Leak: Lumia 920T CDMA Chinese Variant of 920

| October 15, 2012 | 24 Replies

What we’re looking at is apparently a leaked variant of the Lumia 920 destined for the oriental land of China. In the past we’ve seen Chinese variants of the Lumia 800 (the 800C) which has apparently been a huge success (some reports claim that it was outselling the iPhone). Failing to capitalize on the Chinese market would be a huge mistake, which hopefully Nokia are avoiding; especially since the iPhone 5 has yet to be released in China (in fact it might not be released at all due to some legal issues). Personally I think that no matter how big of a fuss Nokia make in the US, teaming up with all the carriers and giving out exclusivity deals that would still only come out to a fraction of the sales they could make in China if they doubled down their efforts there; but then again the US is the trendsetter at the moment influencing most of Europe and the rest of the world, hopefully we’ll see some ripple effects in the near future.


Note: It was in fact Someone in China who leaked the first ever images of the Lumia 920, which we all carefully dissected and prodded for clues:



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  • Svedu

    It would be good if Nokia themselves at some point could inform when/where/how their new products are coming to market.

    • viipottaja

      I guess they will, you know, closer to actual availability. 😉

  • JGrove303

    Too cool. If iPhones don’t get to retail in China, Lumia could very well be a market leader there.

    • Rinslowe

      Been in China last 4 years…

      Most feedback for iPhone 5 from people I know using iPhone 4 & 4’s is pretty negative. Only one or two people out of more than 20 are keen to upgrade.

      I’m trying to sell the 920, not so difficult cause it actually has a lot of buzz happening on all the sites, forums and conversations…

      Gives me an excuse to rave on about it before release lol.

  • Weirdfisher

    Mainlanders buy iPhone from hong kong, with a higher price than normal


    It’s great to see Nokia is seriously committed to the largest mobile phone market in the world. It would be fantastic if lumia gains a strong foothold in china not only for the large sales volume potential but also to make sure that apple does not become the dominate player.

  • Carbontubby

    I guess it’s the social media support and mapping that are holding back the latest iOS devices from the Chinese market. Twitter, FB, Google+ etc. are banned and so is OpenStreetMaps, I believe, as it’s not a mapping service registered with the government. Apple needs to replace these services with local equivalents or they don’t get to sell there. It’s a hell of an irony when iPhones are made in China but can’t be sold there…


    I read the link regarding goophone and samsung buying them. All I can say is wow. This should make a hilarious situation for apple. Revenge might be very sweet for Samsung.

  • Rinslowe

    Need to really look it at in the flesh. Got a Chinese variant N9 and had to mod skype, weather and social media to it after, due to local apps and restrictions.

    Lumia is picking up good traction here in China, but the iPhone 4 & 4’s is still the undefeated king of Starbucks LOL! Gotta see it to believe it, kinda eerie and spooky actually…

    • carbontubby

      Considering how expensive an iPhone is in China, must be really well off folks who can afford one off contract. its like what, 5000 yuan for a 16gb one?

      • Rinslowe

        Let there be no mistake, and I exaggerate not one bit. There is no shortage of very, very wealthy people in China today…

        There is a lot of new money and new developments in all fields…

        Buying an iPhone outright is still really expensive for a large portion of the Chinese society, but there are so many that can afford it without issue a the same time.

        Thankfully, because of the debacle that is iPhone 5, the buzz is in Nokia’s corner lately…

        • Carbontubby

          With 1.whatever billion people, a small percentage is still a huge number 🙂 What kinda shocks me are Chinese schoolkids with iPhones… their parents must be very well off to be able to afford something which most adults consider very expensive.

          And then there’s the sub-1000 yuan market currently filled by ZTE and Huawei devices running Android. This is a huge market and Jolla or a home-grown OS could succeed here.

          • rinslowe

            If Jolla delivers on both the innovative and price level fronts, they could potentially make quite a stir in China.
            They Chinese are not shy to try new things if the price is right. And more so than anywhere else the 50+ to 60+ crowd, have really latched on to the trends regarding mobile phones… And these are the types of people who literally just buy a phone cause someone else said it was good LOL…

        • Carbontubby

          Nokias have always had a good image in China because of lots of advertising and good build quality. It’s just that crap and expensive phones like the N97 really damaged this. The N8 and later S^3 phones didn’t repair the damage either and the cool factor shifted over to high-end Androids and iPhones. Nokia has a good chance of succeeding with Lumia in China if the prices are competitive and if WP8 has enough local apps and services.

          On a side note, check out how many Cayennes and Panameras there are in big cities in China…

          • rinslowe

            Yep I second all of that!

    • Pökö

      Have you seen any WP7.5 Lumias there? If so, what has been the most common model?

      • Rinslowe

        Some of my friends are using Lumia 800’s and 900’s over here, mostly thanks to me being outspoken for all things Nokia LOL.

        The most common model to answer honestly is more a question for Nokia China, I wouldn’t be able to guess correctly, sorry mate.

        But they are really pushing the 800 and 900 lumia’s in last 6 or so months…

        • Jashor

          Any sort of decent marketing push for the N9 stopped there about 10mth+ ago right?
          Even availability would’ve been quite poor since around then too…

          • rinslowe

            I’m not sure about any actual solid details there, but I can agree with that from my own observations.

            For the outlets pushing multiple brands, the N9 has still been sold up front.
            But in the dedicated Nokia stores it’s pretty much invisible.
            Most of all the marketing has been on Lumia. After the 900 was released there was a lot of miles being made on the street with various Lumia promotions.
            I believe Nokia is gaining more respect back from the people in China who made a switch after the N97. But I still know quite a few people still using the 5800, X7, N97, N8 etc…
            I’m doing my best to convince them it’s time to upgrade, well almost time anyway…

  • Rinslowe

    Oh and Lumia sounds strangely illuminati? Like most their endorsed products.
    Could it be? Well, Nothing will deter me from the 920, Nothing!

    • nokiaaaaaouh

      No lumia in finns means snow and illuminati mean center of the light
      Nokia isn’t illuminati
      If they illuminati they will show more profits like apple this year!!!

      • rinslowe

        Yes but the point was they usual endorse their products like lumina etc…
        Anyway there is no way to know for sure based on the purported meaning of a word but by it’s association…that’s how it is.
        In plain sight logic etc…

        Being illuminati isn’t a straight forward recipe for success, they have to earn it like everyone else, just that they have better resources than most…

        Still, thanks for entertaining a notion,
        Oh Nokia’s largest share holder is what Bank?


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