Jolla gets new CEO already, Marc Dillon at the helm. Hurmola focusing on Sailfish.

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TechCrunch reports that Jolla has a new CEO by the name of Marc Dillon. Ex CEO, Jussi Hurmola is focusing on the ‘SailFish’ strategy.

A Jolla spokesperson told TC:

Regular rotation is a part of our company culture that keeps us agile and our way of working well matched to the most important tasks at hand


This is a good move as the product delivery is our #1 focus. Marc has been in charge of the engineering and product development right from the start and the move will now maximise the delivery efficiency. At the same time, it’s elementary that we also look beyond the first launch and Jussi’s new role i.e. focusing on further developing the Sailfish strategy and the whole ecosystem will be very important for Jolla

Cheers Muerte for the tip!


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    • Mariusmssj

      How is this bad?

      • shallow ocean shoal

        And you’re a CEO! And you’re a CEO! And you’re a CEO!

        • Jason


  • Mariusmssj

    It seems like Jussi Hurmola got promoted to the board

  • Janne

    Perfectly normal for a new, small and growing company.

    Nothing to see here.

    • hengn

      Well, this could very well be because of the alliance Jolla made with the chinese. They want someone as CEO who works for them. Jolla will get stuffed up their a.. Nice try to make something (not really).

      • Rocky

        Let the dog whistling & epic conspiracy theories begin in full-force >.> O_o

    • Muerte

      For me it is interesting to see that they are actually rotating every position, as they told in the beginning 🙂 The agility is quite the opposite to the big corporations, let’s hope that they can also deliver! December should be quite interesting this year.

      • Trexus

        They’ve never guaranteed availability very soon after the reveal in Dec, it may only be further clarification of the entire strategy & the device/s coming.
        Availability 6mth after the reveal (end of Dec) is not unreasonable, especially since they only began serious efforts about 1yr ago.
        Even 9mth’s after the Dec. reveal is acceptable, but any longer is getting too precarious…

        • Muerte

          Yes, I don’t think that anyone expects that they have a ready device to sell in December. But for me it is interesting enough to see the device they are working on. Recent tweet:

          Jolla ‏@JollaMobile
          The device availability details will be shared in December.

          • Trexus

            Yes, more recently they said they’ll advise of availability details at the reveal, most users are assuming this means it’ll be available shortly afterwards, I don’t “assume” anything.

            • jiipee

              I dont believe that there will be instant launch. They need some tome to hade 3rd party apps that fit the UI. So far the communication has clearly been towards gathering interest. They could still be negotiating contracts. Also, having a bit longer period between revealing and availability gives them better tools to evaluate demand and fill the sales channels (and stocks) accordingly. They dont have the capital to start manufacturing a lot before and taking a risk that they overestimate demand. Id expect them to start sales first online and then at some partners. The second device, if they ever get there, will be completely different matter.

  • jr

    things starting to fall part already ?

    • Muerte

      No, this most certainly does not mean that 🙂

    • sdfanq

      No, it has nothing to do with that. Hurmola will be focusing on Sailfish.

    • ssdh

      I guess there is already a stigma to changing CEOs because of Elop..

  • Janne

    Jolla faces a monumental task, one with which many have failed. But no, this story does not signal any kind of trouble at the company.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call this good news, I’d call this no news. Internal position juggling, perfectly normal for a modern start-up.

    As far as I understand, this is not even an investor-driven “CEO insert” but merely position swapping amongst Jolla founders.

    So really, nothing to read into.

  • Carbontubby

    If they can keep Mer/Meego alive and ready for mass consumption, Jolla stand a chance against Android. Further development for Qt should hopefully make it a less buggy framework – right now it’s nice and easy to use for simple stuff, but fails when it comes to heavy lifting.

    Can anyone confirm if Jolla will make its own Qt-based IDE or if it will use Qt Creator and just add a new build target?

    The tie-up with a Chinese manufacturer is interesting. ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo don’t use Android because of its inherent power, they use it because it’s free 🙂 Android handsets from bargain-basement ZTEs to Galaxy S3’s sold in the Chinese market have no Google services at all because it’s against government policy. Instead, there are separate China-only app stores, social networking clients, IM clients, video apps etc. with the necessary censorship in place.

    Rather than dealing with Android’s not-so-Linux internals and not-so-open source shenanigans, Chinese manufacturers can use the new Meego instead. They don’t have to bother with Google-certified Android apps for the local market anyway so they might as well start with a fresh developer environment.

    • Carbontubby

      Adding on…

      There’s huge market potentials working with China Mobile (600+ million subscribers) and to a lesser extent, China Unicom and China Telecom. They all use different technologies and spectrum allocations but one thing is common – more and more Chinese are using mobile data.

      High end phones like Nokia’s Lumia lineup and midrange Androids and even the cheapest Symbian^3 phones are too expensive for most people there, so it makes sense to use a mobile OS that can function well on devices below the CNY1000/USD150 range instead of half-assed Androids. I believe that’s what Jolla is gunning for.

    • jiipee

      Somewhat related news was that ZTE made loss (or expected to). There can be true demand for an android alternative. I think I read somewhere that Huawei is part of Tizen development? They might not be happy what Samsung is doing with the OS.

      • GordonH

        somewhat related news is WP made a loss. Can there be true demand of an iOS alternative?

        • Jiipee

          My bet is that there is 😉 Android is doing better than well. There are still other search engines than google & bing, who could sponsor alternatives. Also, the competition between US and China could help more independent player.

  • Shane

    Not that amazing, it’s what they always said they’d do, shuffle the roles around a bit more than conventional (usually much larger) tech companies.

  • TheRAJ

    As long as N9 is supported i dont give a rats ass to wats happening inside….

