Beta Labs Drops Meego & Symbian Support For City Lens (Belle Refresh Devices Incompatible)

| September 29, 2012 | 99 Replies

As most long time Nokia fans/users know; Beta Labs is the source of all the greatest Nokia applications, chances are that most of your favorite applications passed through its doors once upon a time (some sadly never make it to the other side-Bubbles, Pulse :'(  ). Now Nokia Beta Labs have announced that they will no longer continue to provide updates to the Meego and Symbian versions of Nokia City Lens; and instead will double down on their development for WP.

With Windows Phone as our new main smartphone platform, naturally our focus for the development of our mobile location-based applications has also switched to Windows Phone. Thus moving forward, we are concentrating our efforts for the further development of Nokia City Lens on our Lumia range. You will still be able to use this current beta version for Symbian and the N9; however, it does not support the latest Nokia Belle Refresh update. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We are very grateful for your feedback, suggestions and insights and thank you for using and contributing to Nokia City Lens.


City Lens Team

It would seem that the current version available online at: will run on most devices except those that have been upgraded to Belle Refresh (no word about Belle FP2- seeing as it’s not an official product yet)-As of now it installs on my 808 running FP2- but it gets stuck on the loading screen. Honestly my opinion would be to any fans of the application who really use it, NOT to upgrade to belle refresh if it’s that big of a deal for them; especially seeing how Refresh isn’t the greatest upgrade in the world to begin with.

Thanks to nabkawe for the tip.


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  • Gaurav j

    BL : we need to update.
    Elops : They need buy our wp, fans 😉
    BL : But we were going to support them till 2016.
    Elops : We’ll with a lil twist.
    Fans : F**k Elops, F**k Nokia.
    Results :(market down)
    Fans moves to Android.

    • twig

      Huge malware issues with android, cheap hardware and an OS that’s made to crash. Android suckie.

  • Franklin

    Really sad this is happening. It used to be Nokia: Connecting People. Now it’s just the opposite by disconnecting the entire Symbian userbase. Go for WP if you want, but at least don’t treat the generations of your consumers like dirt that you scrap off the bottom of your shoes. It seriously pisses people off.

    • Nana

      Elop is SUCHIY SYN and PIDARAZ!!!

  • Francis

    May be royal Symbian should try migrate to S Galaxy Note II or SIII and use Google Maps instead.. You will get most of the Symbian best features plus latest phone spec,… and lastly, no more WP problems ! ^_^

    • KeiZka

      I think I’ve had less problems with WP than with Android… just saying.

      • Mark

        Yeah, but unlike 90% of the whining little bitches here you’ve used both systems.

  • Cani Lamentoqua

    I can feeeeel Mr Elop infinite wisdom in the air around…. Just like a black magic spells….

    • Cani Lamentoqua

      …this is “Elopocalypse” in progress… The problem is in fact that this mean their activity must be cut by 70, as when Windows is 1% of the market, while Symbian+MeeGo+SXX had 70% of market. Windows is very closed and restricted and do not allow such a level of innovations. Besides Microsoft has own staff for innovations and will not allow they to loose work, they care for staff, own staff. I really doubt if this soft will be noticeable on Windows, eventually MS will “suddenly invite” similar own soft. For them this is only cold business, not any passion. So will use what only will be profitable for them, and fill not care for follow up of any kind. It was already shown with history of some about 10 companies which were in identically similar partnership with Microsoft about mobiles and either have bankrupted (and no longer exist) or have abandon Windows to survive and to use another system. I am always asking myself a question does Nokie know history of those companies? And has Nokia learned anything from those case studies? (accessible in the net free!).

      • Which world are you in?

        Right before Nokia decided to switch to Windows Phone in Feb 2011, Symbian+Meego had lesser than 10% combined market share. Today, Symbian only has 4.4.%, and that’s not contributed by WP’s climb to no. 3 spot (thanks to all the Lumia sales), but rather the increase of Android. Symbian phones did not even sell more than 5 million units over the year, nobody wants them, even with the great 808. Indeed, WP is helping Nokia, albeit slowly.

        • old symbian pal

          Look at the numbers from Q2 2012 results!
          4 . . . . Symbian . . . . . . . . . 5.0 M . . . . . 3.3 % . . . . . . . ( 5.4 %)
          5 . . . . Windows Phone . . . . 4.6 M . . . . . 3.0 % . . . . . . . ( 1.6 %)

          Even killed Symbian are selling better then WP, and how can you say that it’s less than 5 million units per year wheh its 5 million units per quarter.

          • Yea, indeed it’s “not more than” 5.0m units. And “the year” refers to 2012, to date. Pls interpret the lines properly.

            While Symbian dropped by over 60% in Y2Y comparison, WP climbed 30% during the same period, mostly driven by the Lumias. And whilst Symbian sales will continue to decline to probably 2-3m units by this year-end, WP phones will incline to a further 6-7m units per quarter.

            • Cani Lamentoqua

              The sad is that Windows combined (all incompatible versions) has about 1% of world market and very cold or quite bad opinions among users. And saying that sell on level of 4 increased to 6 is good while before sell was 70 or more – is quite interesting, but can be assumed as meritocratic misunderstanding IMHO. It is not a way of progress, this is blinding out slowly. WP is perhaps an idea for Americans who haven’t seen anything more sophisticated, so believe this is best thing in human kind history.

