How Many Lumias Were Sold in the US Last Quarter? Probably Well Below Half a Million

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The following post doesn’t have any solid “official” numbers to support it, but it does a few to “guide” it towards the point I’m making; in other words this is a HUNCH; don’t prosecute me…please

Earlier today At&t launched their quarterly profits announcing total sales of 6.1 Million Smartphones; 4.7 Million of which were iPhones:

  • 6.1 – 4.7 = 1.4 Million Android, BB & WP Devices (combined).

The 1.4 Million devices are a combination of Windows Phone and Android devices Plus whatever minuscule sales they receive from BlackBerry; to give a bit more context to these numbers let’s look at the sales from Q2, which was the first quarter to include the Lumia 900 in its sales- in Q2 At&t sold 5.1 Million Smartphones, 3.7 million of which were iPhones

  • 5.1 – 3.7 = 1.4 Million (again) Android, BB & WP devices.
  • 1,400,00 – 600,000 (generously assuming that no Lumia 710s were sold by T-Mobile, and all 600K came from At&t) = 800,000 Android & BB devices

Nokia announced that the number of Lumias sold in Q2 in North America was close to 600,000 (900 + 710); although both quarters sold a similar number of non-iPhone devices the biggest difference between the two quarters lies in the fact that Q2 saw a HUGE advertising push for the Lumias in the US by both At&t and Nokia. They were the pride and joy of all At&t stores, and were given center stage; however in Q3 the Galaxy S3 was released on At&t which has proven to be a wild success. Also worth noting is that the 900 is not the only WP device carried on At&t, they also have the HTC Titan II and the Samsung Focus 2 (but for the sake of this post let’s pretend those didn’t get any sales).

To get a look at the number of non-WP or Apple devices At&t usually sells let’s go back one more quarter to Q1; pre-Lumia launch- in Q1 At&t sold 5.5 Million smartphones, 4.3 of which were iPhones:

  • 5.5 – 4.3 = 1.2 Million Android & BB Devices (ignoring any non-Lumia WP devices they carried).
So it’s safe to assume that At&t usually sells a bit over a Million Android devices a quarter, alongside their huge sum of iPhones, seeing only a dip of Android sales during Q2 when the Lumia got a significant push in advertising. Comparing the total number of Lumias sold worldwide in Q2 (4 Million) to those sold in Q3 Worldwide (2.9 Million) = Quarterly drop of 28%. Assuming that all countries shared the 28% drop in Lumia sales, that would mean that the US would have seen only 472,000 Lumia sales. However that fails to factor in the number of sales lost in the US due to the launch of the GS3 as well as the discontinuation of most advertising promotions. This is also neglecting the fact that Q3 saw the Lumias launching in multiple new countries including KSA, Lebanon, India and more; meaning the true decrease in US sales would be more than 28% to offset the new region sales.
Seeing as I’m no analyst in any shape or form (in other words don’t take my word for it); I suspect that of the 1.4 Million devices sold by At&t this quarter close to 1 Million (probably more) were android devices, leaving less than 400,000 to be split amongst the Lumias, other WP devices, and BB.

*Note: i neglected to factor in Lumia 710 sales, seeing as it didn’t receive much marketing and I couldn’t find any solid reference numbers.

-This is my first time attempting to interpret such numbers, so it’s quite possible my calculation logic is flawed; feel free to point it out below.


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