    • Shane

      Why should they support the N9, that’s Nokia’s problem, they’ve already said it won’t be their problem…
      There’s many things they can do from a development perspective to make it as easy as possible for the community to port Jolla OS (a subset of Sailfish) to the N9.
      They will do as much as they can there, whilst avoiding draining too much of their limited resources, nothing more.

      • jiipee

        Isnt Nemo already running on N9? It should not be that difficult to port Jolla OS, since there has to be a lot in common between the two. Performance could be an issue perharps

        • Shane

          Yes, not all that well though, & there’s still not 100% clarity on how much of Jolla’s version of Sailfish will be closed (if at all).
          All I was saying is don’t expect a commercial grade experience/support…
          There’s lots of little things that can be done to make it much easier for the community to do a fairly slick port.
          But Jolla wont be putting lots of their resources into doing the actual port (& supporting it), nor should they have to.

        • Shane

          Is jetpack (wordpress commenting) still broken, is there any plans to have it running again soon?
          It’s so annoying not being e-mailed when there’s new comments.

    • Shaun

      N9 is not supported. They’ve said that all along.

      • Hermes

        N9 is not officially supported by Jolla but it is practically certain that JollaOS can be run in N9/N950/N950 if one knows how to hack.

        • Shane

          Um no, it is not “practically certain”, there’s too much we still don’t know yet…
          It’s quite possible that a proper/slick port is do-able, but it’s still far from a “certainty”.

        • Shaun

          You’d need the source code to all of JollaOS or at least binary compatibility between the N9 and Jolla’s hardware. I doubt very much that Jolla would open source their entire OS, UI and application stack.

  • tata

    So when is mnb going to blog about Intel nvidia
    Tizen skype … frankly ex-nokians are there now who worked for me ego..

    Keep the blog to its name and blog only about what Nokia is doing don’t divert just to jain popularity on internet..


    • Shane

      This has been explained so many times by Jay that it’s not funny any more.

      @Jay for comments like this, could you please place a sticky somewhere?
      So that we can point them to it whenever they pop up again, & again, &…

    • Janne

      Personally I’d say there is a limit of relevance for Jolla on a Nokia blog, unless of course Jay chooses to expand MNB to cover Jolla permanently. Off the top of my hat I’d say, perhaps after the launch of the first Jolla product, once we see what Jolla is up to and how much away has it drifted from the Nokia roots (for example, if there is no N9 support as they have said etc.).

      I’m certainly rooting for Jolla, as I am rooting for Nokian tyres, Rovio and other Finnish companies (being a Finn myself), but I don’t think Jolla in the long run is relevant here – I would consider relevant for the short term though, due to its history, the Nokia transition and all that. But in the longer term there will come a time it really has nothing to do with Nokia. I’m guessing that time is sometime after the release of their products, unless some new Nokia link emerges with Jolla.

      That is my opinion of course and Jay is free to setup his blog as he wishes.

      • Jiipee

        future is uncertain 😉 it could be that Intel buys the remaining of Nokia’s handset business as well as Jolla and merges them together. If WP8 does not start to sell en masse by May, there will be pressure to split the whole corporation.

        • Janne

          Certainly, future is always in flux. Like I said, if a new Nokia-Jolla link surfaces, then I’d continue reporting on Jolla in the future as well – if I were Jay that is. I’m not of course and thus that was just my opinion. 🙂

          By the way, I’m buying Jolla on day 1. Make no mistake, I support their efforts.

          • jiipee

            I might not. If the Jolla OS can be ported to N9 easily, I could well live with that before. Too bad Nokia’s build quality is so good. As soon as the launch price drops slightly Ill be in the queue.

            Nokia will probably need some other than WP OS for their “disruptive devices” in 2015 (or what was the talk by Elop), hence, anything is possible 😉

            • Janne

              Yes, your future disruptions scenario certainly isn’t impossible. I’ve pondered the possibility here before too.

              On the other hand, it might be us speculating one Bridge too far. 🙂

      • Shane

        “That is my opinion of course and Jay is free to setup his blog as he wishes.

        Yes, & he’s expressed countless times that he’s happy to continue posting stories relating to it, whether you like that or not.
        You may not agree with or like his rationale, but that’s your mental issue to deal with, not anyone else’s.

        • Janne

          Jay also said no insults, so let’s leave my mental issues out of this. 🙂

          I’m not sure if Jay has ever expressed anything beyond agreeing with many of us (including me!) that Jolla for the time being is Nokia-relevant. I was merely expressing my view on how far I think that would be relevant here. I’m fairly certain I have Jay’s blessing to express it, as much as he has mine (not that he needs it) to do as he wish.

          I’m buying the Jolla device, I’m just not sure Jolla will be Nokia-relevant this time next year. If it is, I’d continue reporting, if not, then perhaps not. (Or setup a Jolla/Sailfish section/blog for it, if I deemed it a topic worth building on.)

          Again, just my opinion. Others have others and here Jay’s will rule.

          • Shane

            Not an insult, just stating the obvious, you’re clearly insecure about it also being covered.
            You need to get over that, & not try to paint yourself as more righteous in some way…
            It will always be relevant here, as it points to a path (no matter how tenuous the link becomes over time) that may or may not have been similar for Nokia.
            That sort of thing is interesting for people….

            • Shane

              What’s up with not being emailed about new comments, is that being fixed soon?

            • Janne

              Insecure about it? Why would I be. I have nothing vested on MNB, nor anything against Jolla.

              I was merely offering my thoughts on how to deal with things like this. I’d say similar things of Tizen, too. It is interesting here, yet not really Nokia related – at least not anymore. It was more relevant at the time of the MeeGo split, because it was timely. Now that Tizen is charting a completely different waters, covering Tizen here would be less relevant. I’m sure you agree.

