 5 years!

            Now they throw anything at you and want you to believe it to be PureView.

            Got it?

            • Janne says:

              Are you sure it isn’t a long development too? Damian Dinning just called it their most mechanically challenging work yet, beyond the 808 PureView. It makes sense too, the 808 is first and foremost a data-processing feat (to handle so much data). The 920 seems to have a mechanical/optical feat, which by no means sounds like an easy one.

              Also, are you sure PureView branding was coined for the 808 alone? It most likely was coined fairly recently with the full knowledge that they will apply it to several types of devices and technologies. Actually, I’m pretty sure there are even more things Damian Dinning and the team have been working on alongside these. Maybe we’ll get to see some of that in the future.

            • SLAYER says:

              from an engineering POV the stabilization is as big an achievement as the original Pureview. it tackles a real problem with smartphone photography, just like the 808 did with zoom.

              for a photographer things start to look differently, but I still think it deserves the Pureview branding.

            • Dave says:

              If this does what they claim it does, it is a far more important breakthrough in mobile imaging than the 808. We already know big humps means more light means better pictures, and nothing against that, or a marriage of these two, but get off your offended high horse, this is not a normal 8mp relabeled as PV.

              Enjoy your 808, stop being butthurt others are going to enjoy their own results on WP8 instead.

                • n8thegreat says:

                  You’re a goof Michael. Pureview is a COLLECTION of technologies. Nokia has been DRILLING that into people’s heads all day today!

                  A COLLECTION. Pureview is NOT ALL about the 808! The 808 is just ONE TYPE of Pureview technology you goof.

                  Read the technical white papers again. Nokia has stated that they will focus on OTHER imaging problems in the future.

                  Here is a direct quote from the white paper:

                  “Having said that, there are still a number of areas that we feel warrant significant development to allow the capture of a wider range of environments – low light being perhaps the most significant of all. You’ll see us tackle other areas in the future, but this next step is focused on improving the ability to record in lower lighting conditions, as well as improve the ease of video recording.”

                  So future Pureview technologies will focus on OTHER imaging problems. Then, I bet you Nokia will start to combine several Pureview technologies together to create “mega Pureview” phones that are so far ahead of the competition it won’t be comparable. The competition will not be able to keep up with this, that is a fact.

                • Dave says:

                  Condescension is always a good way to your point, isn’t it buddy.

                  Yes I saw that post, and then kept reading and saw a dozen more posts by you whining all the same and at this point I decided to reply.

                  Again, stop being butthurt. Get over it. Go be happy with your 808. I’m not going to buy a Symbian device, no matter the camera. But the 920 is definitely high on my list.

            • Michael says:

              @Janne & SLAYER

              Stabilization is tweak, enhancement, improvement, innovation, achievement… you name it.
              Might call it as big as the original PureView. Agreed. But its not PurView. Its a disgrace to that name in fact.
              Fakery, Mockery & gimmickry of PureView.

              What common sense dictates and I repeat, L920/L820 would’ve been worthy of “PureView” had these provided a 16MP shooter (8MP default) or even good old N8′s 12MP-full (5MP default) @ 1xZoom/Pixel-Binning/Sampling. TBH, had that been the case none of us would’ve been left scratching their heads or heading to the next waiting list.

        • rinslowe says:

          So that now there’s I-Phone 4 and all that it does, I really don’t think original I-Phone is even remotely worthy of the term I-Phone…



    • Keith too says:

      If you take off your anti-WP blinders you would see that the the 920 is an evolution of PureView and certianly not an abuse of it. In some important ways PureView has evolved beyond the 808′s implementation of it while in other ways it hasn’t yet. But PureView will never be a static thing and will continue to evolve and before long both the 808 and 920 will be left far behind from future PureView developments.

  5. Botham says:

    I would still like to know how this pureview stacks up against the original…..

    Also, it seems the software (WP8) is what that is holding back the release…. Not cool MS… Not Cool

    • viktor von d. says:

      not true. they can’t release the full pureview cause the 808 was barely launched. it needs to have a full cycle before the succesor is released otherwise it would compete directly with the wp device and what would be the point then. and even so it wouldn’t be the flagship device because of it’s size and price. the flagship device despite of their name are aimed at volume sales for the large masses of consumers. a full pureview device would be a niche device for tech enthusiasts and amateur photographers. it wouldn’t sell more than a flagship.

      i suggest to anyone who wants a pureview pro device to wait for mwc in february.

