Nokia Lumia 920 Red and Yellow appear on Phones4U (+Free Play360 for first 500)

| November 3, 2012 | 27 Replies

You know I’ve been hunting around for the Nokia Lumia 920 in bright Electric Pikachu Yellow. We heard that would be exclusive to Phones4U yet only now has Yellow (and Red) appeared. Previously, even Phones4U sales staff on the phone said they only had black and white available.


Whilst the Black and White may be ordered now, there’s a little wait for the red and yellow.

Also, first 500 peeps get a free Nokia Play 360. Dang! By the time the yellow one is available I hope they have another offer. The play 360 is a beast and totally trounces several speakers I’ve heard from friends of similar size and bigger (especially those awful iPod docks). The NFC capability is much welcome when wowing friends of the ease of wireless connection as well as the loud punchy bass from such a small speaker.

The only available network is the only UK 4G network – EE (Joint T-Mobile/Orange)


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  • I thought they’d pair it up with the newer version of the 360, the playTo (the JBL ones). Still an awesome deal…

    • I agree (though not sure what might sound better) or possibly even nicer deal, some Purity freaking Pros in yellow :D. I’ve returned my constantly breaking Beats Studio Pros permanently now and have been missing some cans.

      Colour of the season in Yellow. Yellow fob watch, yellow racket, yellow jacket, yellow phone, yellow headphones, yellow bag, yellow socks, shoes with yellow streaks. Perhaps not all together to avoid looking like pacman.

      • Sefriol

        Btw, what does “Exclusive” mean at this point? Does anyone else sell other variants of the 920 than P4U in UK?

        • JudasI

          The 920 is only available from phones4u, and is only available on Orange / EE / T-mobile. There’s a post on Neowin that mentions the sim-free version is still locked to Orange, which just plain sucks. I do hope Nokia are getting a decent deal from phones4u / Orange; customers certainly aren’t….

          • dansus

            Sim free will be available from the usual vendors.

            • JudasI

              Do you have any links? The ones I’ve looked at ( Expansys, Clove ) haven’t any details of pricing or availability.

              • dansus

                Clove: ‘First stock due early November’

  • Mark

    I played with a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 dummy at phones4U yesterday. It feels pretty good in the hand and not really that heavy although it’s noticeably heavier than the HTC 8X or SGSIII.

    It’s a huge phone which screams ‘F**k you and your anorexic fetish! I’m a MAN phone’. I kind of like it.

    • arts
    • manu

      yellow colour for a man phone. ๐Ÿ˜€
      But seriously dont yellow colour phone look kinda for girls.

      • incognito

        Not really… Yellow, to me, screams either biohazard or under construction, whichever you prefer. It would get noticed in the crowd either way.

        • Jax

          LOL Gold ๐Ÿ˜€

  • misterstu

    Thanks for the heads up Jay. But……
    What is going on? Order now for delivery in over two weeks time for the black and white which are ‘available to buy now’, after Nokia said it was available from yesterday.

    • misterstu

      And no 12 month contracts on P4U…

  • Cod3rror

    Android Nokia… should’ve gone with Android. Samsung sold 30 million Galaxy S III phones, how many Loomias are you going to sell?

    • manu

      100 million.

  • twig

    Meego Nokia that also plays malware android. I’m still not convinced Nokias not up to something in china.

    In present time, some things up on wall street. Perhaps a huge shift away from Apple to Microsoft products, windows etc. Apple stock continues its plunge and where the hedge funds go, so does the tech media in the engaget,etc. category.

    The Nokia play 360 white is $131 and the play ups are $190+ at expansysusa. Better deal 360?

  • AJE

    For the first time I am genuinely concerned for the future of NOKIA:
    1/ The 820 is not pretty and the 920 is rather bulky and heavy – I’m not attracted to either. Why did NOKIA abandon so completely the excellent form factor of the N9/Lumia 800?
    2/ The review of the 920 from The Verge regarding the camera is worrying. I was concerned at how much NOKIA was emphasising its low-light abilities and I wondered about its ability with better lighting conditions. This on top of NOKIA shooting itself in the foot wrt it’s OIS and the faked photos. If NOKIA can’t get photography right first time (updates are too late) then they have only SatNav as USP.
    3/ NOKIA simply does not do itself any favours by not making sure that the retail outlets know the strengths of their products. I was in Phones4U yesterday and the guy (the shop manager, no less) knew nothing of the high-sensitivity screen, motion+, OIS, etc. He suggested the HTC’S and when I pointed out the superior camera he said, “We’ll, only by .7!” – referring to the megapixel count. For the casual customer the shop assistant’s advice is very important.
    As I said, I’m really rather concerned.