              I think you are simply overreacting because it is me – and because Jolla is special for you. Upwards the thread I was calming people down who were spelling doom on Jolla, which I think was right. As for people being interested in the topic, hence my idea of eventually splitting into a separate category or a blog, if Jay wants to continue serving both audiences better. Just thinking out loud.

              Heck, I will very likely be part of that Jolla-interested audience once I get my device (it is too vague for me to get overly excited at the moment, but I will buy it once it arrives to get the feel). Still, that is in my view quite irrelevant to my opinion of what is relevant on MNB. I also like Nokian tyres, but I wouldn’t suggest discussing them here any more than it is.

              From time to time, there will be offshoots or tangents away from Nokia. Take Vertu for example. Clearly today it is a relevant topic on a Nokia forum. Vertu news is still Nokia news. But if they for example go Android and two years down do nothing Nokia related (perhaps even Nokia shedding their 10%), I would think stopping Vertu coverage would be the sensible thing to do.

              So, just because something is relevant on MNB today (like Jolla and Vertu are), it doesn’t mean they’ll forever be (like Tizen now).

              I think you are the one being sensitive about this. Jolla is special for you. I am merely being rational about it: If at some point Jolla stops being Nokia related and is completely separate (no matter some distant history), then I personally would rather see it move to a separate blog or a separate category at least, than continue on a Nokia blog. I think that is pure common sense.

              However, as this is Jay’s place, he can perfectly well say this is a blog for Nokia and Jolla news and that’s that. I’m not against that, and it is Jay’s call which I respect either way, I’m merely saying what my opinion on this one is.

              Don’t worry, I’m not trying to influence Jay either way.

              • Shane

                No amount of wall-o-text will change my point, to clarify again, no insult meant at all.
                No emotional motivation here as you tried to suggest, if anything that’s more attributable to you.
                My points were clear, you can try make it look like something else, but it stands for what it is.

                • Janne

                  No amount of talking about wall of texts to belittle my point will change my point or the validity thereof. It is there in the wall of text and you, sir, are seeing things in my words that are not there.

                  I genuinely want Jolla to succeed, because on thing is more dear to me than Nokia here – and that is Finnish success. Call it nationalistic pride or pragmaticism, whichever. The same reason I like stuff Rovio makes often a little better than what someone else, abroad, does.

                  That doesn’t mean non-Nokia related stuff would suddenly become Nokia related stuff. I am a fan and can be nationalistic, but it doesn’t mean I let it interfere with my basic judgement. Nokia related is Nokia related, unrelated is unrelated. In the end, it is fairly simple.

                  Jolla and Vertu are currently somewhat related to Nokia (Vertu more so obviously), but there will come a time – likely – when neither of them really are anymore. That was my point, nothing more.

                  • Shane

                    I simply refer you back to my earlier responses…
                    Disagree w/the notion that with time, Jolla stuff should no longer be posted here.
                    I offered my rationale for that, it’s Jay’s call as-to-what is ultimately done.

                    • Janne

                      Shane: Your opinion is of course perfectly fair and valid. We both offered ours and that’s great, I think. 🙂

          • Janne

            Also, I was replying to “tata”, who was against posting Jolla news here. I am not against posting Jolla news here as long as Jolla stays somewhat Nokia relevant.

            I was trying to explain my rationale to someone who was *against* posting Jolla news here. I’m not against, I was defending posting them here!

            Suddenly I’m the bad guy, go figure. 🙂 There were benefits to being under that rock.

            • Shaun

              It may not be relevant to Nokia today but Jolla has immense interest to Nokia N9 owners. Unlike Tizen, Jolla are continuing with MeeGo and Qt. For N9 users, Jolla ARE Nokia.

              • Janne

                Maybe to some N9 users, but I have also been an N9 user (and certainly still am an owner) – as well as an N900 user, latter which I think has been one of the best, if not the best, mobile device I have ever owned.

                But I just don’t see Jolla as “Nokia” by any objective measurement. That is stretching it. They are still related news for the time being, but not Nokia proper. I do agree and can appreciate they are continuing a legacy important to many current Nokia users here, and as such I agree Jolla at the moment is a relevant topic on Nokia forums like this one.

                At the same time, I think at some point there will come a time where Jolla will have nothing to do with Nokia (unless some change happens that makes them related again). At that point, whenever that is, I’d say it is separate from Nokia and if this were my blog, I’d probably separate it like I would separate Tizen or Vertu, if I chose to continue coverage for those.

                All this said, I am rooting for Jolla as an example of Finnish entrepreneurship and because I think Linux on mobile is interesting. I will buy their product and look forward to it. However, that is quite separate from my interest in the Nokia of today. If their future announcements include some links to Nokia, then that may of course change this perception.

                Just my opinion.

                • Shane

                  Please, you’ve never really been a N9* user, it’s been clear since not long after it 1st came out, that you’ve barely invested much time nor interest in the area, enough with the astro-turfing, people can see right through your supposed “impartial stance”.

                  *nor even much of a heavy N900 user for that matter, going by your pretty n00b-ish posts about it & the N9 in the past.

                  • KeiZka

                    Now that’s drastic. Ever heard of YMMV?

                    • Shane

                      It’s not drastic at all, you of all people should know, IF you’d been reading “carefully” over the last 12mth+.
                      It’s not a personal attack, it’s the truth, I’m simply calling the guy out for pretending to be something he’s not.

                    • Janne

                      What is it I’m pretending to be? You never qualified N9 users as some hardcore group. You merely said for N9 users Jolla is the new Nokia.

