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Janne’s back now discussing a popular topic amongst Nokia and non Nokia fans. How does the Nokia Lumia 920 (with PureView) stack up against Nokia 808 PureView. Janne checks out tweets by Nokia’s imaging Guru, Damian Dinning, to explain the differences with experience and knowledge of both devices.

Since this is a hot topic on MNB (, let’s see what The Man says.

On Twitter Nokia’s camera guru-in-chief Damian Dinning ( explained the different benefits of Lumia 920 and 808 technologies:

“Received lots of questions this week re #PureView #808 vs #920. Going to need to do this over a number of tweets, here goes…


1. in situations where camera movement is not an issue #808 will provide more detailed images with less noise due to oversampling…

1….where camera movement is evident for either stills (typically low light) or videos #920 will be better due to OIS

2. In low light if devices are handheld and used in auto #920 will be better due to OIS – no blur and brighter images.

2….if #808 is used in night mode or manual ISO allowing speeds to 2.7secs and supported it will provide better images due to oversampling

3. In video, for most people, due to OIS you’ll get smoother looking videos with #920

3. #808 however in video does provide lossless zoom oversampling due to high res sensor

4. in terms of audio recording, the difference is mono in the #920 vs #808 which is stereo.

5. #808 due to high res sensor has lossless zoom in stills and as already mentioned also in video.

6. #920 thanks to the new capabilities of the #WP8 platform can use ‘lens’ apps. This allows greater extension of the camera capabilities

6….you’ll see this at launch with some cool lenses from #Nokia such as Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph, wih more to come in the future”

Note: Apparently the concensus on audio is that 920 indeed has the high-volume rich recording of 808, but in mono only instead of stereo.

The 920 is a smartphone with a really good camera. The Nokia 808 PureView is pretty much an uncompromising cameraphone. Different people will have different needs.

Cheers Janne.


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  • stylinred

    as per damians tweets the 920 doesnt have stereo recording in video so rich recording is kind of meh i can see why they didn’t bother mentioning it

  • Cod3rror

    Typical Nokia, they almost never make complete phones. They always have to mess it up somehow.

    The only complete phone was IMO, the N86, it had all the best features of N95, N96, N85 and N82(except for xenon of course).

    Other than that… take 920, they gave it this PureView stabilization but not oversampling… and called it a “Phase 2” which is a marketing BS, bad marketing BS, because what will people do? That’s right, way for “Phase 3” 41MP + OIS.

    Nokia does not understand that when you make a product, the next product you make MUST be better.

    They give 808 stereo rich recording, 920, their next flagship has mono audio… WTF!?

    Nokia’s mentality is outdated, they never learned or adapted. Take Samsung or Apple, every flagship improves everything over the previous model or at least includes/leaves the feature as is. Nokia releases a flagship and ruins things the previous flagship had.

    • viktor von d.

      then waith for the 808 succesor.jeez you are spoiled as ****.what is with this sense of entitlement you have?

      • Cod3rror

        “sense of entitlement you have”


        Are you serious? When, you pay €600 for something, yes you should have sense of entitlement.

        • JD!

          +1 I completely agree here!

    • Rafaelinux

      The 808 was never a flagship, it’s a niche cameraphone, another section. You won’t get any of all the awesome symbian features on the WP8 phone either. Complain about that now. See? It makes no sense.

    • Janne

      Take Samsung or Apple, every flagship improves everything over the previous model or at least includes/leaves the feature as is. Nokia releases a flagship and ruins things the previous flagship had.

      I think you are correct about the old Nokia, that had tight product segments and had siloed camera, business and highend models too often into different segments. It is true that their thinking was like you say.

      However, I think Nokia is changing this as we speak. Lumia 900 was their previous flagship, Lumia 920 is imporving it in all areas and most importantly adds (form factor relevant) camera innovation too.

      Even Samsung has the Galaxy Camera (not to mention other cameras), this will one day get a phone module most likely, but it will not mean Galaxy S III will get that camera. Monster camera phones (like qwerty) is a niche.

      Samsung also has qwerty phones, yet their flag ship Galaxy S III does not have qwerty. Why? Because qwerty is a different form factor.

    • I’m a bit shocked to say this, but I agree with Cod here.

