Forbes: Judging From Apple’s Apology, Maps Matter and Nokia Has Maps That Work

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Yesterday, Ali showed how Apple CEO, Tim Cook was recommending Nokia Maps, as well as a funny cartoon starring Cook and a comparison against the Nokia/Apple solutions.

Whilst we know how excellent Nokia Maps is, unfortunately, it still doesn’t have the same recognition as Google in the mapping space. It’s nice to see that the a comment by the CEO of the World’s Best Marketeers is getting Nokia Maps Noticed.

Judging From Apple’s Apology, Maps Matter and Nokia Has Maps That Work – Forbes

Tim Cook: ‘So sorry for Apple’s crap maps app – try Bing or Nokia’ – The Register

There’s more from the various sources blogging verbatim Tim Cook’s suggestion to use Nokia Maps. In the Forbes article, location based services is seen as an important advantage and they note that Nokia’s new Lumia phones are completed with excellent mapping functions from Nokia’s subsidiary, NAVTEQ.

On a side note, isn’t it a bit strange how C3’s 3D maps that Nokia used – which many of us were gutted about to hear it was brought first to mobile by Apple, is being used so heavily to Apple’s detriment? OK there are many things wrong with Apple’s maps.

  • Incorrect data for one, telling you things are something that they are not, like major landmarks.
  • Insufficient data, no where near the level of mapping information as say, Nokia’s maps. Not just streets missing but whole cities.
  • 3D Mesh data looking wrong. We knew based on the limitations of how the mesh 3D works that it would not be perfect. Some things look amazing but some things are not quite right. I don’t know if it’s due to the scrutiny of those watching Apple (fans or the non fans) or if Nokia had just taken more time to implement more correct 3D (and thus, avoid it where it was not quite right)
I just tried to install Nokia Maps 3D plugin on my mac but it seems Apple are preventing it :/ This wasn’t an issue before.

Source: Forbes


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