30 minutes with the Marko Ahtisaari, on Nokia Lumia 920 & Working with Microsoft

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Well I just had to stop in my tracks when I saw a new video with Marko Ahtisaari – a sort of hero person for many Nokia fans thanks to his (and his team’s) work on the amazing Nokia N9.

I like Marko because he’s a visionary. I also like him because he hints a lot, but so very subtly. You wouldn’t think there’s much significance until you revisit what he said after major events had happened. e.g. Nokia going WP, Nokia making something as revolutionary as the N9 swipe, Nokia Lumia 920 more focus on wireless (e.g. charging).

I’m only 10 minutes in. 🙂 We’ll be revisiting this in a bit. He may be reiterating some familiar points but I’m hopeful there might be a nice snippet of something big soon – not too much though. As you’ll note in the video he remembers answering the tablet question and sort of regrets how it was taken out of context.

The video is not continuous. Some key bits may have been removed :p.

I just love Marko’s passion for the products that he’s involved in making. I’m always enamoured by folks who are lucky enough to be working with the things they love the most – someone who truly appreciates what they’re doing, wanting to get the best from it and in doing so gets genuine enjoyment.



  • Marko still reiterates steering wheel interaction. Work with lumia, fresh and modern approach. Doesn’t want to go just ‘in in in in’ with apps and back out. Tiles provide some shortcut around that.
  • Reiteration of the ‘heads up’ thing.
  • Question on tablets: he talks about foolishly answering question on tablets, saying he spent half of his time on what we would not recognize as smartphones or phones which was interpreted as a tablet.
  • He doesn’t want to reveal too much but he’s telling us to watch out for the Nokia Gear stuff, that’s where Nokia’s innovating (both accessories and phones – how phones connect with accessories and such!)
  • Nokia is building value around the product and pushing it further.
  • Working on unified brand identity.
  • Bringing colour to grey white black rounded corners. Bringing diversity and warmth. More brand identity that’s an expression recognizably Nokia.
  • Prototyping techniques mentioned.
  • Mentions something about prototypes, seemingly something current but specifically says not to give anything away, where you have to test a gesture, you have to have the device (related to accessories and the environment).
  • Question on next gen communicator. – Nokia continually looking at ways to improve text input.
  • Talks about taking notes with the camera.
  • Marko says to do it (create) if it’s something meaningfully better.

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