    • manchester man

      I agree with you mate.
      The lumia 920 is destined to fail in the uk, and i even think the htc 8x might be the best selling windows phone available, (from the love podcast/review sites are giving it.

      I was thinking of getting a 920 on contract and using the sim between my 808 and the 920.

      But the truth be told ive ordered a wii-u and instead of getting the 920 im thinking of a nexus tablet.

      I am perfectly happy with symbian on my 808 so buying a 920 would be a extra 500 quid i dont really need to spend

      • twig

        I don’t think the 920 is going to fail. Do you have some numbers to back that up with? Jessica Alba uses the 920so it can’t be too heavy. No one ever said phones need to be credit cards size except some kids on the mainstream tech sites. Do I need them to tell me which phone to buy? If I read the comment section at the Verge the readers disagree a lot with the boys. We all know if Josh does an Apple review he’s going to have an orgasmic moment. When we know its all a fraud, it has no meaning, much like trolls.

        • AJE

          Of course I don’t have numbers. It was just my impression when I got the thing in my hand. Though my feelings about the 820 were in place from the first publicity photos (and reinforced when I saw it) I felt a lot more positive about the 920 from the photos…..until I held it. The 820 is the more flexible proposition (micro SD, removable battery, option of wireless charging) but lacks the mega camera and Gorilla Glass, is too square and, if not ugly, is rather plain.

          My present phone is an N8 and the Lumia 800 is a very similar size but looks wonderful. If the software update does more than just provide re-sizeable tiles then I may get that; it’s really cheap at the moment. Shame about the camera on it.

        • manchester man

          I dont care about size and form factor personally as i own a 808, But my comment saying destined to fail is based on my opinion that the 920 does not have that much more to offer the mass market than the 8x.

          I believe that the 8x will be available on better tariff/contracts than the 920 generating more sales.

          I would love to be proven wrong though.

          • AJE

            Form factor is not the most important thing; many find the bump on the back of my N8 ugly but the quality of the camera is worth it. I would gladly get the 808 if it were on offer on contract as the camera is worth the bump and the questionable looks!

            I think that the 920 does have lot to commend it, but for me, it”s too large and its strengths aren’t appreciated or even known by shop staff.

            By the way, Manchester Man, the Phones4U shop in question was in the Trafford Centre.

            • twig

              I played with a 920 last night while in Canada. I could not tell any difference in the weight than the 900. It fits in the hand like the n9 which is perfect. The staff talked about pureview camera, hd puremotion screen and Nokia Music and Drive. They also had the Nokia posters on the walls. The HTC lacks the apps, the camera, the screen, the feel of quality, the Nokia ecosystem. To me the HTC really feels cheap. The staff was so nice and showed me hers as she said she switched from an android. She said she loves the Nokia so much better.

  • dansus

    Saw a blue 920 today.

  • mr frustrated

    Went into phones4u today and they tell me 920 has been delayed 2 weeks whilst they make sure it works on 4g network.

    Have held the dummy phone in the shop and it’s size and weight seem fine, no issues for me (assuming dummy phones weigh the same)

    • ADG

      EE store on Oxford Street (near Bond St tube) had one Nokia 920 working plus a dummy version. This is the only store I’ve found a windows phone so I could see how it works/play with the tiles/home screen. Didn’t feel that heavy and that’s with the security tags weighing it down. Took a couple of pictures, click and point and picture looked equally as good as what I currently have.

      I want to play around with this phone a little more before I buy. Massive change to go from ios to windows, but I have an iphone right now and use a mac at home and will have to get the new moutain line to sync with windows 8 phone, but the iphone 5 is TOO light and now and want something fresh…nokia 920 seems to be the only phone out there tempting me.