                      I responded by saying while that can be true for some N9 users, it is not for all of them. I know many full-time, since launch N9 users personally and none of them think that way as far as I know. They may be interested in Jolla, sure, but they don’t feel Jolla is Nokia. That sounds absurd to me. Maybe something got lost in translation.

                      My interest in MeeGo waned in the months after learning its destiny. Prior to that I was a fairly major Maemo and MeeGo fan, looking forward to the new MeeGo devices in 2010 with my trusty N900 (instead all I got was the N8 that year). We all know how that went and by the time N9 came, I my main focus was on Windows Phone, but I still gave the N9 “fair hearing”. It was okay.

                      By the way, in late 2010 I also bought a Windows Phone device (the LG Optimus 7). It wasn’t my primary phone, my primary interest back then was MeeGo (although I was using the N8 at the time because of the camera), I bought it to check a new OS out and because no MeeGo device came in 2010. When the tides turned after February 11th, eventually I found myself quite taken with WP and so my interests shifted… But again, around that time I already had an LG Windows Phone and I had MeeGo betas running on my N900 as soon as they were available.

                      I’m just trying to tell you how widely I actually am interested in these things. I also have several Android devices. I may have primary devices and personal preferences that do get a lot more attention at times than others, but as far as both work and hobby go, I do pay attention and personally deal with a very broad technology brush.

                      If you think some of my talk is “nooby”, it is mostly because I don’t really go into very technical things here. I feel a blog comment stream is hard as it is to get any messages through, let alone if it goes very detailed. That is not to say I know everything, of course I don’t and many of you are far more knowledgeable about many details than I will ever be, but I’m certainly not the technology hypocrite you paint me to be.

                    • Shane

                      “You never qualified N9 users as some hardcore group. You merely said for N9 users Jolla is the new Nokia.”

                      I never said that, look at the posts.

                    • Shane

                      Fair enough, just drop some of the pre-tense, it’s palpable.
                      Sorry for coming on so strong, I just don’t trust shit spinners.
                      Not saying YOU are….

                    • Shane

                      “Sorry for coming on so strong”

                      That ties-in with Dave’s sexual innuendo, no pun intended there 😉

                    • Janne

                      Shane: Fair enough. And I have no fight with you. I admire your passion for things MeeGo and upwards this thread you have contributed a great deal.

                      I’m fairly certain a lot just got lost in the text medium that makes discussion so hard. I really wasn’t trying to put Jolla down in this thread. 🙂

                      Peace, I hope.

                    • Shane

                      I don’t have a passion for all things MeeGo, & I don’t think you were trying to put Jolla down, all good 😉

                    • Janne

                      Appreciate it, thanks!

                  • Hypnopottamus

                    What exactly is he “pretending” to be? What the **** more do you want? The guy owns an N9. So what if it is not his primary device? He spent good money to actually put some user time into it. Unlike many people who spend most of their time ASSUMING things about certain devices they’ve never actually tried. Again, I would love to know what exactly you think he’s “pretending” to be.

                  • Janne

                    It is true that I only used N9 as my primary phone for the few months before I got my Lumia. (I still own an N9 though.) It would have been more had Nokia not gone Windows Phone, of course. I am, however, fairly well versed in Linux being a developer myself. Also, living in Finland, it is not rare to stumble often on people who actually made the N9 and the software in it.

                    As for the N900, it was my primary phone from launch until I got the N8, and I have used it many times since for various hackings of mine and also toying with the MeeGo releases before it was clear MeeGo was going nowhere at Nokia (getting MeeGo 1.0 core to run was fun). It really is a great device.

                    I would say I am fairly well acquainted with the N900, but I do admit the N9 left me a little cold and was a more cursory experience. I have done all sorts of things in developer mode and command line, though, on the N9 so it wasn’t merely a consumer experience. Enough to HATE Aegis. 🙂

                    When you go through as many mobile devices as I do, sometimes you only get a taste of some of them. Others stay with you longer, both mentally and physically. The N900 was one of those that stood there longer, even long and often after it was replaced as a primary device.

                    My love of technology is fairly impartial overall, although I do admit being a Nokia fan. I’m all over the place generally speaking. I am genuinely looking forward to what Jolla has to offer, but so far it clearly is bit of vapourware so it is difficult to attach great emotion to it. I am looking forward to it, that’s all I can say.

                    • Shane

                      You’re not a developer, certainly not of the ilk of the incognito’s of the world.
                      Please link to some of the apps you’ve devised, and provide proof.
                      I’ve seen you say in other posts in the past that you’re a writer, not a developer.
                      You’re also trying to paint a picture that you’ve used N900/N9 quite heavily, what’s your TMO user-name?
                      There’s no way you haven’t used either in the way you describe without some involvement at
                      I don’t “attach emotion” to hw/sw/OEMS etc…

                    • Dave

                      LOL Shane take incognito’s tiny throbbing member out of your mouth for a second, then post your CV somewhere along with a tax return for 2009-2011, and then we’ll decide if your argument has merit, since apparently now we’re all down to WHO makes the argument, rather than what it is.

                      Dude even I have had to use an N900 for a few months for work and I stay wide and clear from the angry butthurt rage that lives in the tmo forums.

                    • Shane

                      He’s not a dev, I’ve read plenty of his posts over a long period of time, that’s all I’m seeking clarification on.

                    • Janne

                      I am a fairly good writer, not A writer. 🙂 There’s a difference. I do think a lot gets lost in translation here. I have done some writing in my technical life, but that doesn’t a writer make I think.