      • migo says:

        History has shown that whenever Nokia releases something groundbreaking, there’s rarely anything like it released again, for at least a couple years.

        6620-N95-N8-808, each of those were about 2 years apart, and for each of them, their successors weren’t nearly as good.

        I’d expect any further PV development to come with the Lumia line, with another large sensor with oversampling hitting in 2 years (and ideally something else that hasn’t been done yet).

  6. Michael says:

    *L920/820 cam might be “Pretty Amazing” against Potato Cams but its really not even anywhere near the sacred PureView. Not at all.

    • Bassman says:

      Why have you posted this 3 times? Once was enough…..

      • Michael says:

        It was correction to original statement, but got misplaced to new instead of response to first post. Couldn’t find any option to delete it, but if you can go ahead, most welcome.

        • rinslowe says:

          No it’s really just a cry for attention…
          My 3 year old son does exactly the same thing so don’t worry, it’s a normal thing, you just go with it…

          Sometimes ignore it..

          But most times try to guide them to a better state of independence…

          A little odd for someone somewhat older though…hmmm.

  7. majorb says:

    No rich recording? Sounds like shit…

    • johnny says:

      It uses the same high amplitude mic used in the rich recording setup so it can handle loud sounds just fine, it just doesn’t have stereo imaging.

  8. Ray says:

    As amazing as some people may think this phone is, it wont mean $#!T if they cant release it before the New Iphone. In true Nokia fashion it doesnt seem like this phone is ready to be released. How much will it cost? where will it be available? When? by the time MS and Nokia let us know, it will be too late because apple will have sold millions of New Iphones already.

    • noki says:

      well apparently wp8 is not ready yet.

    • twig says:

      Its up to the carriers for the release date. The iPhone 5 isn’t loved by the carriers and the FBI having all those 12 million apple user IDs may have hurt the iPhone 5.

    • n8thegreat says:

      Releasing right before iPhone 5 would be suicide. You people don’t get it. The smartest thing to do is keep people guessing as to when it comes out, and when the iphone 5 comes out and hype dies down a bit, then release all the news at once and have the phones appear on store shelves.

    • migo says:

      Releasing it before the new iPhone might not be such a great idea actually. Depends on the carriers really, if they really want to push it, but the Lumia 900 launched quite well because it was halfway between iPhone releases. You can be sure all the marketing and effort once the new iPhone is released will be on the iPhone, and not anything else.

      That said, it would have been nice to see it announced that it was ready to be sold today, like with the Lumia 800 announcement.

    • rinslowe says:

      Totally incorrect.

      I-Phone will sell independently of anything that happens in the market.

      Better specs, innovations and tech will do absolutely nothing to change the minds of the loyal apple converted.

      It’s a fact that apple is in a level all of their own, when it comes to brand recognition and cult status. But that doesn’t mean I will ever buy another Apple product. Not a chance.

      If Apple is the Matrix, then Nokia is the anomaly.

      Free your mind…lol.

      But yeah, pretty much.

  9. ***** says:

    Hey guys, quick question

    Did they only release 2 Lumias this Nokia World?
    No new Symbian or S40?

    • Janne says:

      Nokia World is the Helsinki event, it is supposed to be tomorrow too. I don’t what kind of an event there in reality is, because it is invite only. The New York event was always expected to launch the new Lumias. I guess theoretically it is still possible we hear Asha news tomorrow, but maybe not.

    • migo says:

      Won’t be any new Symbian devices released. S40 devices aren’t as big a deal though, they can just announce them when they’re ready to sell.

  10. Caesar says:

    Guys, remember what Lumia motto is all about : The Amazing everday. It means in everyday use for the average joe, the Lumias are made to maje your everyday come put ouf the ordinary.
    It’s not meant to be a cameraphone beast, or a pioneer in any specific area, its purpose is to deliver pretty well in the average, and bring a new user experience.
    If they want to make a pioneer in a specific area, Nokia won’t make a Lumia, it will resurrect N series or come up with a new name.

    • migo says:

      This is a good point. The improvements to the camera in the 920 are really in the whip it out of your pocket and start shooting area, rather than professional photography.

