PocketNow: “You Think Nokia Uses Deceptive Advertising? Have You Heard of Apple?”

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It was not something I wanted to revisit out of the blue, but someone named ‘Tech’ left a link to an article over at PocketNow comparing the ‘false’ advertising between Nokia and Apple. The trend seems to be, it’s OK if Apple does it. It’s not even perceived as anything done wrong. It’s a heinous crime if Nokia does it.

I can understand their point of view. Nokia is the polar opposite of Apple regarding marketing. Apple just gets it whilst Nokia is that kid that repeats 7th grade until they’re 40. (Apple would never have let that reflection pass :p)

The difference perhaps in the blogosphere is Nokia’s meant to be the good guy, the one with Moral values. That’s why when they make a mistake, they own up to it immediately. That’s why when other’s make a mistake (e.g. Sam) they help out (CJ). They don’t tell the consumer ‘hey you’re holding it wrong, you’re the one with the problem’.

In terms of Apple’s ads, their defence apparently was that consumers weren’t supposed to take their ads as fact.  It wouldn’t be the first time Ad regulation agencies have had to swoop down on Apple.

The comments in the article say mostly that everybody does it. What’s wrong with that?

Well just because everyone’s doing it shouldn’t make it right. But this is very difficult for me to say clearly what’s right or wrong. Nokia’s biggest mistake here is not playing by the rules, i.e. the simple one of putting disclaimers where things are simulated (e.g. simulated screens so people can actually see the device’s UI – though simulating fake UIs, fake responsive times is not on…eh N97). The question for me is intent. Is it a genuine mistake?

The thing is, there’s not much need for Nokia to maliciously lie about it, since we can see for ourselves by the live demoes on the show floor that the stabilisation works in both video and stills to kill what the competition could offer. You can see it really does eliminate shakes in video. You can also see how it means the shutter is opened longer to let in more light but without the shakes to cause blur. It all actually does work. So no lie is needed. As much as naysays would like to say otherwise, the tech works.

Joni emailed us the other day saying that Elop had demanded an investigation on what happened to make sure this won’t happen again.

According to helsingin sanomat elop probably didn’t know that videos where not recorded with 920  He has demanded an investigation about what has happened and how to make sure it wont happen again. There is hot debate inside nokia.



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