Windows Phone Connector App (Zune Replacement) Released on Windows 8 Store Ahead of Today’s Launch

| October 29, 2012 | 41 Replies

In anticipation of today’s Windows Phone 8 launch, Microsoft have released the official Windows Phone connector app in the Windows 8 store. This app is supposed to be a replacement for the tedious Zune, the official app description is;



Your computer and your Windows Phone 8 work together seamlessly with the Windows Phone app so you always have your photos, videos, and music, and more where you want them.


  • Get your music, photos, and videos from your computer to your phone (and vice versa).
  • Quickly share things from your phone with Windows 8 apps (like Photos, or Search). You don’t even have to open the Windows Phone app to move things around.
  • Automatically save photos and videos you take with your phone to your PC.
  • See at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content, so it’s easy to make sure you never run out of room on your phone.
  • Get to to download apps, learn more about your phone, or find it if it’s lost.
Unfortunately when trying to connect my Stormtrooper to the app nothing happens as the device isn’t recognized, meaning the new connector app is for Windows Phone 8 only (and possibly WP7.8?)
To get it yourself either search “Windows Phone” in the Windows store.



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  • Patata

    and another thing wp7.x users won’t get. Thanks Nokia and Microsoft for saying f**k you to all those who bought their beta devices.

    • stevebarker66

      Easy, Tiger – no-one said this will not be available to WP7 users.

      AFAIK, Zune will not work with W8.

      Nokia & MS plan on selling millions of devices like the Lumia510 over the next year or so, so it’s only reasonable to expect compatibility with WP7.8 (as Ali said in the article)

      But its only a few hours now – let’s wait & see 🙂

      • Zune does work with Windows 8, have been using it for a few months now.

        This new app doesn’t recognize WP7.5 devices.

        Feature-wise, this app does not compare to Zune. Basic functions only, it seems

    • Philip Belosa

      You dont know anything so calm down…

    • Cod3rror

      It’s OK, in less than a year it’ll turn out that Windows Phone 8 users are beta testers too, when their phones won’t be updated to WP9 or whatever junk Microsoft comes up with.

      • Janne

        Why would the inability to upgrade to a new major version make you a beta tester? That makes no sense.

        • Cod3rror

          Because you can with Apple.

          3GS(2009) – iOS 3, iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6.

          Beat that Microsoft.

          • Dave

            LOL so you’re saying Nokia should have gone with iOS ?

            How’s Siri working on your 3GS btw?

          • Janne

            For some reason it still doesn’t follow, that being able to upgrade some device (or not) from a current, major release version to the next would make or not make you a “beta tester”… It just doesn’t follow.

            Now here’s better way to put it: It sucks that WP7 devices can’t be upgraded to WP8.

            Though, because the reason for the above is the kernel and the architecture changes, I think it is more likely that next major version(s) after WP8 will be better upgradeable. No guarantee of course, but logically it would seem more likely, because a similar major change is not expected for WP9. Also, history would support at least next year’s “WP8.5” upgrade to current devices (WP7 got WP7.5), so I feel at least somewhat more confident with this year’s WP8 devices getting next updates than was the case with original Lumias.

            For what its worth.

            • Patata

              You can’t compare WP7.x to WP8.x.
              Microsoft always knew that WP7.x will never get a real future and that it will be just a placeholder until WP8 is ready. They should have stated that from the beginning and of course Nokia should have done this as they always knew too that the CE Kernel based OS will be a dead end.
              And of course, the main reason why people are asking for the next Major version for current devices is the fact that WP7.x still lacks a lot of things.
              Yes I know, that the typical “power consumer” doesn’t care as long as there are MEME apps and other stuff in the Marketplace for that he can pay for, but there are still others who expect that a smartphone can do a little more than wp7.x can 😉

          • Xun

            K, here’s a list of iDevices that you cannot update because they have been abandoned by Apple due to hardware limitations…

            iPhone (1st gen), highest version of iOS supported: 3.1.3

            iPhone 3G, released in 2008. Highest version of iOS supported: 4.2.1

            iPod Touch (1st gen), highest version of iOS supported: 3.1.3

            iPod Touch (2nd gen), highest version of iOS supported: 4.2.1

            iPod Touch (3rd gen), highest version of iOS supported: 5.1.1

            iPad (1st gen), highest version of iOS supported: 5.1.1

            Anyways, as new hardware turns into old hardware, you must simply stop supporting it once it’s obsolete as far as supporting your new software (and vice versa)… This isn’t something new, it’s done by all companies in the software/computer industry…

    • Dave

      From Engadget, which these days has a far more intelligent comments section than MNB (and they’re mostly retards, go figure):

      This app will also support Windows Phone 7. If you look in the apps folder, two dll files “Zmdb75.dll” and “Zmdb80.dll” (Zune Media DataBase – Zmdb) corresponds to two different Windows Phone versions respectively. All you have to do is update the driver via device manager, from 4.8.xxxx (zune driver) to 6.2.9200.xxxxx (windows 8 driver for windows phone). However, the last device root “Windows Phone USB” is stuck at with the zune driver, and this is the important one because this is the driver that distinguishes the windows phone version, the other one was just for the phone management. The apps folder also include your personalized windows phone branding/images. For example, I have an HTC Titan, and inside the folder there’s an HTC Titan picture, together with the old 7.5 banner (red square, windows logo).

  • incognito

    What happened with the touted native integration, why the hell do you still need a separate app when the core is the same between devices (of course it’s not, but that’s what they are trying to advertise)? Do you need a separate app to exchange data between two Windows machines? Yeah, that’s how much WP8 is ‘Windows’… Tho, given the reputation of the later, no matter if it’s justified or not, that might not be such a bad thing.

    • Janne

      Yeah, why the heck do you need Ovi Suite! Nokia would never do such a thing with Symbian/MeeGo!