      I was talking to my brother about it, who’s very much into photography, and he said for both the 808 and the 920, while they offer neat stuff and he’d buy them if he had money to burn, in the end neither of them can do what he can do with his Nikon and interchangeable lenses.

  11. D Harries says:

    err…… so which phone should I get now….

    808 or 920….

    • Janne says:

      If you want the best very compact camera, go for the 808. The cropping potential obviously is awesome.

      But personally, even as an 808 owner, I’m still reeling from PureShock concerning the stabilisation innovations in the new 920 PureView. It looks exactly the kind of technology that would save all those indoor shots that all cameras (including the 808) too often ruin. If it works as advertised, of course. I can see the 920 PureView has plenty of practical ability, being so small too – you always have it with you.

      Still, of course the big killer would be a combination of both PureView technologies, but in reality that is still ways off and probably would result in a fairly large phone. Maybe in the spring we will see something, but due to expected size I consider that a wholly different product.

      I think the Lumia 920 PureView is finally looking like its going to be the no-compromises flagship from Nokia we have been waiting for. Sure, 41 Mpix and qwerty variants would be nice, but as far as thin slab formfactor goes – this is the real deal.

      So, I’m keeping my 808 for special occasions, but my daily driver is definitely being upgraded +20 Lumia points.

      • D Harries says:

        Just been watching all the videos. I’m gobsmacked. A night time shot with a xenon flash will only get so far, but with image stabilisation, I can get the background scenery in as well. I don’t need millions of apps, just the important ones. I want Spotify, and BBC iPlayer, and the ecosystem matches up with how I use my computer.

        • John says:

          ” A night time shot with a xenon flash will only get so far, but with image stabilisation, I can get the background scenery in as well”

          I think you’ll find that’s not the case at all…
          In reality for night time shots, the 808PV should still do a better job.
          There may be certain uses_cases where the 920 wins, but overall the 808PV will remain a better all-round camera.
          Ofc there’s much more to consider than just the camera for many people.

          • Jay Montano says:

            We won’t really know until we test.

            It does make sense though that more light from the background would be seen with extended shutter speed + image stabilisation.

            However, there is also a big plus in having a big sensor.

            I’m looking forward to see how they perform and hopefully one day to see both together. :)

            • migo says:

              And more importantly, the 920 is a huge leap ahead of any other smartphone camera, and it doesn’t have the bulge compromise of the 808. If the only camera better than the 920 is another Nokia, things are going well.

      • Michael says:

        Excuse me. Was the world always been suffering from shaky/blurry photography, especially N8 & 808 before today’s announcement?

        Come on don’t mix up things. 808 is above all. Can’t touch that in cameraphone space for foreseeable future, at least up to spring 2013 which itself has a BIG IF in its way though.

        • Janne says:

          The world has been suffering from shaky photography since ever. That is the number one reason I photograph everything of importance twice or thrice, just to make sure the photo that looked fine on the small LCD isn’t actually blurry as hell when I open it up on the desktop.

          When I was the the Nokia AGM this spring, the demo area had the 808 PureView. That was my first test with it before buying it on launch. I put it in 41 Mpix mode and shot some pictures of a miniature city they had put out there.

          It was a dark area with just some spot-lighting and you know what the presenter said “yeah, be careful, the 41 Mpix mode requires a steady hand – it blurs real easy”. And it did. Because we were in low-light. Of course I could have invoked the Xenon, but the pics would have come out wholly different.

          Now, the PureView oversampling obviously helps some. Especially it helps with noise, that I expect the 920 PureView to be less good at. But there are limits to how far that can go. The oversampling is solving another problem, other than shake. It is solving the problem of gathering light, zooming and noise reduction. But it is not a solution to camera shake per se. Gyro-controlled mechanically compensating camera assembly on the other hand, that is a solution to camera shake – and that’s what’s special about the 920 PureView.

          So we are wittnessing two different technologies that bring solutions to two different problems. In addition the 920 has better aperture for gathering light than even the 808 so that helps a little too. Now, the killer of course would be the combination of these too. Maybe next year? But I expect that to be a fairly hefty phone, so it is a completely different formfactor and market that one.

          Daming Dinning himself said today on Twitter that while the 808 surely kicks but in outdoors kind of situations, there are many cases where the 920 is more useful – video and lowlight indoorsy scenarios being one of the big ones, unless you need to zoom a lot of course.

