Laptopmag: Nokia Lumia 920 is the ULTIMATE Windows Phone

| October 31, 2012 | 71 Replies


Here’s laptopmag’s verdict on the Nokia Lumia 920. They love it a lot. The camera, the screen, the design, wireless charging and Nokia apps. The main drawbacks is the slight weight, limited app in comparison and supposedly NFC sharing isn’t so simple.


Pros: Slick and colorful design; Superb camera; Eye-popping HD screen; Integrated wireless charging; Useful Nokia apps

Cons: Relatively heavy; App selection still limited compared to Android and iOS; NFC sharing could be easier;

The Verdict: The Nokia Lumia 920 is the ultimate Windows Phone, thanks to its jaw-dropping HD screen, fantastic PureView camera and wireless charging capability
So what if it’s “20 pennies” heavier. It’s the only Windows Phone worth getting.
Cheers M for the tip!

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  • nokiaaaaaouh


  • SmoledMan

    That’s 55 grams heavier than the iPhone 5. That is significant to alot of people. Also 600K fewer apps.

    • rstyle

      600K fart app….

      • SmoledMan

        My last count is there were only a few hundred fart apps. Less then a 1000 in fact. 1/700 = 0.1% of the entire store are fart apps.

        Do you have a different line of attack?

        • rstyle

          Attack??? bwahahaha GTFOH!…

          Every single troll in the world knows that iOS and andriod got more apps than windows phone.

          so what the hell is you point for telling us about the 600K more app?

        • Scelero

          400 000 of the apps has never been downloaded. So there you go. Different line of attack.

          Oh and the iphone 5 feels cheap and toyish being so light.

          • Rinslowe


            Passed it on to someone who would appreciate the fairy feather goodness that only fairy feather pansy hands can…

        • Bob

          400,000 apps never even downloaded once!

          How’s them apples?

          • Grazy

            and all of them dont fit the new iphone screen! 🙂 some happy developer!

          • Grazy

            interesting article! must remember to use that next time I’m having a debate with my friends who own iphones! thats about the only argument they ever have!! more apps!!

          • Sam

            It may be a little off the subject, but I am shocked to see how expensive it still is to build a mobile app or a mobile game.

        • @rollindadice

          i suggest you go and troll elsewhere with your app loving self

          • Raj

            You need to convince few million of your friends to buy lumia for WP to become relevant

      • Rinslowe

        601K if you count rstyle.

        It’s the most Radical Style app available, because it’s not an app at all. I mean whoa (mind explodes), so so clever.

        It’s really just a silly troll btch.

    • Dave

      And of course those “alot of people” are going to put their i5 in a 100g case which makes it both bigger and heavier than the L920..

    • user

      As if like people are going to need all those apps.
      How many apps have you installed in your iphone?
      55 grams heavier? Like really??? I hope you are just trying to act funny.

    • yourmama

      I guess a lot of people are just whiny idoits 🙂

      • yourmama


    • viktor von d.

      biatch,more than 250.000 apps are only for the ipad so stfu

  • ZiiimZooon

    Your not fat, Lumia 920!
    It’s just the others who have anorexia!

    • SmoledMan

      I’m sure the Lumia 930/940 whatever the next gen will be lighter as they find a way to update the electronics. 185g is the heaviest it will ever be.

      • Rinslowe

        I tend to agree with Spock on this one….

      • Andrew_b

        Because thinner/lighter is ALWAYS obviously better and more apps is the ONLY thing that really matters, no matter how innovative a competing device may be.

    • Bob

      8x and 920 are BaoTH 10mm.

      What’s the big deal.

  • Mark

    Yup. It’s going to get slated for the weight. Stupid decision Nokia.

    • dss

      Same thing happened with the 808.. but in practice its not bad at all. This one is bigger, but that is okay.. at least you get a .5 inch more screen.

      • stylinred

        its heavier than the 808 though

    • Rinslowe

      Hey Marko, I have an idea, lets just decide to make it as weighted as possible… LOL

      Dude, WTF. It most certainly would have been a stupid decision, it is was a decision at all, which it wasn’t.

      Or would you rather they just said, “to hell with hardware innovations”, lets decide to make a genuinely stupid decision and make an exact carbon copy of the 8x. Yeah way to go bro!

      Weight won’t be an issue for like 99% of people giving 920 a decent shot…

      • Mark

        No, I would rather it was a max of 160g and had the innovations.

        Still buying one though.

        • l33tuc

          “Still buying one though.”

          Says it all really…. 🙂

          • Mark

            Not really. I still think it’s the best phone for me out there despite it being heavier than it should and the camera not being quite as good for daylight shots as the iPhone 5’s.

            Everything in life is about compromise. The 920 has more plus points for me than any of it competitors and those outweigh its negatives.

        • rinslowe

          “No, I would rather it was a max of 160g”

          So that’s the magic max eh?


          Dude your too clever for me…

          • Mark


            • Rinslowe


              You’re a fckwit

  • ww

    we will expect more hype of 920 from nokia paid site, but dissappointing result at the sale announcemnet.

    • KeiZka

      Did you just imply Laptopmag is a paid site?

      • Mark

        He did. But then he is a bit ‘special’ if you know what I mean.

        • Cptain.

          you mean he is retarded?

          • Mark

            Quite so.

        • rinslowe

          Looks like he’s in the right company then ladies

    • StaticPlaya

      Due to the poor selection of exclusivity deals.