                      Yes, I’m a developer by trade and I did use N900 as my primary device from launch until the N8 release (launch day in Finland). I would not call myself a mobile developer though – although I have done mobile development, been coursed in Symbian and so on. I do not recall being an active writer at, I did read a lot though.

                      Ask yourself this: Why do you find it so hard to believe I used N900 a lot and liked it a lot too? Isn’t it a very plausible scenario for a Nokia fan like myself to have done back in 2009? I also had the N97, but isn’t it very likely I would have loved the N900 and used it until something better came along?

                      Why is it so hard to believe? Personally I don’t think that would be hard to believe of anyone frequenting these corners, especially someone from Finland. N900 was used a lot in (and probably still is) “nerd circles” here. Heck, the odds are that most of you guys from Finland especially used it. 🙂 Same goes for me.

                      I for sure did not use a Windows Phone device in 2009. Nor have I ever owned a Windows Mobile device.

                      I’m not claiming to be a great expert on all things N900, but it was my primary phone for a great while, I did install various MeeGo alphas on it, did all sorts of coding trials on it (mostly just for fun), used it to automate various ad hoc systems I needed to have mobile access for whatever (SMS receiving, forwarding) and whatnot. And I enjoyed the command line potential a lot.

                      If I wasn’t in the middle of having to defend myself and my views, I’d actually feel really fond about this topic. I really, really loved that little black box. And I wanted THAT to be the future of smartphones. Alas it was not to be.

                      Maybe Jolla can do it? Like I said, I will be there to take a look. But until I can see something tangible, it is really hard to call, because Jolla is such an unknown at this time. I hope for the best!

                    • Shane

                      Predictable response, such a shame, oh well, time to move on, I guess.

                    • Janne

                      Doesn’t make it any less true, though. 🙂 Maybe someday we can have this discussion over a beer somewhere more appropriate with all the gang – have a laugh at some conference or somesuch.

                      Like I wrote above, I have no fight with you. I think part of it is this place, where things have gotten so polarized (and I’m certainly to blame for not being wise enough in all my own communications too).

                      It does get tiresome. That’s why I left for under a month and aimed for more than that. There is so much bad blood in this community that even harmless topics turn into fights or mistrust. I’ve seen this happen before in other technology communities, so we aren’t exactly unique in that here, but it is always sad.

                      Anyway, I know you mean well, and I hope you can at least try to believe me when I say I mean well too. In other circumstances we’d understand each other perfectly, I’m sure. 🙂

                    • Shane

                      I take issue when people try to assert/claim something they’re not.
                      You’ve still not proven you’re a dev, & from everything I’ve read over the yrs I’m pretty sure you aren’t.
                      Nothing wrong with that per-say, except that you claimed that you are one.
                      Plus the fact that you can’t point to a even lightly used TMO account, does speak volumes.
                      I’m not saying you’re against Jolla, nor do I even care, that’s not what this is about.
                      It is simply that my BS radar has been tripped, you can rectify that if you want.

                    • Janne

                      I think the main question to ask yourself is: Why on Earth would I misrepresent something like this? In my books being a developer isn’t something that makes me any kind of authority here. I’m guessing 75% of the people here are at some level. At best it makes me average, which, well, I am. Most importantly, it doesn’t make me any kind of authority on Nokia, since I’m not claiming to be any Symbian, MeeGo or any kind of Nokia insider, because I am not.

                      I am not a Nokia insider. I’m just a guy who wrote 10 PRINT “MOI” 20 GOTO 10 some decades ago, like so many others, and for some reason never left that path. I do wish my coding has gotten a bit better than that since, though… Now I know how to do that recursively! 😉

                      I don’t see any benefit for me to claim myself a developer if I were not one, nor claiming to have used the N900 as much as I did, had I not done it. I have discussed my history with Nokia devices here many times from those early 1980s Mobira experiences to the 1990s GSM revolution to those first Symbians (fun fact: I coded for the 9210) to the present day. I openly admit I used the N9 as a primary device from its launch day to Lumia launch only (I have toyed with it since though), why would I lie about using the N900 longer. I’m a long-time Nokia user and a fan, who happens to do software development for a living. That is my background I think it is common courtesy and netiquette to leave it at that.

                      I’m sure someone like incognito is a thousand times better mobile developer than I am, because my area of focus is elsewhere. I think what I mostly can bring to the table as far as MNB goes, is my insight as an avid armchair industry watcher/hobbyist – combined with my technical background (as opposed to being a non-technical person) I think I usually get something right in my comments. I am not here trying to offer Qt advice, indeed my coding experience with Qt has been limited to some hobbyist dabblings and a few Qt lectures from Nokia people. I do think I know quite a bit about where Qt, for example, stood in the greater scheme of things, but if you want Qt advice ask someone else. 🙂

                    • Shane

                      Yeah as I suspected, not a dev, nor ever a heavy user of N900/N9, but that’s cool, we can move past that now that it’s cleared-up, all the best.

                    • Janne

                      Since there is no conversation, just some hostile responses, to recap the real facts for those who care: I am a developer who did use the N900 as my primary device for over a year (and then some). I wouldn’t call myself a mobile developer, though, because my area is mostly elsewhere. But I have technical understanding of things and some mobile work experience and further hobbyist experience. My current interest in mobile is more of a hobby.

                      On the N900 I did my automation things which I mentioned in Python, for example using dbus and smspdu to react to text messages. (Shamed to admit, never did take the time to learn Telepathy and do it right.) I did set up the C++ SDK (but I didn’t go beyond some quick tests and apps) and also installed several MeeGo alphas – including 1.0 core, the one with the rudimental X interface showing and nothing more, which was a real pain to get off the device because charging was pretty broken and re-flashing start timing was abnormally tight too – I was running out of battery and had to trial-and-error the reflashing connection for hours before it caught on. I must have spent an entire weekend installing and removing that one.

