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DC-16 with my Black & White N9, alongside my original Cyan N9 shell

Recently got a DC-16 Portable charger, and I must say, it is super cool, and rather funky looking. The DC-16 is a portable charging stick designed to charge mobile phones and devices via Micro-USB connection. It contains a 2200 mAh battery, bigger than any of the batteries on Nokia phones.(The Lumia 920 has a 2000 mAh battery). It can be used though with any USB cable eg. iPhone/iPod.


The charger comes in four colours; white, cyan, magenta and black. The colour options clearly reflect the N9/Lumia line-up pre-WP8. The USB to Micro-USB that comes in the box matches the colour of the stick itself. It’s not a long cable, but any longer would be cumbersome for portability in my opinion. You can always get a bigger cable if you’d like.

The unit I have is magenta, which completes my colour collection. It’s easy to use, simply plug the usb cable into your computer, with Micro-USB into the charger to charge it (or you can use a phone charger to charge it like I do) and when you need to charge your device, simply put the USB into the charger, with the Micro-USB into your phone.

On the Micro-USB end, there is a battery icon, with 4 dots above it. When charging, and when in use, these dots light up, according to the current charge capacity. You can also check the current charge, by pressing the battery icon at anytime.

I fully charged my N9 with it, and there was still some juice left. Incredible!

Here are a few pics I took:



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  • Nice! I’ve been meaning to get me since forever, my 900 doesn’t make it through the commute home (I use Nokia reading on my way to school, and whatsupp/email/baconit all day long besides the usual 3G data connection). Might wait it to see if there’s. Yellow one on the way (seeing how today’s mood is a yellow 920) also its not available in Jo so I’ll have to wait and see.

  • Ujwal Soni

    Looking at this, I find it commendable that the RAZR MAXX packs a 3300 mah battery..almost equal to this+808 PV..

    But reviews say that WP is highly optimized and is very battery efficient..whereas android is a battery hog

    • stevebarker66

      WP is certainly more battery-efficient than Android for most users: that’s why the RAZR Max has a 3,300 may battery whereas similar-sized WO devices get by with far less.

      But battery life will vary according to use and location patterns: at home all my devices get sucked dry quickly because signal strength us very poor and devices boost their internal signal amplifiers trying to hold on to a weak signal.

      Also, screen brightness, use of GPS, BT, WiFi, etc will all have an effect along with your personal data settings.

      A few months ago I was incredulous that my Dad and my Wife’s SGS2’s were going nearly three days between charges whereas my Lumia 800 would barely last a day; until I swapped with my Wife and our experiences were more or less reversed!

  • Antero

    I have one as well. It’s a really nicely designed product and it just works. I could have gotten a Chinese portable battery for less but they all looked horrific in terms of design. I like how this one follows the design language of the N9 / Lumia lineup.

  • Grazy

    just ordered one! been wanting something like this for ages! you souhld get comission!

    • Grazy

      trying to charge my N9 now its charging as if off the mains so about 2h45m which is great but i just checked it and the battery has 2 lights left with over 50% left to charge! i’M not convinced its going to do a 100% charge!

      • Grazy

        i stand corrected! but only just I reckon! 100% took about 3 hours though! which is not far off what it would be off the mains!

  • Jens

    Where can I order one ? (Europe, Belgium)

  • Shaun

    I wish I’d got the Magenta version. I’ve put my black DC-19 somewhere and for the life of me can’t find it. Magenta would be easier to spot/less likely to lose. 😉

    If there is one thing I’d change with it though, it’s the way it charges. You can plug the DC-19 into a charger and you N9 into the other end. The DC-19 will charge up from the wall but the N9 won’t start charging until the DC-19 is full. Ideally, I’d like to be able to charge both at the same time.

    • Shaun

      oops – DC-16 not DC-19.

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  • stylinred

    ive got a white one and its been great especially if i want to take 1500 interval images (a full charged battery doesn’t seem to last which is ridiculous why have it as an option then?)

    • JGrove303

      Because you can strap this bitch onto your 808. If you bought this DC-16 and thw snap on protector case you made Nokia some real money, and with so ingenuity, you now have a stick to hold your 808 by for video for less motion.

      • MontyN95

        Huh?? Can you explain this a bit??

        • JGrove303

          Use a small strip of hook’n’loop tape, like Velcro or similar. Attach one side to the DC-16’s flat side on the microUSB side and the other half on the backside of the 808’s cover at the base of the camera hump, end of the DC-16 mid line withe the camera.

          When you attach the DC-16 to the back of the 808 and have it plugged in, you’ll have 2200mAh to playwith and a handle to hold the 808 that will add some stabilization for video and photos.


    At first I thought it was some sort of Nokia vibrator >.>

  • Walked halfway up an Autrian mountain taking photos with my DC-16 plugged into my 808 when the battery died 🙂

  • maminuzzaman momin

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