              • KeiZka

                You really have to give sources on those cold or bad opinions. The ones I know quite like their devices, thank you very much.

                So, those sources on your claims?

                • Cani Lamentoqua

                  Those sources are of the same kind as yours. And given as you just have given yours.

                  Also as I said before: IF one haven’t seen ever anything better then Windows then can consider Windows as the best thing ever.

                  However you are in better position as there are active marketing actions including people hired for position of “Windows Evangelists” who are paid for promoting it everywhere, hence who create posts which are a kind of propaganda in the internet, forums, public wikis of several kinds. Microsoft can afford for such actions, also because this support ALL oem companies which are W hosts, including Nokia as one of many.

                  • KeiZka


                    Yet again, in US. Most likely those people over there have had other devices before WP. Just saying.

                    How’s that for quite a differing opinion, then? See, sources. I would’ve loved to give you some earlier, but alas, being on a rather tight timetable means I wasn’t able to.

                    Here are some others.


                    Customer satisfaction of 96%. That’s quite a bit. In US.

                    Howabout a third source?


                    There you go. Happy?

                    And to the dilemma you are propagating… I dare to say most people have quite a neutral or rather negative view on Windows in general. I do remember the fiascos that were Windows ME and Windows Vista (98 without SE was quite horrible too). The problem with Windows as OS on computers has been the strange variations in quality. I wouldn’t like to think people being so dumb they wouldn’t notice things being amiss.

            • old symbian pal

              Sry, but anyway in 2012 Nokia sold 5 million units in just one quarter, so it’s certanly more then 5 milion.

              You are right aboput sales declining, but there is almoust no advertising for Symbian phones, and there aren’t new phones besides 808 there is only advertising for Lumias.

              I don’t say that Symbian could be Nokia’s future, but it could be some back up until WP gets its act together.

          • But this aside, note to Nokia: thanks for supporting Symbian till 2016. *Sarcasm intended*

    • Mark

      Dead platforms. No-one cares.

      Move on.

  • dan

    who is ‘mr. Elop’ ??

    • JD!

      yeah he should be called A$$ Elop!!!

  • N9 to L920

    I have never seen 808 in any store in wales… in as much as I like 808 I really think they should focus on windows phone 8. as of now only elop and steve knows the features of windows phone 8. and I can tell you that all you guys complain of will end. like bt transfer usb etc… the only thing you guys will cry about is themes to make it look shitty like iphone. down here in north wales you cant walk 20 metres without seeing someone with a lumia phone. Nokia is doing well… they must have sold 12 to 15 million lumia world wide. and I think the L920 will boost sales.

  • Nixy

    Goodbyeee Nokia, hellooo Android!

    • KeiZka

      Don’t let the door hit you.

      • Cani Lamentoqua

        It is very kind you care for him/her. Your answer is an example of something what has changed in Nokia.

        • KeiZka

          Luckily I have absolutely no affiliation towards the company expect the devices I buy from them.

          What was your point again?

          • Cani Lamentoqua

            My point again is that: for a company to get a new customer cost 10 times more then to care and have an old customer using Nokia.

            Additional point is that Nokia users since many years have created a community, a kind of family or close friends group. It is a lost if anybody leaves. Perhaps you are so fresh that don’t get it.

            • KeiZka

              I can agree on that customer aspect, but that was lost even before Feb2011.

              Idealism, ah. I like that, to a point.

              Also, fresh? Hardly. Though if you deign to with that line… First Nokia device I used was Ringo. Ring any bells?

  • stephen ahonen

    not surprised, my 700 is my last nokia, except they change mind

    • shallow ocean shoal

      700 is a great little device. I hope they make an update with windows phone some time. The 700 is the smallest smartphone ever made, right?! Awesome.

  • deviam

    Use LiveView instead. It’s previous verion of City Lens.
    Sis integrity proof:

  • Swapz

    It is compatible with Belle Refresh. All you need to do is, place the shortcut of the app on the homescreen, tap it, wait for the application to get stuck at loading screen, switch to potrait mode, press Red/Call End button or close from task manager. Now, tap the icon again and do not switch to landscape yet. You’ll have City Lens working on Refresh.

  • Ruben

    Everybody ditches Meego inside Nokia…and that sucks… I have nokia city lens and knowing this leaves me very sad.

    They are forcing people to buy WP and forget the phones they had purchased back then? Seriously… that was not nokia way.

    Dead platforms? Move on?
    ****’em! I have my N9 for less than a year. Quiting already? N9 lives forever. Lives outside nokia doors. Hail the community and developers that do what nokia does not!

    I knew from the start that nokia was not going to be there for N9. Still, i got one. Still, i’m proud. Nokia just built it. We support it!

  • Ashish Vedi
  • vivekallaadi

    Thnks nokia for showing us da middle finger.
    Thanks for asking us to realise and shift to better brands.

  • Anthony

    seems they also shut down apps.for meego
    website not available since days now.

    client on N9 doesnt work anymore.

    anybody knows more about?