                      The N9, as I said, was more of a cursory experience because I moved on to Lumia. Even there I did dive beyond the consumer level, though, but not at all extensively. I tried to do my SMS things on it, but Aegis killed my chances of touching the dbus – actually the code worked, but the messages didn’t get through. I wonder if I would have had better luck through Telepathy. I did try a little to get a manifest file in there, but never had the time or the incentive to really learn it. Damn you Aegis. As I said, by the time the N9 came out, my interest had shifted towards Lumia and MeeGo seemed like a dead end then, so I didn’t spend as much time on these things that I otherwise might have spent.

                      Damn it Ji– Shane, I’m an engineer – not an astroturfer!

                    • Shane

                      That’s all stuff a typical user in the N900/N9 mould would tinker with from time-to-time, a developer it makes you not.
                      None of it indicates a heavy developer background at all, it does however suggest heavier N900/N9 usage than I suspected.
                      Still looking for that TMO account though…

                    • Shane

                      You sound like you’re more from a SysAdmin type background, which ofc is still an engineer of sorts, & can also be a developer, but is usually less into that, & more into shell scripting & other areas.

                    • Dave

                      @Shane you sound like a self proclaimed “power user” who knows how to start regedit.exe.

                      “App development”, developeing rails and node.js, and all the techie websites, while cool and all, is complete masturbatory crap. The world goes around on the many millions of pieces of internal business related software that drive actual companies that produce actual things.

                      I guess you think it’s very romantic to see yet another “How I developed another completely fucking useless todo app using the latest completely illdesigned piece of crap server stack while lying on a beach in honolulu in 5 weeks” on hacker news.

                      And don’t get me started on the fucking idiots in the NoSQL movements, there’s a word for unstructured data: GARBAGE.

                      So stop looking up to mobile apps or websites as some kind of holy grail of importance. Most developers sorely lack all of the theory they need not to make stupid mistakes.

                      Also love the derogatory dig at sysadmins, let me guess, you consider yourself an important developer? Let me guess some more, you’re under 20?

                    • Janne

                      Shane: Like I said, I wouldn’t call myself a mobile developer. I have done mobile development work (Symbian), and I have dabbled in hobby coding for many platforms, but I don’t really have anything to show for it here. You know how it goes, as a teenager you have all the time in the world in front of the computer, then it becomes a job and add to that, all the adult responsibilities kick in – time is scarcer.

                      My interest in mobile currently is more a hobby than anything else and time limited for the stuff I play with, especially considering how many different things I like to try. I’m merely saying I am genuinely interested in this stuff, Jolla included. I also follow a lot of stuff on the mobile (and IT in general) field, which means I think I have some insight into quite a bit of stuff going on. One of the things I follow closely is Nokia, hence my information and opinions on that. Apparently at times on a level thought of being an insider, but I am not. I just pay attention.

                      As for me being a developer, no matter how unlikely it seems to you (perhaps I suck at being a developer, if I come across as a total noob), I actually am. That background at the very least gives me technical understanding to participate in technical discussions in general, if not anything else in the world of mobile. I am definitely not trying to portray myself as some expert on all details, for example on the N9 and even N900, there are definitely many more knowledgeable people here and out there than me, guys who have gone much further with the device than I ever even dreamed of.

                      You are very likely much more knowledgeable about the N900 and N9 than I am, but I’d appreciate it if you’d still acknowledge me as a former N900 user. 🙂 I do think I did enough to count.

                    • Janne

                      Seeing your other message, I have done system administration too – and frankly considering the dabbling on many mobile devices I do as a hobby, I guess that is a fairly good description of that. That dabbling isn’t really coding until it gets into real software development, which I don’t really do on mobile at the moment (I have done, though).

                      That said, my main work is in real software development, although of course even there the task vary and sometimes I find myself scripting bash instead of refactoring C#. But rest assured, I have coded (and do code) my fair share of actual, shipping code. 🙂

                    • Shane

                      I’m not making a personal attack or saying you suck at being a developer, I’m sorry if it seems like that.
                      It’s just that you’ve consistently claimed that programming is a central aspect of your career/life, & even mobile dev to-some-extent, yet so far you’ve completely failed to prove that.
                      Is it reasonable to just take your word that you are what you claim you are?

                    • Shane

                      “That said, my main work is in real software development, although of course even there the task vary and sometimes I find myself scripting bash instead of refactoring C#. But rest assured, I have coded (and do code) my fair share of actual, shipping code.”

                      Fair enough, I take your word for it, that’s all I’m going to get anyway, given the circles all this has been going in.
                      You’re certainly way more technically clued-up than the typical user, as are many of us here.

                    • Janne

                      The sucking at coding part was a bit of a joke directed mostly at myself, so no offence taken or meant either way. 🙂 For one, I would never expect anyone to take any word online as a matter of fact. The nature of mostly anonymous and distant exchanges includes, by nature, a definite uncertainty. I don’t know your credentials to discuss with you, but I also don’t need to know.

                      For one, I have no idea if Jay is studying to be a doctor and spends his days at a hospital. For all I know, he’s at a strip club. Dressed as a woman. Stripping. But I do take his word for it, because there no reason for me not to. Jay being a doctoral student is completely irrelevant to the topic of Jolla’s CEO and Jolla at MNB, for example. (That said, obviously I believe Jay being a doctoral student, but it was just an example that in reality I have no proof of it, other than his repeated word on this site.)

