Nokia Lumia 920 trumps new iPhone 5 in low light photos too

| September 23, 2012 | 42 Replies

With that dot in the middle of the lanky looking white phone, we see that the Nokia Lumia 920 trumps even the new Apple iPhone 5.

On Friday, we heard how Apple have learnt from Nokia that oversampling can produce better low light images. Now theirs is no where near that of the Nokia 808 PureView but tests have shown that low light is improved over previous generation of iPhone. The oversampling isn’t exactly the same as explained by a few people in the original thread. How do we know it’s activated? Apparently it automatically triggers in low light (something I thought 808 would do).

Anyway: now, in the most extreme low light tests, iPhone loses again to a Nokia, but this time a Nokia Lumia (PureView 2).

The image was RT’d by Damian Dinning, original tweet by Kristina Björknäs, a physicist at Nokia.


Here’s another quick image from photokina posted at NokConv.

  • Floating lens
  • BSI
  • f/2.0

With the Nokia Lumia 920 we solve the problem of photos in low light conditions with a rear illuminated sensor, a f/2.0 aperture, optical image stabilization and the latest version of our imaging software.

All these elements combine to capture at least five times more light than other smartphones in similar conditions. In particular, the algorithms we are using in the Nokia Lumia 920 are enhancing brightness, colours, sharpness and clarity in the same way they do on the Nokia 808 PureView.

This is not only relevant in low light conditions; photos that are taken indoors are also sharper. In daylight the Nokia Lumia 920 can take better pictures of fast moving objects, removing blur and imprecisions caused by handshaking. Last but not least, video capabilities are also dramatically improved.

Although the Nokia Lumia 920 performs extremely well in low light conditions, you might sometimes want to use flash to create special effects. To our knowledge, the built in flash on the Nokia Lumia 920 is the brightest LED flash in the market, which also delivers better colours and a shorter flash pulse for best results.

Source: @bjorknas

Via: @PhoneDaz

Cheers James for the tip!


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  • DforNokia

    Lumia 920 rocks.Hi check this URL for display comparison

    • qromodynmc

      Apple,same as ever.. Saying we are better. But its not apple’s fault,peoples are too stupid to believe them,they dont even believe to god but they are believing to apple without doubts..

      • outdated os

        Too bad Apple IP5 defects >>> Lumia 920

  • bhanu

    no other phone camera can match the lumia 920(pure view)

    • nakedkate

      nokia 808?

      • Chris

        808 in the left pocket, 920 in the right pocket. You won’t need any other phone in the world XD.

        Getting a 920, will go with my N8. If one day (touch wood) my N8 breaks down, I’ll find myself an 808 😀

        • Raj

          “You won’t need any other phone in the world”

          What if someone wants proper Flash in the web browser

          • Chris


            But I told myself that about 2 years ago, got myself a symbian phone and an android tablet since then because “I need flash”.

            Sadly even with “proper” support it was never as good as a desktop browser. Haven’t touched any flash content on either my phone or tablet for months now, didn’t miss it…

    • xyz

      I’d like to see a comparison to my N8. I guess its cam could still be better under daylight circumstances…

      • Bob


        920 is also 1080p full HD recording..

    • Camera pics

      This comparison is non sense. Using a 1/3 sec exposure would lead to good pics on any camera.
      The OIS does not justify that at all if it did all DSC with OIS would do that.
      Any exposure above 1/15 sec is irrelevant for imaging non static scenes.
      The IPhone 5 camera at 1/3 sec exposure would lead to far better image quality than the Lumia.

  • swain

    Another win for the King.

  • Jkl

    The 920 is awesome but it’s just too big of a phone. Nokia should’ve made a smaller version. I don’t get why people are obsessed with huge phones. Soon people will all be carrying 54″ TVA strapped to our backs. Big phones look just as bad as people making phone calls one their iPads.

    • Bob

      SG3 is possibly bigger. Sells like hot cakes.

    • manu

      DUDE this is 2012 large screened phones are trending

      • Wp sucks no matter what

        yup. 20% of androids phone sold in the world/us is 4.5 and above.

        not too sure if its the world or just us, but it was once a trending article, im sure google can find it.

    • Mark

      Not so much the size but the weight. Should have been 40g lighter.

      Will it make a difference? Don’t know yet.

    • flava

      I bet the smaller version(s) will be coming later, just like the xperia and galaxy lines.


    Lumia 920 camera is close to where the N8 camera was a few years ago.

    Apple is still behind.

    • Mark

      “Lumia 920 camera is close to where the N8 camera was a few years ago.”

      Dude, just STFU. Really.