      The new phones have got to be better than older models.

      I’m not going to buy a phone that doesn’t have features my current one has (ie USB 3, HDMI port, etc).

      Sorry Stephen, but an ecosystem isn’t the b all and end all – my N8 works fine and does what I want it to. I need a good reason to spend money to upgrade.

  • jake20

    any devs here that can make that WP8 animated GIF lens app for Symbian?

  • dss

    Janne the 920 would take more space in your pocket compared to the 808, due to its size and weight.

    See here:

    its taller, wider, and it carrier more volume overall. Its only 3mm thiner.

    My point was, everybody was complaining about the size of the 808, but no one is saying anything about the 920, when its actually bigger and heavier.

    • migo

      thickness counts more. that bulge will be very visible. the 920 would look like a wallet

    • arts

      Then, EVERYBODY is wrong. 😉

    • Janne

      According to Nokia Developer site the measurements are:

      Lumia 920

      Device Size
      130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm
      99 cc

      808 PureView

      Device Size
      123.9 x 60.2 x 13.9 mm (17.95 mm around the camera area)

      95.5 cc

      I can’t understand how Nokia came to that volume numbers for the 808 PureView though? My own calculations always get a smaller number for the 920, even when discounting the 808 bulge (which of course is the most significant problem with its pocketability because it makes sliding it in the pocket a little less easy).

      So real world tests will have to tell, but until then I maintain that 920 Lumia still has a significantly sleeker profile for pocketability. Wider and taller is less of a problem than thicker.

      • Janne

        Silly me, Nokia obviously measured the volume based on the real curving shapes, not as a X x Y x Z box like I did. 🙂 My bad. So, yes, the volume is slightly higher on the Lumia 920 if those volume numbers are correct.

      • Janne

        Still going forward with this thinking, one quarter (the camera area) of the 808 is around 18 mm thick, so almost double the thickness of the Lumia 920. In my own experience, especially since I use the eye-patch cover that adds a little more bulk, sometimes it is a bit hard squeezing that camera bump into tighter pockets.

        So I still think real world experience probably would put the Lumia 920 considerably more slicker in this regard, while the 808 is a niche form factor and would be even with Windows Phone (or Android) inside. By the way, I’m not at all against the 808 form factor, I have defended it here on MNB on many occasions as highly usable as a P&S replacement which are usually much bigger than the 808. But I still think it is a niche form factor, not a mainstream form factor.

  • hhh

    any tips to master steady hands?

    I am happy with the 808 low light performance.

    • jake20

      hhh, lets see some good low light shots with your 808.. post your best low light pic

      • hhh

        pureview group at

  • Nathan

    Just on that Verge camera test from earlier.

    This is from Nokia (Damian Dinning):
    “@PhoneDaz if #808 is used in night mode or manual ISO allowing speeds to 2.7secs and supported it will provide better images [than 920] due to oversampling”

    Also came across this:

    • Janne


      This is from Nokia (Damian Dinning):
      “@PhoneDaz if #808 is used in night mode or manual ISO allowing speeds to 2.7secs and supported it will provide better images [than 920] due to oversampling”

      There is the keyword: supported.

      • Nathan

        Nope, dig up the full convo, then you’ll understand the full context.

  • Yialun

    Did somebody noticed the new Nokia PureMotion HD + advertise in YouTube ? It starts as an intro before a video.

    Just saw it and this is what I’m thinking right now : They still didn’t get it. What’s their advertising agency ? Because it seems they are intentionally screwing up Nokia’s image. Oh come on, the ad looks like a toothbross ad, or a shampoo ad…

    First the f*cked up N97 ad, then the lolilol Lumia 800/900 ad, then the Lumia 920 boom-swag-lol ad, then the “ad-gate”, and now this “nobody won’t care” ad ?

    What’s going on at Nokia’s head office ? Who’s in charge ? Mickey Mouse ?

  • Andreas

    The question is.. is it better than N8 in normal light conditions? I personally don’t care about low light situations (or if I do, I use the flash anyway).

    I just bought a lumia 800 unlocked for 250€ and I will keep my N8 for when I need a decent camera. Hopefully Lumia 920 prove to be better than both so that I can sell them.