      Oh wait, crap…

      Sometimes I wonder what kind of a software developer you are when you assume sharing the same “core” would automatically result in any kind of interoperability – or any lack of interoperability would be telling of what kind the “core” is. That’s just silly talk.

      Now, the interesting this of course is, will there be any kind of USB file system access now or in the future.

      • nn

        Wasn’t the idea of being part of Windows that it will be one interconnected and seamlessly interoperable ecosystem that only MS can deliver? Now you are comparing it with Ovi Suite and MeeGo and implying that because it’s the same, there is no problem…

        • Janne

          I doubt it was ever suggested that WP8 would not use some sort of “connector” software for syncing? At least I never read it like that, we knew Zune was on the way out, but I never thought that being part of the ecosystem somehow necessitated the lack of any companion apps or the like.

          I am fairly certain there have been rumours or announcements of WP8 connector software for W8 out there for months… I’m too lazy to check, but this one didn’t come as a surprise for me.

          In time, if not already when you plug in a WP8 phone to a W8 device, this stuff will probably be there readily. When we have the devices we’ll obviously see what the level of interoperability will be.

          • nn

            Well, one of the major problem I have with all the Elop’s talk about teh ecosystems and windows is that it’s only empty PR speak without any substance and concrete proposals. So technically you are right. Even if WP8 would crash W8 computer every time you tried to connect it, it wouldn’t be in direct contradiction to his grand visions of ecosystems future.

      • javid

        yes, i was also wondering what this means for the drag/drop functionality for content to and from a wp8 device? Does the presence of this app mean its not possible? I guess we have only a few hours now to wait and found out…

        • Janne

          I don’t think the presence of this app means much with regards to that. I think it could go either way. I am pessimistic as to not get disappointed. 🙂

          • javid

            i know what you mean about being a pessimist. Even though i have had no WP7.x phones myself, i am very much looking for anything about wp8! Drag/drop is one of those features i need to have in wp8 before i commit…
            I am a N8-00 and N9 owner and love that you can just connect and go.

      • incognito

        Hey, it’s not me who was spewing the nonsense about tight, native integration between W8 and WP8, but rather the astroturfers and Microsoft/Nokia officials themselves. If I had the time to dig around, I’m quite positive that I’d find at least 90% of the MNB Microsoft defence squad saying at least once that WP8 will be huge as it would seamlessly integrate with desktop/tablet Windows (and thus piggyback on the potential success of its bigger brother) not requiring any app whatsoever as they share all the components.

        As for the rest, sharing same components and structure doesn’tneutrally lead to tight integration, or vice versa, but it can greatly help if that’s the goal. I can integrate all my Linux boxes seamlessly, including the N900s and partially the N9, they all share a common storage, tunnel their apps through, control PulseAudio from a common location, update software, sync and whatnot – all without a single piece of ‘translating’ software inbetween. As a matter of fact, my Linux devices have similarly tight integration with Windows as well tho that did take some tweaking. Is it too much to expect at least similarly tight integration between WP8 and W8? You know, when you open media player to have your device there, when you open My Computer to have you’re device there, when you open a gallery app to have pictures from you’re device there, when… If they are built on the same basis that should be perfectly achievable – it already works between W7 boxes.

        P.S. Ovi Suite was one of the most pointless apps in Nokia’s history. Effin WinAmp did a better job at synchronisation, and that says a lot.

        P.P.S. I don’t mind having an option of specialized sync software as long as you can do the same using other (preferably standardized) means.

        • Dave

          LOL @ PulseAudio!!!!

          • incognito

            Hey, I don’t like it either, but it’s the only thing that at least with a degree of predictability works across many flavors of Linux.

        • Janne

          I still don’t see the way syncing between W8 and WP8 would suggest anything about wider ecosystem benefits. Clearly the common development frameworks for example can be a much more important thing, as are shared services etc.

          Even the syncing, presence of an “app” to so it does not suggest the integration isn’t or couldn’t be great. We will see what it is like. Don’t scream foul until foul has happened. 🙂

  • MNhut

    Microsoft, please don’t forget the mac users… !

    • microsoft says buy win8 OS first. lol

      • Dave

        That would be hilarious, if it wasn’t for the fact that WP is Nokia’s best supported OS on the Mac. If you were a Symbian user, you’d be shit out of luck.

        • MNhut

          Actually, I’m using a N8 with my mac without any problems (with Nokia Multimedia Transfer) 😉

          • Dave

            I’m happy that app works for you, I never got along with it 🙂

  • Gäst

    Does it use the encrypted Microsoft MTPZ protocol or does it use the standard MTP?
    I really hope it will only need the standard protocol and not the zune encryption.
    But soon it will be known for sure.

  • BellGo

    Hmm.. so what exactly of this is anything special? I mean, you can already move pictures and files between devices, (cloud services were not invented just now, you know) so.. well, was this what they meant with interaction between WP8 and Windows 8?

    Could someone tell me, as I honestly want to know.

  • incognito

    Unlike in earlier events, live stream actually works: mms:// (no need for #@%#$% Silverlight, open in any mms-able player).

    So far – Joe is boring as usual, and he’s talking about the Live lock-screen. As I’ve assumed, they allowed for more info on the lock screen, nothing new there…

    • incognito

      Errr… wrong post *ashamed*

  • Nick

    This app is by far the WORST app I’ve ever used for syncing my WP device. You can’t make or sync playlists, or even read and sync the ones you’ve made in the Music app. Also when using the desktop connector to sync with iTunes it will crash EVERY TIME. this is by far the biggest mistake MS made. I know a lot of you hated Zune, and I didn’t like it in the beginning either. but as I started using it as my every day music player I started to like it….and IT WORKED!!!

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