                      However, considering that I’m not really asking anything of you, other than discussing the topic of Jolla and MNB, I do think you hold awfully high expectations of me. I am not selling you anything, nor is my background even paramount to the discussion at hand. Taking my word for it and letting it be would – to me – sound like the reasonable thing to do. All of us do it everyday here. We don’t, for the most part, know who we are talking to, know anything solid about their credits and that’s fine. The content matters more than the poster, because after all, this is just a Nokia fan forum and we are just people having conversations.

                      I don’t expect you to fully believe every word I say. Why should you, we don’t know each other. If you doubt me, asking you not to wouldn’t do any good. Perhaps it is even better on the Internet to doubt a little, scamsters all around. But I think a burden of proof on my part is also unreasonable, because the nature of this site and discussions no way requires that from any of us – I don’t ask it of you, you shouldn’t ask it of me. We come as we are and our word what to give here, there is no expectation of full disclosure to participate here. So, what I would hope you can do, is take my word for it and put your doubts on the backburner.

                      You don’t have to fully believe me, to believe me enough. Revisit your doubts if I ever try to sell you snake-code. 🙂 That said, just like it is more likely Jay is a doctoral student than a transvestite stripper, it probably is more likely that I’m a developer than not. It really isn’t that unusual on a mobile forum, I think. I know many are, it never crossed my mind to doubt them – why would I really. I really can’t think of any reason why anyone would lie about being a developer, what good would it do, it isn’t like mine is the most glorious profession in the world. A doctor, now that would be something to lie about… 😉

                    • Janne

                      Shane: Thank you for the last message. It appeared while I wrote my wall-o-text there. 🙂 I appreciate it.

                    • Shane


                      It seems you get what you want from what I’ve posted, nothing I’ve said could possibly lead anyone to conclude all the wild & fanciful stuff you have.
                      And I made no dig at Sysadmins, I have no disrespect for them at all, all in your imagination, so right back at you bitch.

              • Peter

                N9 user here – what you just said was absolutely ridiculous.

                • jiipee

                  Not really. It seems that N9 users will get zero support from Nokia now on. Jolla might bring new apps thanks to Qt and an OS that can be ported to N9. I wouldnt go as far as saying Jolla are Nokia for N9 users, more like Jolla is the only change to get some support.

                • Shaun

                  The team that developed the N9 is at Jolla mostly. Why, as an N9 owner, is it “absolutely ridiculous” to be interested in what that team does next?

                  It’s like Mac owners saying they’ve no interest in what Steve Jobs was doing at NeXT after the Apple Board kicked him out.

                  Really, it makes no sense to me that anyone would NOT be interested, even if they’ve kept with Nokia on WP7.

                  • Janne

                    No, it is not ridiculous. It is perfectly understandable.

                    I think there is some disagreement over how long MNB should cover Jolla, as in how long it remains Nokia relevant, but I hope all understand how Jolla can be and is very interesting to many former and current Maemo or MeeGo users. I can certainly understand and appreciate that.

              • stephen ahonen

                N9 users should buy jolla / sailfish handset.

                IMO jolla can’t provide app to N9 (remember, N9 uses .deb installer, but jolla / sailfish uses .rpm). well, may be can if they provide in tar.bz2 format, still need extra effort.

                • Shaun

                  The development platforms are likely going to be so similar as to make porting a no brainer. Packaging formats are a red herring. Developers already ship their linux tools in a variety of package formats. Why would they not do that for Jolla and Harmattan?

      • rinslowe

        I’m not one for gossip,

        But Nokia still holds some shares with Jolla.
        It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the imagination to assume later down the line the puzzle pieces come together again.

        Just saying…

        • Janne

          Certainly possible.

  • Ruben

    Can´t wait to see their first mobile!

  • paul grenfell

    I don’t know why many think Jolla should support the n9. Thats a nokia product, nothing to do with Jolla.
    But I am keen to See what they come up with.

    • Janne

      Well, considering that the N9 and Jolla’s Nokia link is the reason we are even discussing them here (and the N9 is a big reason Jolla got so much publicity and they do know it), I guess it wouldn’t be completely unreasonable for people here at least hope N9 support from Jolla.

      I’m not expecting it, but perhaps in some open community form it would be nice to have.

      • Jiipee

        Its not impossible that they have been using N9 as a test bed for JollaJolla OS. It was quoted somewhere that Jolla has sais to demo the UI on a device compatible with the OS, not with the actual device to be sold. Ok, the device can be anyyhing.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    We all know how this plays out:

    Step 1 – Install new CEO
    Step 2 – Deploy Windows Phone


      Step 3 – Market domination 🙂

    • Trexus

      You’re only as relative n00b to the whole saga, how quickly you’ve become an “sage-like expert” though, amusing to watch.

      • viktor von d.

        i guess that went over your head

        • Trexus

          Not at all.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            Ha ha wow

            • Trexus

              Yeah amusing ;\

  • Don’t Be Silly

    Sign of trouble. Even if your policy is to rotate the roles, this doesn’t seem to be the time awaiting big announcement and all: you don’t replace the captain mid-battle.

    Really sad that Jolla looks like a over-stretched balloon waiting to be burst.

    • Jeff

      So you’re an expert on such things are you?
      Why not go into much more detail about how this is supposedly a terrible thing.
      ATM your logic is retarded at best….

      • Don’t Be Silly

        Don’t be so angry. This is my humble opinion only. However, there are in general two versions .. the literal and the between-the-line ones. I take the latter approach.

        • Jeff

          That’s just my point, your “in between the lines” logic is total fail.
          So far you still can’t articulate how lead engineer switching to CEO & former CEO going to Sailfish = company disintegration. The reason for that is because you’re not able to….

          • Jeff

            A little bit more reading on the subject will give you a far more rationale & common-sense explanation for the reshuffling, happy research.