  • dss

    this sounds promising

    “We used the Lumia 920 from 1 pm to 6 pm, taking about 40 minutes worth of video, then snapping numerous photos, browsing the web, checking Twitter and Facebook, and making phone calls. After that time, we had about 6 percent battery life remaining. We expect you should get more than 6 hours during everyday use.”

    • Roninho

      I don’t get what’s with all the complaints about the weight. Are people that weak/lazy they can’t take on an extra 50 grams in their hand? Give it a few days and you won’t even notice that it’s heavy anymore.

      • Rinslowe


        There’s too many fckwits with fairy feather pansy hands going around.

  • Still no news of WP 7.8. 🙁
    Now I feel like Nokia and MS betrayed me… Should’ve switched to Android after the death of Symbian. Foolish me…I switched to a Lumia 800 and still hoped for 7.8 with mass storage mode. -_-

    • Patata

      Rumors say that wp7.8 will be released about 4-6 weeks after the first wp8 devices are in stores. First devices will be new devices like the 510. Existing devices will get the update even later 😉

      • migo

        I guess we could be looking at at least 3 months for network testing on top of that, if we’re lucky, they’re already doing that, but I’d lean towards it coming out at the time of BB10 (which is probably march but could be even later).

    • Patata

      and of course there won’t be a mass storage mode for any wp 7.x devices 😉

    • incognito

      Such ungratefulness for having the privilege to be a Nokia/Microsoft beta tester… Ah, kids these days… 😛

      • Sorry old man! I’m a Nokia fan! I stayed with it when it needed help! And I’m glad I made a little contribution. Now I feel the sales are gonna go pretty high… And now Nokia doesn’t need help. So I’m gonna buy a Nexus device or an iOS device next time.
        But 7.5 is still better than Symbian… No crashes, no lags.

      • Mark

        That’s funny, incognito, because every single Symbian phone I bought from Nokia felt like a beta test – all of them required new firmware to fix bugs, crashes etc – whilst my 800 has worked flawlessly since the day I bought it.

        Makes you wonder who the beta testers actually were, doesn’t it?

        • incognito

          All of Nokia customers, old and new ones, I’d guess. Besides the upfront planned obsolescence, Lumia line had quite a share of its own problems so it’s not as if that stopped with dropping of Symbian…

          No software-relied product is finished, ever, so it makes us all beta testers in one form of the other, the difference being – I don’t mind all that much to beta test products that I find useful and that can help me in my productivity and/or quality of life, despite some problems I might encounter while traveling that road. WP ain’t one of such products… Symbian isn’t/wasn’t either, in case you were wondering, but the alternatives at the time were far worse so I had to put up with it…

          • Mark

            Or, in other words, you’re applying double standards.


            • incognito

              No I’m not. I just chose which products I am willing to beta test and which I am not, whenever offer the choice of course.

            • incognito

              P.S. And I’m mentioning the ‘beta test’ thing just because Nokia was boldly idiotic in their ‘beta test is over’ ads. They asked for it.

              • migo

                Yeah, they shouldn’t have done that.

            • Rinslowe

              Go play with the other morons Mark, I can’t stand your* (ohh) shty attitude to everything! And that despicable overly bloated self image which oozes through every little thing you write. Suck a fat one…

              Fairy boy.

    • user

      I don’t think Nokia ever promised update on Lumia. You should be happy you will be getting one soon.

      • Nokia promised the update about 2 months ago(or maybe before that) on Nokia Conversations along with an app. for Bluetooth File transfer, ringtone maker and few other apps. but, they are nowhere to be seen/heard/read.

  • i can bash you on the head with my lumia 920.. another feature


      a great phone AND self defence weapon 🙂

      • Rinslowe

        *This feature has been largely overlooked, for obvious reasons neither Nokia nor MS can openly promote it…

        But it gives it some serious street cred nonetheless. In fact there has been one or two people here that could benefit from a demonstration…


  • WHERE IS GREY LUMIA 920?!??!

  • chucky

    I just had to check the weight of the iPhone with the otter box yesterday and it was 183 gramms. 99% of the time the case was on it(it had to be). My wife’s iPhone on the other hand broke to pieces even with the case on.. go figure..

  • D Harries

    The smartphone becomes critical now as sales of the PC level off and fall away. We’re transferring our computing away from the desk and in to the hand. It could be a good strategy not having too many apps. Think of it this way – you see what works on Andriod and iOS in terms of quality app and the you help that company get their app onto Symbian/Windows Market Place. Keeps the crap out.

  • Sonny

    Can someone tell me if you can buy appd on the WP8 Marketplace using operator billing? Or must you have a credit card?

    Plus does the L920 have usb on the go, equalizers and dolby digital?

    • MH

      Lumia 920 has equalizer and dobly digital. I dont believe it has usb on the go. Anyway, I have replaced all the pendrives with Cloudservices like Dropbox and Skydrive.

      • KeiZka


      • Sonny

        well everyone is not fortunate enough to have cloudservices. Plus why does gsmarena state it has usb otg?

    • Grendell


  • Ronnie jersey shore

    watch the pros , do not you think it’s just hardware? and where is the great WP8 ? I meant this , microsoft exploits nokia, and i know the reason why nokia are in this situation they are complete idiots , these aspects with other OS ( android meego ) would have been the smartphoneslayer. congratulations, you have just produced the new N8 ( if you know what I mean) great hardware , very poor SO