Camera test: Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

| November 1, 2012 | 12 Replies

We got a heads up from Chris Burns that they’ve got a comparison up between the camera of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The low light photos really are just night and day.

In daylight, SGSIII appears to be over exposed at times. In one photo (the leaves one) I do slightly prefer the warmer tones of the SGSIII, but the rest of the photos look better with the 920.

The photo below by the 920 is kinda pretty and interesting in that I’ve read some comments by people saying the 920 cannot take pictures of moving objects.

The colours here are a lot warmer than the SGSIII this time.


SGSIII overexposed on the far right and the dog.

This isn’t a full camera comparison – something more detailed will probably (as always) come from GSMArena. But good to see some day shots.

Source: slashgear

Cheers Chris for the tip!


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  • Viipottaja

    Yup, in the dark and overall 920 seems to do better. In some pictures the 920 pics seem more blurry when zoomed in – see e.g. the Target outside pics and zoom to the window. On the other hand, in those pics too the Sammy completely overexposes the sky.


    Not surprisingly 808 comes out as the overall winner in the AAWP test. There too the 920 does extremely well in low light in particular and surprising well overall relative to the 808.

  • Jake

    Whoa, nasty amount of noise reduction in the Lumia picture… I hope this is not a representative shot of the camera in the 920.

    • Jake

      Ok, the pictures over at AAWP look better. But still quite much noise reduction applied…

      • arts

        A bit too much. Hopefully nothing a good software patch can’t fix.

        • Pökö

          I agree, hopefully there is update coming to reduce noise reduction in daylight.

  • So which picture of the dog was taken on the 920? I’d say the bottom one looked more natural.

    • Jesse

      Bottom one is SGIII top is Lumia

    • Bob

      Really? Do you think the building is as white as a sheet of paper? What about the color of the dog? The sg3 just has the brightness dialed to the max

      • Andrew_b

        And you can really see the tall grass plants against the wall of the building which just aren’t there in the Samsung image.

        Gloomy dark scene image. Is this where the reviewer keeps his ‘special guests’ between duties?

  • nips

    Which phone took which picture. Asshole.

  • Andreas

    This is far from good. It’s a shame N8 still takes better pictures in daylight..

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