            • Don’t Be Silly

              Let’s wait who turns out to be right.

              Gullibility is not a virtue.

              • Jeff

                I’m sorry but you’re an idiot, read the press statement & other public statements they’ve made.
                It’s a move so Jussi can focus Sailfish/Jolla, & Marc can focus more on actual product delivery.

                If you knew the differences between Sailfish/Jolla & MeR/Nemo etc. & these two employees, then you’d understand why this makes sense.
                But because you’ve made no effort to properly inform yourself, of course you don’t get it.

                • Jeff

                  Janne understands it better than you so far:
                  And he isn’t exactly a heavy follower of all things Jolla+Sailfish, & MeR+Nemo/Plasma/Cordia etc.
                  One doesn’t need to be if one applies logic & common-sense, but it does help.

                  • Don’t Be Silly

                    I’d rather be an idiot than a gullible fool.

                  • Don’t Be Silly

                    No seriously, let’s apply logic here.

                    Your assumption is that it is perfectly normal to pull the CEO down in middle of a big announcement to come.

                    Well, common sense tells me that there are right moments for switching roles, and boasting about a big announcement himself and stepping down in the middle is not something that a CEO would do under normal circumstances.

                    You are a gullible man Jeff. In business, you shouldn’t just hold up the press release like a bible.

                    • Jeff

                      The only one not applying logic here is you.
                      Look the solution here’s simple, if you want a detailed explanation as-to-why this happened (hence allaying your suspicions that it’s a sign of impending implosion) post here:
                      There’s a network of users there that should know a bit more detail*, since what’s been presented so far seems to be too “conspiracy theory-ish” for you.

                      *occasionally users like stskeeps (he’s very well connected) post there, & they’re almost always reading.

                    • ummNo

                      Next big announcement from Jolla is to show their OS/UX, Sailfish, and SDK for their OS, Sailfish.

                      Announcements are “only pr events”, biggest job and stuff that matters at this point is done behind closed doors. (getting partners to build ecosystem, building os etc.)

                      And now Jolla told us that Hurmola is now fully focusing on Sailfish and Dillon on Jolla’s next announcement after OS/SDK, which will be the device it self and delivering it. Some how you see this as Hurmola escaping from sinking ship (well, boat actually :))?

                    • Jeff

                      Sailfish is not their OS, it’s the framework from which their OS (most probably Jolla OS) will arise.
                      There’s lots of miscomprehension around it all, which is why this guy clearly needs to read more.

                    • Jeff

                      Yeah as I suspected, determining the truth’s not really your concern, bias is all that was motivating your comments.
                      If you’d made an effort to read that thread & research more widely, then by now you’d have much more info. explaining the change.

        • Rinslowe

          I’ll second your opinion,

          It’s not a reassuring gesture to make untimely changes, especially at that level. It doesn’t matter what is the cover story.
          If it ain’t broke no need to dabble in wasteful energy expenditure, trying to fix what ain’t broke.
          Especially considering the timing.

          At that junction, the best foot forward means looking like you have a handle on it, being consistent. Playing musical chairs before proof of product is not off to a good start.


          • Jeff

            It’s about putting the best skilled people in the best area, before now Jussi was best suited as CEO of Jolla, now that Sailfish is solidifying, it makes sense that he goes where he’s going.
            Before spouting unfounded FUD, at least make an effort to understand what all the different entities being created are, & what each individual’s skill-set strengths are.
            They’ve spelt much of that out for us, all you need to do is dig it up.

            • Don’t Be Silly

              And you know Marc and Jussi are both talented software engineers/managers judging by their profiles.

              They could have internally switched roles without the official position changes.

              Just think man.. A CEO is not just a peg of the great machine. He is the public face of the company. Especially in this critical juncture, you wouldn’t want to cause doubts and confusion even if there are no grounds for them.

              • Jeff

                The Sailfish initiative now needs someone with Jussi’s skill-set, & given where Jolla’s now at/headed, Marc’s skill-set is better suited for CEO.
                Look it’s clear you haven’t been following events closely other than from here, if you want to understand better why this makes sense, then go to the main sources of news/discussion.

    • ummNo

      Marc Dillon has been part of Jolla for long time and he’s ex-Nokia, just like Hurmola. It’s just like they said. Hurmola will focus on Sailfish as that is his area of expertise and Marc’s is delivering the product and Jolla’s main focus is now delivering the product (not so much doing ground work). It’s all about right man for right job and not “But i want to be CEO because that title looks so good on my business card”.

      • Jiipee

        It can also mean that Hurmola could be positioned more in China for some time.

  • et3rnal

    This guys experiences looks interesting

  • Hermes

    N9 may not be Nokia’s last “Meego” phone… If WP8 turns out to be commercial failure and Microsoft becomes a competitor by making their own WP8 phone, SailfishOS will be enticing option for Nokia. Hurmola has said in the interviews that Jolla will licence their platform to other manufactors. It is rumored that big players like Huawei in China and Amazon/Facebook in USA are already planning to make SailfishOS based devices… It may even provide a new platform for lower end Nokia phones since SailfishOS is said to be very scalable and it runs Android apps.

    • rinslowe

      And the Jolla plot thickens lol

      A camp once divided may come full circle in the end. Power shifts like tectonic plates beneath our feet, and who are we but humble spectators?

    • Shaun

      Jolla have not said it will run Android apps.

      OpenMobile have a product called ACL which ran on top of MeeGo on Intel tablets about a year ago when MeeGo v1.2 was still a possible contender. Various people have taken that as being a certainty that Jolla are including ACL in their OS.

      OpenMobile have been trying to hawk ACL around lots of different manufacturers. At this point it’s vapourware.

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