Video: French unboxing of Nokia Lumia 920 (black)

| October 31, 2012 | 16 Replies



With every new product comes a wave of unboxings. You’ve seen the Canadian (Rogers) now for the French version.

Here is a 6 minute unboxing.


Source: NokiaDay

Cheers thomas peignaud for the tip!


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  • monkster18

    cant view the vid at work coz these nuts are monitoring everything.could someone confirm if the 920 comes with headphones?

    • BIber

      They do, yes 🙂

    • Yes, it has in-earphones out-of-the-box 🙂

      • javier

        great, any idea about the model number? I just lost mine from my 808 and they were surprisingly good..


          • Samce crappy ones that have been coming with every single phone since the 9, 800, 900 and 808.. you can have mine I have like 5 of them.

            • lol. i would if i could. i own a nokia 2600 and still using it 😀

  • monkster18

    okay thanks.there goes my hope of owning a purity pro headset

    • Pdexter

      You were wishing over 100 euros headphones with your phone, really?

      The ones Nokia is shipping with the phone are one of the best delivered with any phone as usually they are that one dollar crap.

  • lumianer

    HTC is stealing the wireless charging function from Nokia. I am very angry!

  • Sanprime

    Lumia rockzzz. . . .

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  • Sonny

    Can someone tell me if you can buy appd on the WP8 Marketplace using operator billing? Or must you have a credit card?

    Plus does the L920 have usb on the go, equalizers and dolby digital?

    • Pdexter

      USB one the go i don’t know.

      Equalizers and dolby digital, yes.

    • In france, Operator billing available with Orange

  • monkster18

    hey i know wanting the purity headset with a phone is pushing it and the quality of the buds are quite fine but for goodness sake atleast give me a pair with the remote for play/pause/ so used to skipping songs with the remote since the days of my n73 and going back to having to pick the phone outta my pocket each time to change a song sucks.i tried sticking the WH 701 pair i got with my n8 into a lumia 900 and it didnt work.chances are they wont work on the 920 either