  • D Harries

    Whats the difference between oversampling and a JPEG?

    • xandu

      U suck…

  • vidar

    Thats the least the lumia 920 should be able to do since it is so fat!

    • Viipottaja

      You mean thick? I have the 900 and I never ever once thought it felt thick. The 920 is slightly thinner and with the curved front and back probably feels even thinner in hand. The weight is a bit on the high side but you get a LOT for it. Plus I just came from the gym so I am prepared. 😛

      • rinslowe


        The 900 in no way feels like a thick phone…

        Purely going off the numbers alone can confuse the senses, whereas the whole thing gets reasoned out in your head, but seeing (and feeling in this case) is believing…

        Considering how tall the phone is, how wide it is and how similar it is to the 900 in overall dimensions, I bet that 185g feels just mint!

  • Joker

    I have concern, because i don’t know: 920 deal with low light by floating lens, so it can have long exposure time (not sure if that’s right term). But what happens when objects are moving. I don’t see what optical/digital stablization can help that. If you have a long time, but objects are moving, wouldn’t you get blurring still images?

    • Dave

      Yes, you would get blurring.

      You will not be able to photograph fast action at night. In practice, however, the biggest obstacle to low light images (indoor, party, etc) is hand shake. Shaking the camera during 1/25th of a second has a much greater impact on image blur (because of lever effect) than the effect of your target 1-2 metres away not holding perfectly still.

      • Dave

        (1/25th is still the realm of hand-holding, don’t know how low the 920 goes. 1/2 second is definitely difficult to do by hand 🙂

      • Joker

        Thanks, that physics sounds right to me.

      • Viipottaja

        plus, you can always use the flash and it should help stop the motion (as I assume the camera will then revert to a faster shutter speed).

  • MontyN95

    Yep, u’ll still get blurry Images!! That’s why 808 is still King!

    And if u want to take L920 type low light images with the 808, just use a tripod, (or balance it on a table) – afterall the object isn’t moving so plenty of time to set up the shot!

    • Dave

      “Just use a tripod”. Yeah, you’re a genious! Why not “just pull out your DLSR!”.

      Here’s a quote from (would you say they are biased against the 808?):

      “Now, with my Nokia 808 PureView I have made a near perfect shot of the famous “dark room” Nokia uses for this demonstration, and I’m quite proud of it (see below). But it took a lot of special settings (high ISO, long timing) to realize it, whereas the Nokia Lumia 920 just does it fast an in automode, without flash. It was really impressive to witness how easy that goes!”

    • flava

      Dude.. no matter how steady your cam is, with slow shutter speed in low light condition, the moving object will still get blurred.

  • Jammy

    Okay can anybody tell me why nokia lumia 920 is having so much weight, whereas all other flagship phone’s from it’s competitors are weighing about 40-50gm lesser than it………..???

    • Viipottaja

      Camera module, wireless charging coil, curved class, CBD layer in the screen. Possibly also just the combination of the design (curved sides) with the polycarbonate material. Perhaps other things (are e.g. the mikes they use better quality/a gram or few heavier than competition – who knows). They may also have made the body a bit thicker than usual to help absorb forces of impacts (I would imagine the new camera module might be more delicate than your standard unit).

  • random name

    Another win right here

  • eds

    I saw my friends now Iphone5 yesterday and that thing is fast !

  • El Marko

    The camera looks great. Where can I get a Lumia 920 and at what price? I’d like mine unlocked, please.

    . . . oh, it’s not for sale? And we don’t know when it will be for sale? What’s the price? Oh, we don’t know that, either. Will it be available unlocked in the U.S.? Anyone? No fair relying upon rumors, now. I prefer not to plan my purchases on hearsay and conjecture.

    And there’s no microSDHC slot, to store all that awesome media.

    So close, Nokia, and yet so far. . .

    I may just have to reflash my N8 again (it’s an annual thing – reflashing, since the C: drives of Nokia products get so congested with garbage, if they are used daily) and wait for something better from a company who sells actually phones and not just announces phones.

  • Pedrokas

    Give me a Lumia 920 with the same size as Lumia 800 and ill buy one in a blink of an eye :).

  • Gho2sH

    Shut up NOKIA..!! just take my money and ship..!

  • SteveC

    OK, so the 920 great in low light.All the images I’ve seen have everything well,almost over,exposed,are there settings where you, the user have some control over the exposure or the area of exposure?
    For instance the image that is being shown alot of the lady against the tree I can see several instances where I would light the girl more,not flash,maybe a reflector but I would not want the rest of the image exposure automatically balance to that of the spot lit girl.

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