HTC Pointing Out Lumia 920’s Weight Problems

| October 30, 2012 | 72 Replies

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Nokia have been pretty active on the “toying front” with other phone manufactures, taking shots at Samsung, Motorola, Apple and many others; of course it’s only natural for other to retaliate, which is exactly what HTC have done. @HTC tweeted “The 8X is 20 pennies lighter than the “other” Windows Phone”; of course it says a lot when your only advantage against “the other” Windows Phone is a lighter body, but it is a valid point. Do you think the 920’s weight is a sales affecting factor?


besides everyone knows the 920 has a glandular problem.


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  • keist

    Samsung ATIV is better than these two!

    • KeiZka

      Doubt it, what with reflashed S3.

      • keist

        The ATIV has the biggest screen with a proper 720p display and a microSD card slot in addition to the 16/32GB internal memory. Nokia should learn from Samsung.

        • KeiZka

          *proper 720p display*?

          Ok, now you are trolling.

          SD I might concede, but 32gb is quite plenty enough. Never got to fill that on my N900.

        • H

          with lowest ppi among the trio is a proper 720p display?

          • Bloob

            lowest ppi that’s pentile too…

            • Bloob

              P.S. I actually wish that Nokia would release a 4″ ‘Ativ S’, ie. 720p, S4, 16/32GB + microSD, 1GB RAM, 100-140g. Just a basic, good sized, high end phone, with maybe wireless charging thrown in.

              OIS is nice and all, but not everyone needs it, and while I’m okay with WVGA on the 820, not everyone is. WVGA might be enough for 4″ though.

  • A-S-D


  • EE

    You get what you pay

  • keithlum

    Who’s care a 20 pennies weight ? That’s only a desperate tweeted of HTCrap ,pity though…Samsung ATIV is better in term of storage,camera ??? I own a GALAXY NOTE,but i feel shamed to activate the camera when i know my old NOKIA N8 and NOKIA 808 camera is far far more superior than the Samsung…

  • chucky

    I think if Jessica Alba doesn’t have a problem handling the L920 than we should not worry too much about it.

  • oakpacific

    8X doesn’t have much weight advantage over its real opponent: the Nokia Lumia 820/822.:D

  • Rinslowe

    I don’t even know I’m here typing, should’ve known better. Typical….

    • Rinslowe

      edit: why

  • Rinslowe

    Do you think 2 ply is better none? Or is 4 ply the absolute bestest?

  • Funny thing is while reading most of these comments, no one bother to point out the possible reasons for this extra weight. The wireless charging, the PureView thing – right, that screen PureMotion could be more heavier than regular touch screens.

    Eemove these ^innovations^ out of 920 and you might get a lighter device to play with. Seriously guys, use your heads for a change.

    • Salakka

      Agree. Besides there’s 24 pennies/coins in the picture.:P

      Don’t know is this picture related to that particular tweet, though…

  • bob

    They are both the same 10mm so they are trying to focus on weight (which is still of no issue!).

    Clutching at straws much.

  • incognito

    OS aside, I don’t see any problem with the weight there. I’m not one of those people who carries his phone in my shirt pocket to be bothered with a couple of grams here and there.

    Personally, I’d have much more problems with the shear size of it – for me the N9/Lumia 800 size is as far as I’d go. Everything above that is, IMHO, unjustified. I could handle increased thickness (after all, I didn’t have any problems with my N95 or my N900) if it gives me a physical keyboard, but I already have troubles taking out my N9 from my pants pocket while seated, and it would get all much worse should it be wider/taller than that.

  • Heikki Niininen

    Seriously, if someone has problems to hold a cellphone (Lumia 920 weighs 185 grams) then I strongly recommend to hit the gym and do some serious weightlifting 🙂

    I mean for me it is better if the phone weighs more, it is somehow easier to hold (at least for me). Also the weight somehow gives me the feeling of good quality (even though it is not really a correct indicator of for that).

  • ogor

    yeah yeah htcrap, youre complaining on weight of lumia 920 thats why you made your own lumia copy :l

  • What’s wrong with people? It’s only “20 pennies” heavier! :/
    I wear tight jeans with really tight pocket and still don’t feel the weight of N73, Lumia 800 in one pocket and a Canon Ixus 105 in another. A big thick wallet in the back pocket.

    Maybe I’m stronger than average person? I’m not… I’m thin and can’t even do more than 20 push-ups.
    And I’ll be glad to replace all that stuff mentioned above with a little bit heavy Lumia 920 which will be a lot lighter than than all that stuff.
    And it will also make my wallet lighter.

  • Xsever

    I got the 920 from Rogers Canada and the weight is NO FACTOR at all. Not as dramatic and painful as some people make it sound.

    I am loving it so far!

    Check it out:

  • Carbontubby

    20 grams difference is a big deal? Try carrying around old clunkers like that metal lump called the E61i 🙂

    It seriously sounds like a lame-duck attempt by HTC to make its lame-duck WP8 phones look good. The large screen sizes on today’s high end phones mean you can barely stuff them into jeans pockets anyway. The Galaxy Note is big enough to need a man bag of its own 😉