Video: Epic Nokia 808 PureView cinematic style with Christopher Westerholm

| October 15, 2012 | 19 Replies

Last month we showcased a Nokia 808 PureView video by .

Here’s part 2 of the continued epicness as well as some hero style music to get you pumped.


Remember to choose 1080p for highest quality! This is the second test of shooting a cinemastyle video with the Nokia 808 Pureview. I wanted to se how the 808 camera could handle a scene with alot of detail in it. And a forest is full of trees and leaves. Perfect to stress the highdetail of the camera. I shot this flat with contrast and sharpness dialed down to later add color correction in magic bullet colorista and looks. And it looks quite amazing with lots of detail and smooth moves.

Pretty cool what some stabilisation, extra widescreen (crop top and bottom) and epic music can do (and obviously skill :).

by .

Here’s some hardware stabilisation with the 808


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  • rstyle

    Cant see the video… blocked (im from US)

  • Bloob

    Awesome video is awesome.

  • Paul Grenfell

    Video blocked, Australia..

  • incognito

    Nokia 808PV + 1.85:1 aspect ratio + epic music == people thoroughly impressed.

    Well done!

    • Thank you but it is 2.35.1 aspect ratio crop! 😉 Im working on a shortfilm shot on Nokia 808! A action, horror flick.

      • Esbro

        Well done Christopher! I’m curious how you’d compare shooting video with your 808 vs your DSLR. Other than adjustable DOF and wider range of lenses, would you even consider shooting your action flick on the 808?

        btw: Since you mentioned an action flick, you may want to check out Hitfilm ( – great for low cost FX etc. I just got it recently and it’s alot of fun and much cheaper than the Adobe alternative.


        • Hi! I have worked with DSLRs for commercial work for the last three years. And its a fantastic tool to have shallow dof and to change lenses. But I started shooting with vhs cameras, so im no newbie when shooting with smaller sensors.

          And the 808 even has a larger sensor then most ENG cameras, but the hard thing is that it is a stuck wideangle lens. You can zoom digital to some part, but it starts to look noisy when at the maximum zoom. Thats a downer I think, not to have a optical zoom.

          But other things that I would want to see Nokia include is the ability to see what shutterspeed you shoot on and also to be able to lock the exposure! And why cant you activate the ND filter in moviemode?

          The 808 and every other mobilephone (and go pros) expose by ramping up the shutterspeed. Cause these smaller sensor cameras doesnt have the ability to change aperture. It is stuck on the lowest value and that creates jerky movements!

          You should always shoot video by doubling the shutterspeed with the amount of frames per second you shoot video on. You surely already know this.

          And thats why I shot the above video with a ND filter with a mattebox to try to force down the shutterspeed. But you dont know if you succed until you get home and look at the result on a bigger screen. So its a little trial & error 🙂

          I recently finished with a longer documentary for Fontana Food. It its my first project which has scenes that were filmed with a mobilephone! Of course the Nokia 808!

          See the scenes which are at the 50 sec. All the shots in the plane was with the phone. And by 1min 08sec in. The whole movie is almost shot all handheld and of course in swedish, so sorry if you dont understand anything 😉

  • viktor von d.


  • D Harries

    Off topic. Low light shoot out. Has any tried 808 in low light with HDR? Several pictures getting merged instead of one single shot…

    • nolatuba

      im wondering if you’re talking about the same issue im having. in low light my 808 screen flickers quite a bit…mainly on the right side but generally in the darkest regions of the screen. it happens on playback of the videos as well. i can’t get any help from nokia. just wondering if this is faulty hardware or user error. ive only had the phone for a week, and nokia is trying to get me to do a hard reset…thanks for your time/help/response.

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  • nice video 😉

  • Wow impressive work – great job!

  • Nokia Pureviev 808 + CameraPro app 1080p + zoom

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