Video LOL: Nokia Lumia 920 spoof video pokes fun at the 920.

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At first glance you might not be sure if these guys are joking or fully ignorant but either way, the Nokia Lumia 920 has inspired them to make a spoof tech demo video starring the Nokia Lumia 920. (Note: Yes, it’s a joke folks, hence being a spoof. They’re channel is a comedy channel).

In the description they talk about the ‘faked’ video and photos as well as the additional innovative features they say are not particularly useful.

The spoof of the picture comparisons are funny (the sad face in the iPhone pics vs the happy, sunglasses wearing one in the 920) as well as the obvious DSLR reflection in the mirror.

When Nokia launched their Lumia 920 smartphone using faked video and photos, it didn’t take long for their trickery to be exposed. In this exclusive hands on preview, Nokia’s brand recovery specialist Lars show off the Lumia 920 and its deceptively good (and not particularly useful) features.

I like that they even tried to do a Finnish accent. City Lens gets a mention too (similar tech on iPhone has always been highly regarded). Finally of course, we have the infamous blue screen of death! :p (P.S. there’s no such thing on a Windows Phone).

To be fair, I think the paper Lumia is still more innovative than the iPhone 5 :p Don’t worry. The fact that they mention all of these features shows they actually recognise how innovative the new Lumia is. It’s more a spoof on blind iFans that might seek to regurgitate this as fact and reason to hate on the the 920.  I think both are great devices.


I guess Nokia should have listened and made their phones longer and stripped it of things like, Super Sensitive screen that can be touched with fingernails/gloves, Optical image stabilisation with floating lens that ACTUALLY does work (and makes iPhones and Droid cameras cry because their pictures actually do look bad whilst you can see a picture with the 920), wireless charging which makes it just that slightly bit more convenient to just place your phone on a surface to charge (and yes, it is easier than plugging in that stupid iphone connector. Why stupid? Cos you can keep trying to plug it in the wrong way. I marked the charger on my iPad because I keep putting the charging connector the wrong way)

The fact you have to keep plugging in every time is annoying. The wireless charger would need to be plugged in to a powersoure ONCE. If you’re travelling you can bring the small charging plate or even just a standard, universally used, MicroUSB charger.

Here’s live demoes to show Nokia’s innovative features actually do work. As much as iFanBoys would want to cry that it doesn’t. Sorry. Your long cat is waiting to be viewed on your long phone.

‘It is almost like you shot it on a DSLR’ well, we already have devices like the Nokia 808 PureView where such comments are constantly made. Over and Over and Over. We only have those many live hands on demoes of the 920 camera to suggest floating lens optical stabilisation works.

They’ve also spoofed a Siri video.


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