AAS: Nokia Lumia 920 PureView vs Nokia 808 PureView! (vs OneX) – 808 still the King!

| November 1, 2012 | 31 Replies

Another comparison with the Nokia Lumia 920, this time against the champion that is the Nokia 808 PureView. Time well spent by the AAS crew (AAWP). Both very worthy camera phones indeed.




As expected, the 920 and 808 both have their strengths but the 808 is still packing all the camera punches to edge its way to the top. I’m pleased I have a very, very decent camera and a decent browser on the same Nokia phone. 808 is legendary. 920 is quite excellent for more mainstream users.

Cheers all for the tip!

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  1. arts says:

    I’m surprised it did so well. Noise reduction algorithm still a bit on the high side thou.

  2. javid says:

    choice is still hard to make – 920 or 808? Both of them have their positives!

    • arts says:

      Buy both. :p

    • Jay Montano says:

      I love the 808 but I find it hard to use as a smartphone. Otherwise, for camera, 808!

      • AreOut says:

        will you elaborate?

        • Deep Space Bar says:

          hey look at me i’m jay i’m gonna make an excuse that symbian is hard to use even though i’ve been using it for almost 90% of my life….>.> because i’ve moved to windows phone

          that’s pretty pathetic jay

          • Jay Montano says:

            Deep space bar, you are an unfortunate narrow minded parasite of this blog.

            it is completely natural foe people to get accustomed to a new form of interaction that makes it difficult for them to reuse something they might have been using many times before. Furthermore you ignorant buffoon, I’ve always said I found the keyboard in Symbian touch a pain to use. I’ve always found it difficult to use the browser (especially knowing on n900/n9 browsing is not frustrating). I use the browser a lot as well as the keyboard. There’s a few other things too…email/calendar/contact sync/photos/docs/Automatic wireless syncing of my stuff. Symbian has so many great things about it and I recommend it to many people. I’ve just got used to a different way of using a phone. I’ve seen plenty of n9/swipe users say the same, not just about Symbian but other forms of interaction.

            Get your head out of your trolling ass and perhaps away from here too because in tired of your crap.

    • Andy says:

      808 as its the last Symbian device

    • Dave says:

      Never seen a bunch of bigger cocksuckers than the iVerge.

      New ipad: OH MY GOD
      Nexus 7: not retina, nuh uh
      Surface: not retina, nuh uh
      Everything else: not retina, nuh uh,

    • Bob says:

      A very “half glass empty” review unfortunately.

      The camera is good BUT too complicated to use etc. WTF? Really?

      WAaaaayy to big and bulky (although thinner than the 800 and 900 – which never had the complaint). You would think it was an 808!

      Screen good BUT . .

      Speed good BUT . . .

      Maps good BUT . .

      Etc etc etc . .

      Meanwhile the low spec iPad Mini is a revelation . . .

  3. Paul Grenfell says:

    Which is why i still prefer the 808..The camera is the biggest feature on my must have list,

    • Bob says:

      BUT the Verge said the 808 camera is too hard to use! It must be TRUE.

      Just get an iAnything and everything will be perfect. :)

      • Quantom says:

        Well, they might not all be wrong on the “difficult” part since it really requires more tweaking to get the perfect shot. If I’m not wrong the 808 tends towards lower ISOs in many situations and this can easily lead to blurred pictures. Hence manual intervention is required.

      • dss says:

        Its the easiest camera to use .. just like Steve did in that review, you just set it to auto and let it do the work. The camera UI on the 808 the best out there.. considering how much control you have.. its like 3 apps in one.

      • Andy says:

        The verge is baised.GSMarena is the best

  4. Tak says:

    808′s camera is obviously a lot better, and there never was any question about it.

    The rest is subjective. I like the new Symbian better, than Windows Phone.

  5. torcida says:

    Of course the 808 is still the king!

  6. Mapantz says:

    As somebody mentioned on the site with the shootout, i would like to see it done without everything being on auto. It’s ridiculous!
    The shutter stays open for longer on the 920 so the ISO needs to be changed on the 808 to match the 920′s shutter time
    And why does the 808 keep getting referred to as the ‘Old Nokia 808′?
    There is no ‘new’ 808, and the Lumia 900 is older than the 808.

  7. Rags says:

    The 920′s somehow got the same purple glare as the iPhone 5. How come no one’s whining? :P

    This test from CNet seems to show the same problem: http://www.cnet.com/8301-17918_1-57542752-85/nokia-lumia-920-camera-vs-htc-windows-phone-8x-vs-iphone-5/

  8. jr says:

    Not all they have to do is to bring the 808s pureview and 920s Pureview together in a device which is thinner than the 920 .. Still getting the 920 though

  9. Michael says:

    The Pureview 808 surely is the best cameraphone at the moment, but I agree the Symbian OS is quite outdated and a pain to use in this day when we are spoilt for choice with Android and Window 8 devices. Text messaging is fairly usable but web browsing is very poor. Navigation is very poor and some websites don’t work on the browser and all you get is an empty screen saying “Browser unable to connect to website”. Terrible.

    The 4″ touch screen is too small for a satisfactory web browsing experience, and although it is Amoled Clearback, it is lacking behind the competition with its low resolution screen. Others have moved on to higher resolution displays. The Lumia 920 has a larger 4.5″ high-resolution display has better clarity, detail and colours, and the touch screen is super-sensitive.

    The quality of a camera in a smartphone isn’t everything. The 920 represents a better purchase for most people who still value some great quality pictures with an improved interface and overall nicer features. For casual snapshots, the 920 will do fine. For special occasions or outings, most people would bring a quality P&S such as the Sony RX100 or cameras with interchangeable lenses anyway.

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