          • Michael says:

            “be careful, the 41 Mpix mode requires a steady hand – it blurs real easy”

            That was for 41MP mode! Beast was built for 5MP default.
            “Steady hand” is the universal basic principal of photography ever since, not just for 808 @ 41MP mode.

            You’re confused AGM.

  12. Cod3rror says:

    If only Nokia ran on Android.

    Can you imagine 808 on Android? Lumia on Android?

    • viktor von d. says:

      can you imagine mynokiablog without android trolls?

      • SLAYER says:

        android trolls bring clicks, whats the harm :P

        • n8thegreat says:

          Fandroids are like sheep being herded to the slaughter. They don’t realize Google is collecting much of their life info in their big database. Not just Google, a lot of organized crime is now in on the action too of collecting personal data on Android phones.

    • Zipa says:

      “Can you imagine 808 on Android? Lumia on Android?”


      *stutter* *jerk* *stutter*

      “Holy shit! What was that malware that just deleted all my pictures!?!??!”

      *jerk* *stutter* *jerk* *lag*

  13. noki says:

    And now Nokia please replace that video on YouTube with this ones…

  14. Yemi says:

    What people don’t realize is Nokia needs time to get all these camera innovations into one phone. I’m assuming Pureview phase three will come out next year and combine the features of the 808 (maybe not the whole 41MP) and 920 to make a new highend phone.
    On another note,
    I think microsoft is the reason why they didn’t announce the availability of these phones because windows phone 8 is still not ready for some reason.

    • viktor von d. says:

      wp8 it seems it isn’t ready yet,still getting tweaked. also there aren’t deals in place with operators. sure we heard about the american market but everything else is a mistery. they said the finland event will be with carrier participation so that is when they will sign the deals and when everybody will decide on release dates and prices

    • Janne says:

      The PureView 41 MPix is a different form factor, though. It is not going to be a slimslab phone. As far as slim slabs go, this seems to be a very, very well-rounded flagship device from Nokia.

      Having said that, of course I’d welcome qwerty and monster camera variants, but those are going to be different formfactors and perhaps a little more on the niche side of thems. Hopefully they’ll come later.

  15. Scott Mackenzie says:

    the low light comparison was beyond a joke – the nokia rep asked the guy to turn off his flash then take a pic, while the 920 had flash turned on ?????

  16. Mario says:

    Nokia could have avoided some confusion by naming, in a general way, their advanced camera tech just as “Pure” and sub naming the 808 as PureView (sensor) then the 920 as PureMotion (gyro).

    Instead by using Pure Motion for the screen tech and reusing PV for the 920 camera we got too many uninformed comparisons…

    Oh well, branding is hard…

    • migo says:

      PureView = better than the competition. The 920 camera is better than the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S3, that’s all that matters for the branding.

  17. KeiZka says:

    I like how there are so SO many people being angry about this Pureview they have on 920. Do remember, that 808 has Pureview Pro. See what I did there?

    Get over it, please. If you don’t own the ™, why are you so hurt over it?

  18. Sonny says:

    Geez! All of you are already saying this things better then the 808 in video but infact it does not even have rich recording!

    Example. Im gonna record a video of my fav rock bans concert right. So how can this be so amazing if the video quality is better but the sound is not. Geez

    and why cant didnt nokia use rich recording on this? Doesnt wp support it or is nokia just skrewing us over?

  19. hosny santos says:

    nokia you make a fake in video off byke????? is this true guys??????

  20. Osku Tönäri says:

    I find it dissapointing to still see how slowly Nokia applications start. Even with the new Snapdragon. Waiting and waiting while looking at that Nokia text makes negative associations in my brain, Nokia = always keeping us waiting?

    Cool features, though!

  21. hosny santos says:

    the video is fake?????????

    • Jay Montano says:

      No, the ones on the show floor are all real. You can see it with your own eyes what the phone is doing live on the screen. It would take even more effort to fake this live.

  22. exsanguine says:

    Just have to say it one more time since there are still some whiners around griping about “pureview”

    Pureview is a technology
    Purebiew is not a phone.


  23. rahul says:

    hopefully they combine these two tech and release a new purview next year…since I am not looking to change my biggest sensor phone and optical zoom is very important…920 have good features buta big sensor size always ,makes a huge difference.

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